• Monday, September 25, 2006

    VW Convoy
    To The Hotsprings

    Was gonna post this early last month... i got lazy... yada yada yada... It was a VW convoy from Ipoh to the Sungkai Hot Springs Resort in Sungkai... where we met up with other classic cars and bikes... Sungkai being a small town somewhere in southern Perak... The drive there was good... the trunk road is always interesting...
    The event was themed Jalan Jalan Mari Makan... but we were totally fucked over... we ended up having to buy our own lunch... The dining area set up for participants was half assed... there was only space for half the amount of people... and as usual Malaysians... were rushing to get a place to sit... morons! i dont know which fucktard managed the event... he or she just needs to stand in front of a speeding train and die... thank you!

    Is vows not join the VW club for anymore events... i kinda agree... cause all these old farts do is park their cars and act like they have the greatest VW's around... for fucks sake please lah!
    but if any consolation the hotsprings resort was pretty cool... it was pretty calming.. sittin by the hot water ponds while soaking my legs...
    all calm turned to rage and then humour after that... the best part was no information was ever conveyed.... im guessing maybe only to us... and when we went back to the car... everyone else's cars were missing... everyone had left and we didnt even know about it!... i couldnt believe it... it was too hilarious... the fucktards punk'd us!

    this was a muthafucking crazy Mini Moke... its a made in Malaysia Mini Moke..! check it out.. rattan seats... coconut shell lamps... bamboo bars.. bamboo lamps.. coconut leaf roof.. the works man.. it even had a photo of the PM and his late wife, above the rear seat...

    i wanna fucking go for a jog.... damn this rain... its like gone psycho... it rains.. it stops.. its windy as hell... then it gets sunny... then it rains again... for Gods sake man... just fucking rain and be done with it... !

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Think the guy upstairs is a bit moody these days...not just the weather but everything else has gone topsy turvy...

    6:22 PM  
    Anonymous Vanessa said...

    i know someone who knows someone in kl who specializes in mokes.. this might be one of his.. not sure..
    by the way the 6th picture from the top is awesome. like a classic quaint lane photo..nice one. =)

    8:10 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Yanti - Hello.. we've been bad.. global warming is showing its color's now i suppose.. hows the hubby btw?

    Heya, Nessa... who' ever's moke that is.. the dude must have had too much of inspiration and free time on him man.. ridiculous..!
    yeah i know.. that pic turned out awesome innit.. passing by those shops felt quaint and really serene..

    11:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Haha :p Honestly speaking hubby & I not working out. I just broke up with him last nite...

    10:07 AM  

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