• Saturday, December 30, 2006

    So much for working out
    and staying fit....

    *was gonna post this up on wednesday... but ran out of free wifi half way thru... Singaporeans aint too generous with wifi*
    a day in the life of..... my day off... the one day im (mostly) without worries.... i do my laundry... get some kickass indian food... and sit down with six or twelve packs of beer depending on who im with...

    Lunch... the best mutton and briyani rice ever.... i have it every day off....

    Couch potato-ing.... *check out the beer can x'mas tree* beer... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... chips... cookies... and a latino gangsta movie and free wifi... = well spent day off..

    Spanky's Tag

    Onions have layers

    Layer ONE
    On the Outside
    Name: Alvin Rekhraj
    Birth Date: March 6th
    Current Status: Single
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Righty or Lefty: Righty
    Zodiac Sign: Pieces

    Layer TWO
    On the inside
    Your Heritage: Punjabi & Indian & Brit
    Your Fears: Having to work till retirement!
    Your Weaknesses: Beer...
    Your Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni and cheese

    Layer THREE
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    Your thoughts on first waking up: fuck! its my day off.. and i automatically wake up so early.. fuck this shit!
    Your Bedtime: 12 - 1 am... unless its my day off the next day
    Your most missed memory: Days when i didnt havta work & i had money in the bank...

    Layer FOUR
    Your Pick
    Pepsi or Coke: Coke
    McDonald’s or Burger King: McD's should make me their official spokes person (i aint being supersized!)
    Adidas or Nike: Nike
    Lipton tea or Nestea: Nestea Heineken?
    Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
    Cappuccino or coffee: Iced latte

    Layer FIVE
    Do you
    Smoke: No
    Curse: Wanna test me?... cocksucker...

    Layer SIX
    In the Past Month
    Drank alcohol: eeerrrmmmm.. Yes...!
    Gone to the mall: Yes
    Been on stage: Yea.. once in high school.. lead singer of a band...
    Eaten sushi: No
    Dyed your hair: Yes.. but not currently

    Layer SEVEN
    Have You Ever?
    Played a stripping game: Not just yet
    Changed who you were to fit in: Fuck that shit.. i am what i am.. i am who i am..!

    Layer EIGHT
    Age you’re hoping to be married: I dont know.. somewhere in my thirties.. but i sincerely feel thirties is the age to be.. for some fuckin' reason..

    Layer NINE
    In a Guy / Girl
    Best eye colour: Whatever..
    Best hair colour: Dark
    Short or long hair: I seriously have a thing for chicks in neck length / short hair

    Layer TEN
    What Were You Doing
    1 minute ago: Talkin to my dad..
    1 hour ago: Having bud's and heine's and watchin blood in blood out...
    4.5 hours ago: Still having beers and watchin blood in blood out.. talkin cock latino..esse..
    1 month ago: Nothin..
    1 year ago: Preparing for new years at work..

    Layer ELEVEN
    Finish the sentence
    I love: Being free... being with company..
    I feel: Tipsy
    I hate: Not having a sollution for a problem
    I hide: I dont hide
    I miss: May... my beetle :(
    I need: "To learn how to fall madly deeply truly in love again" (exactly what Yanti said)

    im not gonna have time after this... so here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year...! lets start
    a-new...be better.. be greater... lets face our fears and all that good stuff.... cheers! mates....


    Blogger Shan said...

    Happy New Year Paradoxx - love the little beer can tree :D

    11:07 AM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Shan - Hey! hope you're having a good 07 so far.. love whats inside those little beer cans more! :D

    10:46 PM  

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