• Monday, August 21, 2006

    Gol & Gincu /
    F.F.M-19 Ramblings...

    what up wankers..

    any of y'all been following Gol & Gince the series..? besides Lainie.. Hello...! anyone else? if you havent i'd say you should but then it's a lil too late for that.. next week is the final episode of the season... if im not mistaken..
    i really hope there's a season 2... and soon..! as the norm with English-Malay serials.. they just tend to disappear after one season...
    remember Getting Together?.. the one with Elaine Daly and Ako Mustafa... missing after one season.. i really liked that one, to tell you the truth.. KL Lights..? might reappear with season 2 once G&G is over... but KL Lights is OK-OK only.. it could be better, its like a lil lembab.. but thinking bout Daphne Iking.. Hot factor.. so yea its cool.. bring back KL Lights then while we wait for season 2 of G&G...

    back to G&G then.. i missed last weeks episode.. i dont know what actually went down.. besides Putri getting proposed... im still dumbfucked as to why she (Putri) is so chillax'd bout finding out that "uncle" Marwan's her actual father.. ha! the part where he was locked up with the kambings was fucking hilarious..!
    Shanon Shah made a guest appearence today... every time there was a scene involving Shanon i'd laugh myself silly... he was like so skema man... and every time he spoke.. i mean, the dude's an awesome singer... im one of his biggest fans.. but everytime he speaks its like so soft... its plain hilarious man... and Shanon, dude i STILL cant find your cd..!
    Today's episode ended with Putri discovering Eddy's affair.. phheew! Putri getting married.. what fun would that be?

    Watched the FFM ke 19 today... 19th Malaysian Film Festival... i wanted to watch for myself what the whole who-ha was about... i personally feel the whole event was a disgrace.. and im not sorry for that... its awesome rewarding and recognising good films and talents but whoever planned and coordinated the event.. what a shame man.. apa kelas... it was so kelam kabut and LAME...! dad was like i dont know why you're even watching it.. for only one reason..
    i felt there was nothing wrong with what Armani said... she did well in two good films.. props to her..!
    if you biggots.. orang-orang yang lebih berpengalaman cant accept a multiracial story in a multiracial country, please do us generasi muda yang kurang berpengalaman a favour by hiding under your tempurung and killing yourself.. insecure hypocrites...!
    Dad said Rais is lalok.. mentally off.. i second that..
    Yasmin Ahmad.. keep strong and please keep making more multiracial films that cemar budaya.. as opposed to stuff like Remp-it which doesnt seem to cemar budaya Melayu.. hell, it might even win film of the year...!

    what that old fuck was commenting about Ida Nerina and her body was plain disgusting.. if i was Ida i'd kick him down and stab his larynx with my stilettos.. but then again who are we to say.. after all the old fuck is part of the orang orang yang lebih berpengalaman.. they ought to know better... what a shame!

    besides the two deserving wins... one of my favourites... SAZZY FALAK... Hot factor.. won the Pelakon Pembantu Wanita Terbaik... best female co-actress? she was like ohmygodamidreaming kinda shocked... no doubt she deserves it.. for being the bitchy one in Gol & Gincu the movie.. :) she's not all that bitchy now.. she faught defending Putri in one episode... garang, sial..

    its 2 freakin a.m... i dont feel like sleeping... must be the craptastic latte i had earlier or the nap i had before G&G... what to do.. what to do.. ha! just discovered that one toe has longer hair than the others... scissors!

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