• Monday, September 04, 2006


    "The world has lost a great wildlife icon, a passionate conservationist and one of the proudest dads on the planet. "He died doing what he loved best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. He would have said, 'Crocs Rule!'"

    This is really shocking... Steve "The Corcodile Hunter" Irwin has passed away.. the dude was killed by a stingray off at Batt Reef off the Great Barrier Reef..
    Steve was shooting a segment for a new documentary and aparently swam too close to one of the 'rays.. the 'ray's barb went up and into his chest and put a hole into his heart...
    its bloody ironic innit.. The Crocodile Hunter dying from a 'ray sting.. after all the other hardcore animals he's been with..

    oh well.. rest in peace mate.. God must have granted 'em crocs their only wish.. crikey!

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