• Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    International Marathon
    in Borneo...!!!

    alright..alright.. thats right.. you read right.. the first ever Borneo International Marathon is all set and ready to go...
    They even have a website up... *serious* Check it out for more info..

    apparently mr. big coconuts (elephantitis?) kenny sia.. has already signed up for the half marathon.. come on if he can drag all that access weight thru a half marathon.. what are you guys with normal nuts waiting for.. ?
    come to think of it.. kenny has actually made this event very interesting... for all you kenny freaks out there... join the race... stay close to him.. get some friends to wait around the corner.. ambush him... and tah dah.. $40 = race joining fee..
    kenny sia showing you some love in your basement = priceless!

    for all you haters out there... join the race as well... *ahem* kick him down while running.. *ahem* throw your energy bar at him.. whatever, even if you dont win.. you'll go home smiling with a vengence... everyone wins either way...

    The marathon is set to take place on the 12th of October 2008... flagging off from the Likas Sports Complex.. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. i've never visited Kay Kay before.. but i can assure you, that there are no genital swelling mosquitoes around..
    Major events include the 10 click.. half marathon (famous blogger included) and the full marathon... up to 4.5K in cash for the winner.. you know they gotta be serious..

    again do check out borneomarathon.com or e-mail Shan Sandhu at shandemon@yahoo.com for more info and answers to your questions....

    Shan.. I’ll be expecting that bottle of scotch in the mail soon ya....

    *ParadoxicalThoughts is not responsible for the safety of kenny sia before/during and/or after the borneo international marathon... ParadoxicalThoughts suggests if you cant take a joke, get the fuck out of here!

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    04/21 the day
    in pictures....