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    Was expecting it to be a typical run of the mill malay movie.. but boy was I wrong.. S’kali’s one of those new age Malaysian movies… trying to be different.. seeking to portray taboo issues and thus being controversial… Controversial being the new “IN” thing with modern Malaysian movies… (?)
    S’kali’s the brainchild of one Arivind Abraham.. dude’s someone I sincerely have not heard of before.. forgive my ignorance..

    The movie’s rather short at just over an hour.. don’t take it as an indication that S’kali sucks though.. S’kali’s watch able… very watch able..! I mean there’s no suspense or horror or action or stuff like that.. the storyline and plot is very straight forward… which is good.. it doesn’t fry your brain… because of this it kept me glued to the movie.. it may be different if you tend to get restless with slow-ish moving movies.. but then again its only an hour and only when it ends do you realize its only been a freakin hour..
    You may tend to go.. eh what the fuck la… macam tak kena je…. Transition from some scenes seem a lil jumpy… then we get to a new scene.. they’re talking bout something that happened.. you go like… what did I miss..? when did that happen..? if all that was fixed the movie could have actually run longer than an hour.. but would it still be watchable? I seriously don’t know.. for me it was good enough the way it is…. The issues were very natural.. the characters were very natural… the script was like a typical Malaysian conversation… you can really relate to it… there are some quotes which really captures you.. and you’d go like that is so freakin true… really liked the Jason Lo scene..

    The 5 main characters… i’ve never watched or heard of any of them before… except for Angeline Rose… who was in KL Lights… were brilliant.. being very natural.. portraying the Malaysian teen as he or she is… you tend to recall your high school days… like I seriously known peepz like Ravin and Bahir and Tzao… wonder where most of them are now..?

    S’kali (Sekali) meaning Once or Together in Malay.. S’kali in this case revolves around a group of 5 friends.. fresh out of high school… on the verge of adulthood with reality hitting them and the challenges they’ve to endure maturing.. as different races with individual cultures and believes.. the main question that comes to mind is… “isn’t it time to move on?”… im not 18 no more but I’ve been asking myself the same thing… and im actually finally moving on…

    We have Ravin (Jayaram Nagaraj)… the aspiring movie script writer… who’s so damn eager to get a working script in hand… he wants to rocket through his career… so much so that he cant realize 100% of his potential… he cant seem to do good enough..
    his parents on the other hand want him to take up accountancy.. whats new with Indians?
    Being Indian he’s so fed up fighting for himself… what with the stereotypes and all..
    “you’re Chinese.. you’ll have it so much better than I’ll ever do here!”

    Sze Huey (Davina Goh).. the new age open minded Chinese girl.. who’s a writer aspiring to change the world one person at a time.. unfortunately for her… her parents still have that very old skool Chinese mentality… prejudices and bigotries… Ravin and Sze Huey eventually get into a relationship… “I don’t want you going out with an Indian guy.. I don’t mind you having Indian friends.. but not an Indian boyfriend..! im not being a racist.. you may not understand it now, but someday you will..”
    interracial relations… eerrrmmm.. mind you.. Sze Huey’s parents aren’t the only kolot minded ones…

    Tzao (Derek Ong).. the typical straight-A chinaman… skema and very uptight.. dude seriously feels fucked over by our education system… stressed up and always bitter and angry towards to administrators and the privileges some enjoy… its like no questions should be asked.. he deserves a scholarship and a place in a local uni… he often lets his anger out orally towards Bahir… “whats the point of staying in this country, when im not appreciated… I guess that’s one of the perks of being Malaysian..”

    Bahir (Zimy Rozan).. the malay dude.. privileges and all… often takes the wrath of Tzao’s words to heart.. besides being the gifted one… he’s not just strolling thru life like its free.. dude’s an apiring indie music artist… but he’s fucked over as well… by the music industry.. cause he’s not “Mawi” enough..! he realizes its not who you are, its what you are and who you know that matters in the industry.. in other words.. as long as you’re a money making sucker.. you’d do well..

    Tehmina (Angeline Rose)… Tehm for short… the different one… the Serani one.. lain-lain lah.. she was having it good I suppose… but life took a 360 degree turn for her all of a sudden.. her dad walks out on the family… mom’s having a nervous breakdown… she’s so afraid of being judged for her misfortunes by her friends… she discovers alcohol and it becomes her new best friend… true what.. alcohol doesn’t judge you… life’s uncertain for her now…

    So are we talking about another Sepet or Gubra here..? you may go like… che! Same old story lah.. heard it a million times… but S’kali’s courting a different type of controversy here… Unlike Sepet and Gubra which potrayed a sorta perfect Malaysian world… people’s mindset’s have already changed of sorts… remember the Chinese Malay love affair… the iman helping the hookers… all good right, but right after you exit the cinema.. its still the not so perfect world.. most people didnt wanna accept that ideology remember..

    S’kali on the other hand feels more natural… it hits the spot.. no bullcrap.. fortunately it shows things as it is now and how things are still gonna be for years to come… it catches realities and reminds you and me that although we are outwardly different from the previous generations… inside we’re still the same… get where its going..? things are still the same… we’re trying to change… but its still the same… albeit hopefully with a couple more generations down the road things might actually change (for the better) for us Malaysians.. we can never change the generations before us… they’ve their own reasons… it hits us in the face that there’s always some prejudices in all of us no matter how much we say we’re not like that… because of that some of us are afraid of acting out… of going against our prejudices…. Like how Ravin and Tze Huey had to keep their relationship a secret and how it eventually got to them… Bahir having feelings for Tehm but not having the balls to confess it to her.. afraid of being the black sheep with his family and community… would certain people actually wanna give up something good that they have going on, for the sake of not being labeled prejudice..?

    If you’re looking to get away from reality, this is not the film for you… if not S’kali’s a good watch… it may actually bring you back to reality… the prejudices have to go first… "never know one day the world may just be filled with Chindians.."

    For those of you who havent watched it.. S'kali's on this month's Astro Box Office Movies..


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    We just wanted to say thanks for the kind comments on the movie. It is good to know that the the issues touch base with young people. Spread the word and look out for the DVD/VCD release early next year!

    The S'kali Team

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