• Friday, August 18, 2006

    Lou Wong Ipoh
    Bean Sprout' Chicken

    was reading bout steamed chicken and beansprouts at Gina's sometime back... and i was like dude its bean sprout chicken from the original Lou Wong or nothing at all, mate! no offence.... but this place comes second to none... second to none, baby...!

    Lou Wong Bean Sprout' Chicken Restaurant.... located along Yau Tet Shin Street / Osbourne Street.... THE best in Ipoh... and i suppose the best in Malaysia.. since ya know Ipoh is home to the best Bean sprout' Chicken...
    i really like this place... its simple... it's has an ample alfresco dining area, which i totally love.. there is an indoor dining area though but hardly anyone utilises it... besides the food being AWESOME... the service is great as well... the staff are aplenty, attentive, and best of all very prompt.. place your order and in a matter of minutes they start appearing on your table... its really fast, no matter during peak or off peak periods!
    weird thing bout these kinda restaurants, they only serve a handfull of drinks... namely iced lime juice (not lemonade), iced chinese herbal tea (very good), iced sugarcane juice, iced "mata kucing" (cats eye?.. nay its actually made from, loh hon guo (buddha fruit), dried longan, winter melon, brown sugar and water) and the customary tiger or carlsberg.... but yea, you cant really complain, cause these drinks are really cooling and light and they go damn well with the bean sprout' chicken...

    Chicken... poached to perfection.... boneless and fat free... you can opt for meat on the bone if you prefer.... its easier to eat without the bone... or i could just be lazy.... the chicken is topped off with some special soya gravy (soya sauce and sesame oil) with spring onions and some chopped red chillies... mouth wateringly tender to say the least....!

    The famous Ipoh bean sprouts... seriously there's nothin' special bout bean sprouts to shout about... but apparently Ipoh has the best bean sprouts around.. it being fatter, shorter and simply just tastier or something like that..and that Ipoh bean sprouts are exported to other parts or the country, etc etc... but in my book bean sprouts are still nothin i'd bother about.... but when these bean sprouts are mixed with the poached chicken it makes a whole lot of sense... the bean sprouts are very firm al dente... they absorb all the flavours of the soya gravy and add that extra crunch to the meal.... *dont mind my dad's hairy fingers*

    Most people have their bean spouts and chicken with white rice.. some just have the bean sprouts and chicken.... i always opt for mee and bee-hon kwanloo... (yellow noodles and rice vermicelli tossed with soya sauce)

    and to top it all off.... you gotta have some optional pork meat balls... these meat balls are fantastic... they are firm but yet are able to absorb all the necessary juices... ei: soya sauce and gravy...

    a meal like this would cost you about RM 15 to slightly below RM20 including beverages for 2 persons... pretty good value.... it used to be way cheaper back in the day, but ya gotta remember Ipoh's bean sprout' chicken is very commercialised now but its still worth every Ringgit! next time you're in Ipoh... make sure you give it a try, if you havent already...

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