• Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Birthday... Lunch..
    and...then some...

    daymn... im so muthafuckin bored... there somehow seems to be a whole shitload of crap on cable tonight... man.. im beyond freakin boredom... its so much like mental torture!
    Its weirdly chilly as well tonight.. or is it just me going insane..?

    Shaki had a lil get together lunch at Indulgence... Her 23rd Birthday... i actually mistook it for the 20th... but better early than late i suppose...
    It was a pretty brisk lunch affair... i arrived 30 minutes late.. fashionably...
    really didnt know what the hell to get her as a pressie... and i dreaded having to go to the malls during this holiday period... i just grabbed a bottle of sauvignon blanc from my collection instead... hopefully she enjoy's it... i've been keeping that baby for 3 years now.. i on the other hand will never get to know how it taste'.. unless im able to find another of the same vineyard and vintage and keep it for another 3 years.. very unlikely..!

    there were 4 girls.. and 2 guys.. the other one being Shaki's boyfriend...
    As i arrived late i hadta settle for the last seat which was in a very awkward position.. really uncomfortable.. Sanjes was like.. why you so quiet? but im always the quiet one... besides you know girls and their stories.. better to just listen.. Shaki's guy's a pretty decent guy.. easy to talk with and stuff.. but ya, you know us being guys.. not that complicated.. i know if i'd had a better seat i could have been more social.. if only i'd arrive earlier.. i could have sat beside Josil.. Josil was hot.. havent seen her in quite sometime.. Love her tan man..
    the girls were all moaning after lunch.. so full la.. too much la.. i was like who brought the cake? what! no cake? i was craving Indulgence's tiramisu but no one wanted any..

    Josil... Birthday girl... Sanjes... Sangeet...
    Sanjes still looks like a baby.. Sangeet = typical punjabi bebe... she's bigger than me.. im ONLY half punjabi so shut the fuck up!

    Reuben on the left... I love taking candid photos..

    Everyone keeps asking me when im leaving.. about the job.. this and that... reality is hittin me now.. im actually going back to work.. im starting all over with something new.. days back home are gettin shorter.. i cant say its not daunting.. i cant say its messing with my mind..

    gotta clean my fucken room tomorrow... put away my stuff.. hide things.. think dad's plannin to take over this room... he was asking me what i was gonna do with my wine / beer collection.. drink it.. give it away.. keep it whatever... i wanna finish the san mig before i leave though.. a'ight wanktards.. think i'll just hit the sack.. its only 9 fucking o clock.... someone please kill me!

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