• Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Thailand... Here i come

    Will be leaving to Thailand in a few hours... weather's turning sucky now.. really hope the rain stops before we leave... and that it doesnt keep raining all the way thru the journey... hope the weather aint sucky in Thailand as well.. thunder storms are predicted... but i hope now.. *fingers crossed*

    Gotta go pack.. hard time deciding what to take.. have a good weekend wankers..

    yes..yes.. me goin thailand.. me drink chang.. me see thai kick boxing... me drink singha.. me see lady boys... me see show girls... me drink red bull also.... me find bargain shoppin.. krab?

    Currently Feeling: drowsy...
    Currently Listening To: the sound of rain...!


    Anonymous vodka said...

    damn i miss going down to thailand.

    9:22 PM  
    Blogger Shan said...

    Have a good time. Take lots of dodgy photos.

    10:42 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wah so happening la dis Paradoxx...always on a trip somewhere. Shan, when are we going to Mesilau man? Thailand...Mesilau....sigh

    11:44 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    paradoxx is my name you meanyface. guess i gotta change it to gyakusetsu.

    1:45 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Sarah - Hi.. I cant say i miss Thailand from this trip.. gotta explore the better part next..

    Shan - Hey Tubby! didnt take many photos.. nothin' much over there really.. didnt take camera to dodgy places.. sorry

    Yanti - Hi.. I havent been working or doing anything else for that matter since June.. suppose its the best time to travel.. :)

    Anonymous - yea.. you go do that!

    10:22 PM  

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