• Saturday, February 09, 2008

    dumb ass
    ranting or sorts

    scribbled down on the pda while waiting for "lunch" at 6pm....

    first Proper meal of the day..... I feel like absolute shit why am I so pissed off?.... Met my mom... that didnt go down to well.... who am I Kidding.... It was Painfully terrible..

    Im Sorry mom l really am..... I hate crowds, i was totally out of place in little India.... I didnt mean to be an effing Sob...
    Shit! Im trying to relax but i cant seem to just yet.... hunger... Crowds... and my mom Constantly treatin me as If im still her baby boy..... she means well i Know.... oh no! maybe this alco free body is gettin to me..... im not in the mood for anything.. i dont feel like eating... i just wanna puke everything out... i cant look at meat... i need to detox... but hell if im ever gonna go thru that.....mom prolly thinks im on crack... i know she was on the verge of asking me that... she was being diplomatic by asking if im over worked... i was so disorientated... and i kept referring today(yesterday) as sunday when it was clearly a fuckin friday....!

    I've been wanting to turn my room around... its been in a pretty sorry state for a while now... it was bout time and i had a lil more time on my hand now... after being in awe at Yanti's room... i knew i seriously had to do something... a room is supposed to be somewhere comforting and relaxing... enough of just coming home and laying down my sorry ass feeling even crappier... after dropping the mother off... i found my way to Ikea.... i'd already in mind a small shopping list... window treatments.... lotsa scented candles... a rug... and a floor lamp... ended up without the floor lamp cause i couldnt decide on one...
    bedding was taken care of at Aussino the week before... pretty satisfied with the results... there's still a few more things to do and get... for 100 bucks (including bedding) this is what i managed to do...

    (click to enlarge)

    i've got vanilla and strawberry tea candles lighted and music from Cafe Del Mar and Hed Kandi playing in the background... its pure bliss! i swear to you i've never been more relaxed in my room before!

    Currently Listening To: Ibiza Chill Out Session
    Currently Feeling: blissful..


    Blogger missY said...

    Hold up a sec.. did u quit drinking?!

    11:50 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Yanti - heya! hhmm.. tricky one to answer.. i made a deal to stay alco free for 30 days.. its been 34 days now.. although a chivas would be fabulous now.. but im doing fine..

    we'll see how long i can hold on :)

    8:43 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I've tonned down since January allthough I pour myself a glass of whiskey or Baileys after work on "special" days, which comes very rarely I tell you :-)

    Ibiza Chill Out, love that collection. That's the type of music I would love to have in the background while I'm inside the bedroom doing our thang ;-)

    6:30 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Charlene - ive toned down lots as well.. although a chivas now and then is awesome... :)

    our thang..? dont necessarily have to be inside the bedroom! ;P
    but yea certain stuff like.. nights interlude.. ocean breeze etc would be perfect..

    11:50 PM  

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