• Monday, October 23, 2006

    It rained.. its raining.. i dont know what to make of this weather.. sitting outdoors its still pretty humid...
    Im sitting in Starbucks.. waiting for 3 chicks to arrive.. Is it my lucky day?
    or atleast i was told there's 3 of 'em...
    The venti latte is still steaming.. im telling myself i should have taken a frappe instead.. oh choices that we make..
    just received a message.. she or they is/are running late... oh well thank god for free wifi..

    will update later..


    So yea… it wasn’t really a lucky night out.. if you wanna look at it that way cause only one chick turned up…
    For me it was still cool though.. Shaki turned up… seriously it wasn’t a bad night out.. Shaki was pissed *I wasn’t pissed* cause she was going to get the rest of the girls but they turned her down last minute… Josil was having dinner with an aunt.. Sanjes was grounded so to say… apalah..!

    We just hanged out and chit chatted over hot coffee… total opposite when im with the guys… it usually involves a lot of Heineken and cock talk soon after.. :)
    Shaki never fails to look me up every time she’s back home… and like I’ve said before I always enjoy hangin out with her… she’s fun company.. somehow we always have tons to talk about and the conversations are always good..
    Of course the topic of marriage and life after popped up… im still firm on not seeing myself settling down albeit with me feeling differently about kiddies now… Shaki predicts I’ll take a 360 degree turn on my stand and she’ll receive a wedding invitation from me in say 5 years from now… I just hope she doesn’t jinx the whole im single and im enjoying it thingy I have going on now..!

    Im still pretty much sleep deprived.. man I really need to get used to being awake longer with no naps in between… im going back to work in a couple of weeks… really need to prepare myself… I just woke up bout 3 hours ago and now typing this my eyes are watering… I feel so drowsy… mahai..!

    Fighting the urge to take a nap.. gotta accompany my dad on his raya visiting later… being a good kid and trying to spend as much time with the family as possible.. mom’s at home most of the time.. so opportunities like this are all I have to spend time with the father.. besides the lure of home made rendang and stuff are good enough reasons to go raya visiting…

    Conversation I had with dad the other day..

    Me: I don’t wanna go… I don’t even know them..
    Dad: Well get to know them.. their have a couple of pretty daughters
    Me: So?
    Dad: So….. You have a look.. never know you might be interested!
    Me: Why? You’re very happily married now is it?
    Me: :)

    Dad: There… that’s one of them… go be friendly..
    Me: Geezz! If you want you go for it man…
    Dad: WHAT? Me? I cant…..
    Me: hehe *walks away*

    We’ll see how long he stays away from buggin me now…

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