• Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    In The Spirit
    Of Merdeka..

    some video's to remind us we're Malaysian after all.. no matter how much we love 50 Cent.. no matter howr much Nike' we wear.. no matter how much McDonalds we chomp down..
    We always have our differences.. of course in the real world we would like to be as close to what the commercials portray.. but hey, prejudices, insecurities, and stereotypes aside.. we try.. and man.. what would we be without Nasi Lemak.. without Char Koay Teow... without Banana Leaf Rice.. without Chicken Tikka.. think about it..

    Eh itu dia potong, dia kasi balik ka..? fuckin' hillarious..

    Whats a commercial without a Bai..check it out..

    Not Merdeka themed.. but yea deep down its who we are that really matters..

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