• Monday, May 05, 2008

    He was turned to steel
    In the great magnetic field
    When he traveled time
    For the future of mankind

    Now the time is here
    For Iron Man to spread fear
    Vengeance from the grave
    Kills the people he once saved..... thats ozzy's version...

    alright... i was proven wrong... iron man did rock!....
    i had hesitations cause i dont like stuff with too much cgi... and i never really fancied robert downey jr....

    but hell yea.. iron man was awesome... the cgi was perfectly fine..the ending could have been a lil better though.. but still it aint too shabby.. and downey dude... loving that french beard....!

    i give it a 7/10.... im being bias.. so sod off.. only cause street kings is still my movie of the year...

    next on the list is speed racer.. (go! speed racer.. go!) i've come to accept the amount of cgi in the movie... but im still not sure bout seeing rain on the big screen... biasness i know... again.. sod off!

    Currently Listening To: Mercy - Duffy
    Currently Feeling: blur-ish...


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