• Saturday, December 30, 2006

    So much for working out
    and staying fit....

    *was gonna post this up on wednesday... but ran out of free wifi half way thru... Singaporeans aint too generous with wifi*
    a day in the life of..... my day off... the one day im (mostly) without worries.... i do my laundry... get some kickass indian food... and sit down with six or twelve packs of beer depending on who im with...

    Lunch... the best mutton and briyani rice ever.... i have it every day off....

    Couch potato-ing.... *check out the beer can x'mas tree* beer... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... chips... cookies... and a latino gangsta movie and free wifi... = well spent day off..

    Spanky's Tag

    Onions have layers

    Layer ONE
    On the Outside
    Name: Alvin Rekhraj
    Birth Date: March 6th
    Current Status: Single
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Righty or Lefty: Righty
    Zodiac Sign: Pieces

    Layer TWO
    On the inside
    Your Heritage: Punjabi & Indian & Brit
    Your Fears: Having to work till retirement!
    Your Weaknesses: Beer...
    Your Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni and cheese

    Layer THREE
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    Your thoughts on first waking up: fuck! its my day off.. and i automatically wake up so early.. fuck this shit!
    Your Bedtime: 12 - 1 am... unless its my day off the next day
    Your most missed memory: Days when i didnt havta work & i had money in the bank...

    Layer FOUR
    Your Pick
    Pepsi or Coke: Coke
    McDonald’s or Burger King: McD's should make me their official spokes person (i aint being supersized!)
    Adidas or Nike: Nike
    Lipton tea or Nestea: Nestea Heineken?
    Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
    Cappuccino or coffee: Iced latte

    Layer FIVE
    Do you
    Smoke: No
    Curse: Wanna test me?... cocksucker...

    Layer SIX
    In the Past Month
    Drank alcohol: eeerrrmmmm.. Yes...!
    Gone to the mall: Yes
    Been on stage: Yea.. once in high school.. lead singer of a band...
    Eaten sushi: No
    Dyed your hair: Yes.. but not currently

    Layer SEVEN
    Have You Ever?
    Played a stripping game: Not just yet
    Changed who you were to fit in: Fuck that shit.. i am what i am.. i am who i am..!

    Layer EIGHT
    Age you’re hoping to be married: I dont know.. somewhere in my thirties.. but i sincerely feel thirties is the age to be.. for some fuckin' reason..

    Layer NINE
    In a Guy / Girl
    Best eye colour: Whatever..
    Best hair colour: Dark
    Short or long hair: I seriously have a thing for chicks in neck length / short hair

    Layer TEN
    What Were You Doing
    1 minute ago: Talkin to my dad..
    1 hour ago: Having bud's and heine's and watchin blood in blood out...
    4.5 hours ago: Still having beers and watchin blood in blood out.. talkin cock latino..esse..
    1 month ago: Nothin..
    1 year ago: Preparing for new years at work..

    Layer ELEVEN
    Finish the sentence
    I love: Being free... being with company..
    I feel: Tipsy
    I hate: Not having a sollution for a problem
    I hide: I dont hide
    I miss: May... my beetle :(
    I need: "To learn how to fall madly deeply truly in love again" (exactly what Yanti said)

    im not gonna have time after this... so here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year...! lets start
    a-new...be better.. be greater... lets face our fears and all that good stuff.... cheers! mates....

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    Happy Bornday Mom...!!! it's mommy's bornday today.. unfortunately im not there to celebrate it with her… its too late for cards as well…
    Anywho its 2 am and im at McD’s…. the only 24/7 place with free wifi… you get the drift now innit..? if im writing its gotta be my off day the following day…

    The week started out pretty hectic…. Preparing for the stock inventory take and stock audit… it was my first time with this company… we never did stock take training… but the funny thing is… everything was planned out… we were prepared… it seemed TOO easy… and we finished going thru 20 over thousand items in record time… TOO EASY… until I hadta compile each staff’s inventory form’ into a master copy… that’s when things started getting fucked… I stayed up until 4am only to discover a shitload of negative variances! My body and brain was shutting down at this point, I just fucked everything aside and went to sleep… by 8 the next morning I was back in the outlet trying hurriedly to get the numbers right… but the whole thing was fucked beyond believe… I knew it felt too easy… my sales and operations manager was pissed but I don’t know somehow we sat down and managed to rectify the variances and the numbers…. It all turned it good in the end… im grateful to her.. I’ve seriously learned what not to do next month… the following day it was out weekly sales meeting at 7.30 am…. I was so sleep deprived it wasn’t funny… my brain was shutting down… in those 48 hours I only had 6 hours of sleep! I seriously don’t know how I managed to hang on…
    Things are much better now… we just havta concentrate on sales.. Christmas is in bout a weeks time… we’ve just gotta push and push and push….

    We did manage to find a new apartment as well… just across the field from our old place… the new place rocks… it’s the shite man… I’ve got a room… I’ve got my own freakin bed… it’s a really nice place… really comfortable… I’m sharing the room with one of the guys though… but its all cool… Naren’s a techie and we’re all cool… dude got freaked out last night… fucking hilarious… I somehow ended up sleeping on my right arm for god knows how long.. and when I turned around my right arm didn’t move… I tried lifting my arm and it was dead! I couldn’t feel my arm.. I lifted it up with my left hand and it was heavy and limp… I was freaked out and apparently yell’d out some profanities… waking up the dude… I kept wiggling my arm as to bring back blood flow… I didn’t know I woke up the dude and was freakin him out… we had a good laugh earlier over the whole freak out episode… but seriously imagine waking up and not being able to feel your arm and not being able to move it… shit man… I seriously thought I lost my arm!

    I’ve got some stuff planned for tomorrow… opening a savings account for one… meetings up with some friends.. and hopefully be able to check out most places I’ve never been to over here… and *fingers crossed* go running…!!

    So yea… will update tomorrow…

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    cant buy me sleep... yo
    everybody tells me so...
    cant buy me sleep...yo

    woah... what a week .. what a week... intense sial... pressure.. pressure..presure...
    im running my own store now... when i first started i was hoping to end training quickly and have my own store... while training i was hoping and expecting to go thru the whole month's training... but i kinda got screwed by my fickle mind... after a week of training i was handed my own freakin store to handle...

    its real intense cause its that time of the year and and you're required to rake in as much money as possible... my outlet's in Tampines... a good hour away by train... 30 minutes by bus luckly... but i still havta leave earlier cause i dont know the buss schedule yet... the outlet's ok.. its not too big nor too small.. the staff are reliable... sales are maintainable... although it could always be better... we have a shit load of stock.. cause everyone consolidates their items to my store to get rid off... we're a value store so to say... everything's dirt cheap... the most expensive thing in the outlet are jeans at 23 bucks.. we're pressured to clear the old / last season's items while maintaining a high level of sales...

    we receive so much of stock its insane... the outlet's pretty much in a mess... i really wanna clean it up but dont really see the point... there's only so much our store room can take so most of the boxes are round the selling floor and in the fitting room... there's so much of dust and it gets dusty real fast that i've given up bothering bout the dust..! the working hours are fucking insane.. i knew it was gonna be long.. but not as fucking long as this... we've got meeting's at lease once a week at 7.30am! dont meet sales... they'll see you again in another meeting... im so sleep deprived.. its fucking insane... days when i get 8 hours of sleep its considered a blessing... but that hasnt been happening often...

    im finally off tomorrow... the day i was really looking forward to yo... sleep.. sleep.. sleep... is all i plan to do... seems like a waste of a day but i cant buy sleep man... im really dying to work out as well... i feel so shitty... i dont feel 100%... i feel like fucking jello! i love running but i havent been doing that... the last i ran was bout 2 weeks ago... seriously miss the gym.. especially circuit class... this fucking sucks man... fucking pathetic...

    we've not managed to find a new place as well... we were supposed to move out in 2 days... hopefully we'll be able to extend our rental period by another half month at lease... i was so fucking looking forward to my own bed! looks like i'll be roughing it out with the couch for a lil longer... but when you're dead tired and sleep is a premium any place that is sleepable is good enough!

    am i enjoying myself... ofcourse not... im not inspired with work... hai... 3 cheers for me and decisions...

    Edit Later - its 4 freakin am and we're still in McD's.... we've been here since 12am... and daymn.. its cold! i managed to download some mp3's via limewire.... was told p2p is illegal over here... i dont know but what the hey...

    Monday, December 04, 2006

    t'is the season to be jolly...
    falala la la la lalal la....
    or something along those lines...

    Oh wow..oh wow.. oh wow…. Its been a while innit… I just realized its been 2 freakin weeks since I last got online… If you’ve been wondering… im still alive… very much tied up with work… Work feels like home now cause I spend so much time there….
    im at work for at lease 13 hours a day… I shit you not… and when im home I just wanna cramp in as much sleep as I can…. It takes me 22 min’s to get to orchard and on those lucky days when I get a place to sit on the train…. I sleep..! I wish I could buy
    sleep man..
    Not being able to connect wirelessly in this apartment of ours sucks balls as well… we cant get an un secure wifi connection and even if you do get to log on one… you’d get prosecuted if caught! I have so lost touch with the cyber would… don’t know whats been happening to all my favourite bloggers…

    its dec... less than 30 days to a new year... cant believe it man... the christmas atmosphere is heating up in orchard... hopefully i'll have sometime to enjoy the festivities.. the dudes are planning to celebrate by the beach or something... *fingers crossed*

    Besides the long hours…. Work isn’t that bad… its pretty fun selling items… im always pushing myself to sell more and get more dollar per head… time goes by quickly as long as there’s people coming in and out… as im still in training.. im pressuring myself to learn up and understand everything bout the outlet’s operations as fast as possible…. I want everything at my finger tips… its crucial to know how to bend the rules without breaking them… there’s less paper work and there’s no ordering compared to food and beverage management… so that’s pretty good… we have sales meetings every week at 70.30am… so that sucks balls as well… we get mostly tourists in our outlet… Indonesians… who are mostly surprisingly hot… very fussy Indians… and a huge number of Filipinos.. who for some reason have made that mall a hangout / meeting place… the people I work with are all Filipinos.. all married with kids… nice people.. im so intrigued with the tagalong language.. they’ve even offered to find me a Filipino girlfriend…!

    thats the hall.. my "room"... my "bed" on the right... my "wardrobe" just below the fan... its messier if you check it out in person!

    We’ve got 10 more days to get our arses out of this apartment…. And we haven’t secured another apartment just yet… im so freakin eager to get my own room and my own bed… I just cant wait man…

    Its my off day today… its 5.30pm now… so fuckin fast… all I did was sleep..sleep..sleep… get a hair cut… discovered my hair is thinning…! My hair is thinning! Im almost 24 and my freakin hair is thinning… am I like aging faster than I should.. I gotta bloody shave every fuckin day… its such a chore man… I gotta wake up a lil more earlier just to shave… hai! What the fuck to say…

    did my laundry… drying laundry over here.. is easier said than done… easiest way is to dry it indoors… drying it outdoors requires some skill… you gotta secure your clothes on a bamboo poll and slide it thru the window into a hole at the rear of the apartment… half way trying to place the poll in the holder my abs started cramping… I was so worried I’d drop the bloody poll 5 floors down…

    speakin bout abs… feel like my tummy’s getting bigger… I haven’t been working out… I only went running once last week… finally made use of the park… i should go for a run again later… fuck la im getting a cold… I gotta go get some medication before it gets worst… cant afford to fall sick man… I’ll get my ass toasted…

    i gotta run now... im sittin outdoors in mcd's and its starting to rain.... so much for that run...

    cheers!... wankers...