• Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Stop Freakin' Messin'...
    with my Head.....!!!

    damn.. what the fucks up with moi and freaky weirdo dreams.. bejesus..man...

    i dreamt..that Tesco..yes that brit hypermarket... was selling cheap rip off Abercrombie flip flops...!!
    oh the horror...!! the same exact blue and orange Abercrombie flip flops that i have and adore... except instead of the moose logo... there was some other fuck up rip off logo or inscription on...
    you laugh!.. but imagine.. its the same as spending 100 over bucks(!) on genuine Crocs only to discover Tesco selling exact rip offs for below 20 bucks..! how'd you feel man..?
    same thing here.. i like wearing stuff that i dont see others wearing.. and when theres cheap rip offs circulating... it doesnt feel special no more... its just a dream man.. but why... why cant i have normal guy dreams.. like beautiful chicks and stuff..

    and no im not fuckin vain.. at lease i dont think so...

    Currently Watching: One Tree Hill
    Currently Feeling: like having dessert..


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