• Monday, September 25, 2006

    VW Convoy
    To The Hotsprings

    Was gonna post this early last month... i got lazy... yada yada yada... It was a VW convoy from Ipoh to the Sungkai Hot Springs Resort in Sungkai... where we met up with other classic cars and bikes... Sungkai being a small town somewhere in southern Perak... The drive there was good... the trunk road is always interesting...
    The event was themed Jalan Jalan Mari Makan... but we were totally fucked over... we ended up having to buy our own lunch... The dining area set up for participants was half assed... there was only space for half the amount of people... and as usual Malaysians... were rushing to get a place to sit... morons! i dont know which fucktard managed the event... he or she just needs to stand in front of a speeding train and die... thank you!

    Is vows not join the VW club for anymore events... i kinda agree... cause all these old farts do is park their cars and act like they have the greatest VW's around... for fucks sake please lah!
    but if any consolation the hotsprings resort was pretty cool... it was pretty calming.. sittin by the hot water ponds while soaking my legs...
    all calm turned to rage and then humour after that... the best part was no information was ever conveyed.... im guessing maybe only to us... and when we went back to the car... everyone else's cars were missing... everyone had left and we didnt even know about it!... i couldnt believe it... it was too hilarious... the fucktards punk'd us!

    this was a muthafucking crazy Mini Moke... its a made in Malaysia Mini Moke..! check it out.. rattan seats... coconut shell lamps... bamboo bars.. bamboo lamps.. coconut leaf roof.. the works man.. it even had a photo of the PM and his late wife, above the rear seat...

    i wanna fucking go for a jog.... damn this rain... its like gone psycho... it rains.. it stops.. its windy as hell... then it gets sunny... then it rains again... for Gods sake man... just fucking rain and be done with it... !

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    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    The Best Thing
    To Come Out
    From McDonalds

    The Samurai Pork Burger.... exclusively available in Thailand... im a big beef fan... but this has gotta be the best Mc burger i've tasted...! how i wish they had this here... only when pigs start flying i suppose....

    Pork patty marinated with teriyaki sauce... topped with lettuce and mayo... sandwiched in between a beautiful sesame seed bun....

    I know... it looks messed up... not interesting... but taste it and you'll be amazed..! one word... yummylicious...! best stoner food ever... it didnt even matter that there was too much mayo...
    one thing i noticed in Mc Hat Yai... all their burger's were made to order... you'll havta wait a lil while for your order but you're guaranteed a fresh burger.. i didnt mind waiting one bit...

    this one... i forgot what it was called... it was on their weekly special menu... exactly like the Big Mac... but beef patties are instead replaced with pork patties... no gherkins though... pork patties taste' like the foldover's chicken patties... but yea simplest way to describe it... Pork Big Mac....

    EXTRA larger fries... another good stoning companion....

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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    holy mother of.... Hat Yai was just bombed last night... im fucking shocked man.. we got back from Hat Yai exactly a week ago... it's unbelievable.. i dont know what made us decide on going last week... we actually had strong reservations about going, given the possibility of terrorism and violence in the south... imagine the irony if we were there right now! man.. i can only imagine the chaos over there right now.. it'd be terrifying as hell..

    6 bombs went off last night.. 6 fucking bombs! went off in the main commercial and tourist centre killing 4 and injuring atlease 70...
    "The explosions occurred in front of the Big C department store, Lee Gardens Hotel, Monkey Pub, Odean Shopping Mall, in a cinema toilet near the Diana department store and the sixth one also on Thammanoonvithee road...."

    its really freakin me out man... thinking of what could have happened.. the Lee Gardens Hotel Plaza was right next to our hotel..! like 10 steps away..! where we got all our McDonalds from... fuck man... the sidewalk in front of Odean Shopping Mall is filled with stalls and people.. im still in shock.. i cant fucking believe it man..

    Read more about it...
    Bangkok Post
    Agence France-Presse
    Aftermath Images

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Honey why are you calling me so late
    It's kinda hard to talk right now
    Honey why are you crying is everything okay
    I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud
    Well, my girls in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's funny that you're calling me tonight
    And yes I've dreamt of you too
    And does he know you're talking to me
    Will it start a fight
    No I don't think she has a clue
    Well my girls in the next room
    Sometimes I wish she was you
    I guess we never really moved on
    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those wordsa it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel

    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
    It sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel
    Hearing those words it makes me weak
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel
    And I never wanna say goodbye
    But girl you make it so hard to be faithful
    With the lips of an angel
    Honey why are you calling me so late

    real sucky day... i feel like im giving up on everything... i dont know why im here if im not actually doing anything with life.. i dont feel the joy of living.. i dont understand whats going on... im lonely... i dont wanna speak to anyone.. i wanna be alone.. yet i wish i had someone to talk to... i really just wanna give everything up.. give it all away.. sell it.. whatever.. i just feel like going away... feel like everything's negative... i had goals.. i saw where i was going to be.. but once i fell.. i just kept falling... i feel so empty now... i dont see the point... looks like the only option i have now is to just pack up and fucking leave..

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    The Weekend in
    Hat Yai Thailand

    a'ight.. so yea we got back on sunday... the journey..both ways.. wasnt bad.. seriously.. 7 hours went by pretty quickly.. this coming from me.. the person who hates bus journeys to the max.. so you know its for real when i say it wasnt bad... the journey to Thailand was better though.. kept falling asleep.. and getting up every hour or so to discover we're in a different state.. the journey back was alright as well.. fell asleep a couple of times.. Snakes on a Plane was on.. watched it halfway.. and i totally lost interest.. what the fuck was Sam Jackson thinking, man? total fuck up of the year...!
    we actually reached the Malaysian checkpoint at 5am.. but we're only able to check out at 6am.. cause the bloody border only opens at 6am! i dont know WHY? it took another 45 minutes to clear immigration... cause of the queue.. then we stopped at this duty free complex.. hadta wait again for people.. especially the bus driver (who was later given a mouth full by the co-driver) to stock up on liquor and stuff.. then we reach Sadao.. the Thai checkpoint...

    remember i said the Johor checkpoint was like a third world fuck up? well i was wrong.. the Thai checkpoint in Sadao IS totally a third world fuck up..! it looked fucked up.. there was water constantly dripping onto us.. and there's a motherfucking chicken market right next to the complex.. it was just after 6 am... and the bloody place was reeking of death chickens..! you wouldnt believe the smell.. we hadta line up for ages.. cause the line we're in suddenly closed..and no one knew about it.. then we hadta change lines and wait again..

    after clearing the checkpoint... it was another 45 minutes or so to Hat Yai.. everyone knows what Hat Yai is notoriously famous for... no, you naive little bugger.. shopping is just a tiny weenie part of it... its cheap pussy!
    but i never for one expected it to be this bad.. i nearly lost my cool many times..
    actually even before we could clear the Thai immigrations.. this fucktard came up to us offering us girls.. unbelievable..

    as soon as we alighted from the bus.. we're asked to enter the agency's office.. one fucktard named Bancho.. (very recognisable.. dude with only 6 or 8 teeth..) just grabbed the envelope holding out vouchers from Is.. and he started offering us girls.. saying he will arrange the rooms for us and that he could get us another room for a discount and stuff.. i was gettin pissed off.. kept tellin him we'd already bloody booked and pay'd for the rooms.. and we dont need anything else.. we just want to check in.. just give us the fucking vouchers back and we'll go!
    he got the hint, then he said i have transport ready.. we'll take you to the hotel.. oh at last i thought.. but things were just heating up..

    dude starts asking us stuff and all.. keeps telling us about cheap pussy.. he'll arrange for us.. we're in Thailand we havta "enjoy".. saying he has the best (im sure everyone else claims the same).. cant trust anyone else besides him.. they start driving away from the town centre.. things started to get creepy.. he's like taking us to some village..

    Is: dude, where is our hotel?
    Me: I have no idea man.. this doesnt look like the town centre..
    Bancho: I take you go see woman (pronounced woo-man).. you can choose.. you see first.. you dont like never mind..
    Me: no no no! we wanna go to the hotel first.. we're tired.. wanna shower and sleep..
    Bancho: haha! you come thailand you want sleep? come Thailand have fun.. very nice women..
    Van driver: dont worry.. you choose women first.. my women can come to hotel anytime.. you choose.. you sleep.. what time you want you tell me.. my woman can come!
    Is / Me: *trying to be polite* take us to the hotel.. if we want women.. we'll call you later.. we want to check in first
    Van driver: dont worry.. my women very good.. my big brother start business.. this is my women.. very good..
    Bancho: you dont want another room also never mind.. can share-share..
    Van driver: its ok.. you no shy.. my women no shy also.. i take care my women.. they do what i tell..
    Me: dude.. should we just act gay..? should i tell them we're gay? it might work..
    Is: chill man.. he might just take us to the ladyboys..
    Me: motherfuckers! if we want women..we'll call you later.. please just take us to the hotel..
    *after some persuasion dudes get the hint.. and start turning back to the town centre*
    Van driver: this my number.. call me.. i bring you women.. dont trust anyone else.. trust me.. this my brothers women..

    we reach the hotel.. check in.. and Bancho the fucktard followed us to the room.. sat down and still trying to convince us.. still trying to be polite we took his contact card.. told him that we plan to rest and do some shopping.. and we'll call him later.. he finally left.. we never did call...

    The hotel we got was a real bargain.. it was something like 3 stars... it was clean and comfy.. but the best part was it was right smack where the action was.. The Lee Garden Plaza was right next to us.. thats where we got all out fast food from.. all the day and night markets were along the street and around the hotel... 7-11 where we got all our beer from a stone's throw away.. it even had a pool.. which sadly we didnt use.. it was really tempting.. but Is didnt wanna accompany me.. retard!

    I actually had high expectations from Hat Yai.. the last time Is visited.. they got to ride elephants on the street and stuff.. there we're no elephants at all.. i was totally looking forward to buying Chang and Red Bull t-shirts... but all of them didnt have the ones i wanted.. the retro ringer or baseball t' type.. none..! they all had the not so nice normal round next t-shirt.. the ones i already have... and their sizes are totally bollocks.. "M" is like a baby T' and "L" is just too long and wide..! the 2 that i got are kinda weirdly small.. disappointed... but shopping is pretty good.. there are a whole lot of other stuff to get.. what ever you want.. accessories.. bags.. shoes.. electronics.. all for a bargain.. haggle and be firm.. you'll get the price you want.. everything i bought.. was not more than 100 Bath (RM10) each...

    military stuff are so easy to get and they're dirt cheap..! fake guns that look exactly like the real thing.. real guns that fire plastic bullets.. brass knuckles.. shuriken (throwing stars).. knifes... spy cams.. etc.. amazing stuff..

    we had a lot of fast food.. namely McDonalds... Pizza Hut.. Is doesnt like KFC.. weirdo?... i didnt dare go for street food... cleanliness is one thing.. Thai food is good but extremely spicy.. which doesnt do well with me.. there's alot of seafood.. no good with me as well.. the Thais love their pork.. Is doesnt take pork.. i was extremely thankful there was a McD's right next to us..

    One day is enough to go round town... its like a total cowboy town.. tons of tuk-tuks.. bikers everywhere without helmets.. going against traffic.. etc.. buzz only around the markets and mall areas... besides all the brothels and busy hotel rooms.. theres nothin much.. its pretty boring actually... only a handful of pubs.. some of which only open in the evening onwards..

    beer is freakin cheap.. beer haven..! i was practically drinking beer like a fish... after breakfast.. during lunch.. dinner.. supper.. a quart of Heineken was 600+ Bath.. can of Heine' 380 Bath... stuff like Chang.. Singha.. and even San Mig are only 200+ Bath per can.. sweetness!
    the first day we're so happy to see cheap beer.. we grabbed like 2 litres of Heine at 7-11..only to be turned down.. cause you cant buy beer before 5pm..! its so weird man.. no beer before 5pm... i couldnt believe it.. maybe they dont want people getting wasted during office hours? but i never got wasted.. my mission was to get wasted.. not hung over though... but i never did get wasted... i just couldnt feel it..

    We made friends with this tuk-tuk dude.. Surya.. pretty nice fella.. although he did offer to get us women... (everyone in Hat Yai does.. even if your just walkin down the street.. you'll get approached) he wasnt nearly as bad as Bancho the fucktard.. Surya got us tickets for a "Tiger Show"...
    we were in Thailand and the least we could do was check out an authentic Thai cabaret styled show.. at 400 Bath each (including surya's 100 Bath commission) it was alright.. the place wasnt nearly as dodgy as expected.. there was a huge turnout... seeing old horny men is something you'd expect.. but i was surprised to see old women.. and alot of malaysian malay women with head scarfs..! starts out with a typical Thai traditional dance.. then it moves on to sexy dancing.. a freak show.. they pull out razor blades from their poons.. blow horns with poons.. and even work a blowpipe with their poons to burst ballons! and eventually stripping.. at one point this dude came out wearing his undies accompanying a girl... i was like oh no..! not a chippendales show now! the dude did strip and then he started mounting her right there on the stage... literally kamasutra-ing her.. there was a total hush.. it bloody caught everyone by surprise.. it was so quiet.. you could hear a pin drop! the best part was, the dude was the doorman..! right after his performance he was back on duty guarding the door and preparing reserved tables.. bloody hilarious man.. i can still re-call the exact moment and silence.. but it was interesting though.. sick.. kinda.. but its a something you gotta experience...

    Our names kept changing in Thailand.. well mostly mine actually... bloody hilariously awkward.. the first time it happened.. i nearly gave us away..

    Surya: whats you names?
    Is: Jeff..
    Me: *fuck! i was gonna say Jeff!* silent pause for a couple of seconds.. all eyes on me.. John.. im John...
    Surya: ok Jeff.. John..

    Lady Boy: whats your names?
    Is: Jeff..
    Me: *pause* Jimmy..

    Me : *to Is* dude why the fuck cant i come up with better names.. why cant i get away from J's? like david.. kent.. bob.. owen.. etc.. damn! Jimmy is my dead dog..!

    Surya again..
    Surya: i forgot your names..
    Is: Jeff..
    Me: Jimmy... *hheheh.. he really didnt remember*
    ladyboy starts waving and yelling out... bye Jimmy.. while we leave... fuckin hilarious.. was laughing my ass off waving back..

    It was an interesting trip though... cheap.. eye opening.. kinda makes you appreciate the comforts of home.. its difficult to understand the language and even harder to understand the alphabets but the people are nice, friendly, and polite, they even speak understandable english.. but you gotta be tough and firm... would i return to Hat Yai.. well maybe in a bigger group.. maybe to check out the coastal area's of Songkhla.. and definetly to get some weapons..

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    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Thailand... Here i come

    Will be leaving to Thailand in a few hours... weather's turning sucky now.. really hope the rain stops before we leave... and that it doesnt keep raining all the way thru the journey... hope the weather aint sucky in Thailand as well.. thunder storms are predicted... but i hope now.. *fingers crossed*

    Gotta go pack.. hard time deciding what to take.. have a good weekend wankers..

    yes..yes.. me goin thailand.. me drink chang.. me see thai kick boxing... me drink singha.. me see lady boys... me see show girls... me drink red bull also.... me find bargain shoppin.. krab?

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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Singapore Day 1 -
    Fuck, was it tiring

    Was lying down on the couch watching CSI – NY.. Feeling so drowsy...eyes watering.. sleepy...its like i just had a heavy banana leaf rice meal and washed it down with a couple of beers..ya know that kinda drowsiness ya get right after a meal like that... but I didn’t have banana leaf rice and I didn’t have beers.. I had KFC instead for lunch but I sure as hell wished I had a couple of beers to accompany the fried chicken.. I kept telling my mom I’ve been feeling drowsy for a couple of afternoons now...kinda weird actually since I get up bout 9-ish and bout 3 im drowsy again.. she kept telling me that im lasy and that im used to my routine of bumming at home... not..!

    Then the rain came… which didn’t help make matters any better... and astro went off service.. fighting the urge to sleep.. I collected my laundry and dumped in into the washer... then I ironed some tops of mine...
    While ironing I had this sudden urge to blog... I’ve been wanting to blog this for a few months now already... thought, hell! i better start with this and finish what's supposed to be done by done...
    right after quiting my job in early June... I headed of to Singapore.. everyone thought I went for a new job...but actually I just went down to chillax...spend some me time.. Was chilling in Singapore for about a week...
    It was pretty awesome to say the least...used to hang out quite often in Singapore when I was a kid but it had been more than 10 years since I last visited Singapore... and frankly I couldn’t remember nuts about Singapore...

    It took me 45 minutes to reach Johor from Ipoh with Air Asia... I was hoping we’d get the new Airbus A320 but we’re instead provided a not so new Boeing 737... disappointed... limited legroom and there were no onboard entertainment..! but the stewardess were hot (not all pictured here).... I had the whole left row of seats to myself.. and we actually arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule.. which saved me the trouble of missing the shuttle i'd wanted to catch...

    from the Senai International Airport I hadta catch a connecting shuttle to City Lounge in Johor' city center.. that took another 30 minutes or so.. and from City Lounge I hadta transfer to another shuttle taking me all the way across the causeway to Singapore..
    It took me about 2 hours to reach the Malaysian Immigrations checkpoint... there I hadta wait for Siva to accompany me across the causeway... dude was like “no problem.. give me a call when you reach City Lounge.. I’ll meet you at Malaysian checkpoint”... yea total bullocks! dude ended up being late... after numerous phone calls and messages.. dude finally arrived after about an hour later... blaming it on the traffic...dude actually walked across the causeway... but yea it was a weekend and it was rush hour after all... and trust me.. traffic was a real bitch... the amount of vehicles trying to get into Singapore was outrageous.. and no one was moving..!

    Right after you leave the Malaysian checkpoint...it’s a world of difference... The Malaysian checkpoint is like some 3rd world fuck up... and the one in Singapore is modern.. clean.. and doesn’t smell of smoke.. The Singaporean checkpoint is new? i suppose.. cause i only remember the Malaysian checkpoint from before..
    the lamest thing though.. you’re required to fill in this form to submit with your passport at the Singapore checkpoint..there were a gazillion forms but no pens! No mother fucking pens! Do they expect every tourist to be carrying a pen.. everyone were hunting around for a pen... and it was fucking rush hour..! luckily this white dude came along.. he actually gave me his pen... I still have it.. and im gonna carry that same pen along with me every time I travel from now on...

    So I left ipoh at 3pm and finally settled down in Yishun bout 7pm... and to think the flight only took 45 minutes! My shoulders were aching as hell from lugging my full bag pack...
    Siva and his gf treated me to an awesome Chinese dinner at a typical Singaporean food court.. I asked the dude whats popular as a beverage in Singapore... Green Tea was the reply.. so I tried it out.. it was actually Green Tea with Jasmine… rather interesting.. kinda havta get used to the VERY strong presence of Jasmine..

    After dinner Siva accompanied me to Ang Mo Kio.... I was staying with my aunt and cousin.... thank god Ang Mo Kio was only less than 5 stops away from Yishun... Hadta wait again for my cousin to arrive... and a very short bus ride later I finally reached my aunts place at roughly 10pm.... All I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed... but of course I hadta sit down and catch up with my aunt and cousin first...

    one of the best parts of Singapore is that even though there are so many highrise apartments and stuff around.. there is still a lot of grenery... and its no surprise that everything is clean..proper.. and organised..
    I totally loved my aunt's place... Mayflower Gardens.. its one of the few places in Singapore with houses... it kinda reminded me of my home.. cause it was quiet...
    but besides that the area is awesome.. it's about a 10 minute walk away from the busier parts ei: the MRT station etc... there are trees everywhere.. nice walkways.. i mean its the type of place i'd live in... you just feel like going for a run or walk around the area.. everything is within walking distance.. food courts.. McD's even... after the second day i never took the bus again.. i walked to and from the MRT station... i totally loved the 10 minute walk...

    only got on the double-decker like twice... never got to experience the upper deck... cause the ride to the MRT station was less than 5 minutes...

    My aunt's neighbor had a 70's type 2 VW Bus....! what are the odds..... everytime i heard the sound of the flat four.... i missed May.... really wish i could have driven her down....

    so yea... thats part one down...

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