• Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    No tv and No beer.....
    mer go crazy…

    Sunday evening… im home alone… im seriously hungry.. there’s nothing to eat.. going out to get some grub feels so much like a chore now… but the bigger question is what to get? Mind is telling me McD’s body is saying no.. I’ll just hang on for a lil bit… its close to dinner time..

    watching the Simpson’s Halloween special marathon… I wish I could sit down and have some beer with homer.. ironically that nerd flanders is now the ickly didly master of evil… and homer has a time traveling toaster..A TIME TRAVELLING TOASTER … how fucking cool is that? But I must say flanders looks pretty good in a satan lycra suit..

    Jai boy was bragging bout some German beer the other day… bout its high alco level.. weird but likeable taste’.. and its cheap price tag.... cheapo German beer… we’d be total morons not to try it out..!
    So we got a couple cans of Oettinger… 5.50 for a large can = happiness..! sadly yours truely couldn’t finish the can of Oettinger… only cause it tasted a lot like stout… muthafuckin stout..! I hate stout. Personally feel stout taste’ like soy sauce… it was still drinkable though.. a lil sweetish.. mix one part tiger and one part stout and you’d get Oettinger.. easiest way to describe it.. besides the price tag, its 8.9% alco level is very appealing… frankly it’s one of the best way’ to get high fast!.. a couple cans of Oettinger and you’d have a semi permanent smile on your face.. but only if you don’t mind the taste of stout… I’ll have a couple of my regular beers next time… then try out Oettinger again… it might be easier to stomach that way..

    After our lil German beer experiment… we ended up in the cinema watching Don… Yes.. Don… that shah rukh khan movie… the alco might have played a lil part in our decision making.. but then again Don seemed like one of the better movies and a bollywood movie is always worth every dollar of the ticket price innit..
    Besides we somehow agreed that no matter how bad the movie was gonna be… the alcohol would help us “layan” the movie…

    I had no idea what the hell the movie was about… it is apparently a remake of the orginal Don, starring Amitabh Bachchan almost 3 decades ago..! this latest Don though is mostly shot in Malaysia… mostly as in like 90% of the movie… I was surprised to see Shamser Sidhu acting in the movie as well.. the dude only spoke like twice.. but the wanker looks good enough not to say anything… There were 5 song sequence’ throughout the movie.. found it hilarious that the ruthless Don was singing and dancing about… felt like a play.. but then what’s a bollywood flick without song sequences… if you're not into the songs you could always use the 5 minutes to go piss without a rush or buy more snacks.. take a fag.. etc etc..
    I did like one song though.. don’t know what its called.. its that song shot in kampong baru.. Khaike Paan Banaraswala?

    I wasn’t expecting much but the movie’s pretty good.. its still bollywood-y but it was better than the typical bollywood flicks we’re used to… you can tell that a big budget was involved which made all the difference… its really comparable to Hollywood flicks! im not even one who's into hindi movies cause they're damn predictable but its pretty twisted this one.. which is great.. keeps you glued to youe seat... there are a few twists throughout the movie.. of course im not gonna mention it here and spoil it for you wankers… think of it as a hindi version of Face/Off..

    Priyanka Chopra was the best part… she was deliciously sizzling hot…! well would you expect less from a former miss world?
    I’d like to say her presence really made the movie worth watching… watching her I didn’t wanna fall asleep… Priyanka kept me glued to my seat :) I cant believe she’s only 24! Drugs.. deception.. twisted cops… and hot chicks.. so yea pretty good watch..

    Whats new.. whats new.. my list of nieces and nephews are growing… another one was born today… the twins have a lil brother now… I seriously pity their grandmom… my mom’s sis.. im pretty sure mom’s gonna be hangin round there more often… parents ordered a cake as a gift or something.. dude’s only like a day old and he’s already getting a cake… babies.. pphhffff…

    I’ve got like 10 days of so left till I leave… its sinking in but im pretty chillaxed still… haven’t prepared my stuff.. haven’t bought stuff.. packed… im just waiting for the call then I’ll get to work,,, im cool like that… last minute… I pretty much know what to take it’s the packing that worrying.. im trying to take as little baggage as possible.. for my footwear itself im gonna need a separate bag.. and im not even taking all of them..
    Last circuit class as well for this week….. ironically I never wanted to join circuit..i dreaded it even before trying it out… and now thanks to Nessa and Lea.. its like my weekly must do thingy… seriously gonna miss circuit and Fitness Junction itself.. that place is like family man…

    Damn its already past 12…. Happy Halloween!! boys and girls… where’s my candy..? where’s my freakin’ candy…??

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