• Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Images and
    Sounds of the Gods

    Sunset at Siloso beach.... pretty amazing.... Siloso is beginning to become one of my most frequented place to chill out... we go to the same spot every time... the warmth.. the sea breeze... sand between the toes... sound of the ocean... Ben & Jerry's... excellent pizzas from Shangri-la.. and of course the company of each other... :)

    Images from the O2 Xda pure.... pretty amazing for a pda, i must say...

    to add on to the already blissful mode... some vid's from Talvin Singh...
    First discovered Talvin 10 years back with his album "OK"... i got bored of electronica shortly after.... glad to say Talvin has returned to my playlists... i've been checkin out some of his "newer" stuff... and im blown away! true to his classical trained tabla roots... no more hard electronica stuff... this is exactly the type of music i'd have in the background while making love... ;)

    Sway of the verses

    Traveller (In the east mix)



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Whoa that was some really good stuff. Glad you brought that up, I love world music :-)

    PS: You going to the Sarawak Rainforest Music Fest this year?

    7:03 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Charlene - Hey! kan? really amazing stuff these ones...

    music fest seems interesting.. been hearing so much of it from the previous years.. will you hook me up? be my tour guide ? hehe!

    11:46 PM  

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