• Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    What up wankers... phew! is it march already...?! crazy.. ups and downs.. sometimes im at a loss whether to cry or just fuckin laugh.. hilarious life of mine.. but somehow i feel... a very tiny feeling at that.. but still warm enough to be convincing.. that march may not be all too bad after all... *fingers crossed*... dont jinx this man.. -_-

    im no longer with Nike!.. still with the same company but.. i got transfered to another brand.. Its a french mens apparel label... on par with stuff like zara.. emporio.. etc.. its pretty cool... but the label is just picking up and i've got to start back from the core.. mastering the products and visual merchandising in record time.. im very eager.. im up to the challenge.. i gotta do what i gotta do... to make this happen..

    cant believe im turning 25... i just dont feel it.. nothing to be proud of.. like when i turned 17.. it was like hell yeah! last year of fuckin school.. thanks for the car dad! now its like ppfffhhh! party? i dont even feel like it... i dont know man.. i dont even feel like treating myself..

    i do have a small birthday wish list though.. comparably smaller than the ones before.. in no particular order...

    Gucci large monogram tote...

    Gucci suede sneakers..

    Tag Heuer F1 chronograph..

    im not being greedy this year.. :) i would be having at least one of these now, if it wasnt for the 2k i managed to rack up on my credit card last month! i swear shopping was only like maybe 20% of it... ok maybe 30%... the rest are food and alcohol.. aka socializing... cant believe it myself! i contemplated so fuckin much on the tag heuer.. but now i dont have to think twice paying 2 large in cash in one go! fuck! sometimes its better to be impulsive.. with cash that is.....

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