• Friday, August 25, 2006

    Freaky VW

    woah.. i've been having freakin weirdo dreams this past couple of nights... i dont know whats up with 'em dreams but its actually rather freaky... cause i dont know what to make of it...

    it was late at night.. parked my Beetle by the side of a road.. there was a huge empty field across the road... the sky was dark and eerie with only the moon visible.. there were this row of what looked like abandoned shop houses... no one else was around... it was Singapore apparently.. some real dodgy part of Singapore.. someone else was with me.. i cant recall who.. we walked towards to rear of the shop houses.. i dont know where we went.. when we returned, it was still eerie and chilly and dark and quiet... i couldnt believe what i saw.. May was jacked up on bricks on all sides and all 4 of her wheels were missing... stolen..! who would do something so mean.. in Singapore..?!

    I was on a raft... on vacation with some weirdo family.. not mine.. i dont know how i ended up with them.... it was a huge raft made from bamboo and stuff... we had a guide and a dude manoeuvring the raft... we're heading to a island resort.. i think it was in Australia.. or somewhere in the Caribbean.. one thing lead to another.. and all i remember is coming back from the resort island on the same raft with the same folks but this time i had a VW Beetle coming back with me.... i was happy beyond words.. i think the Beetle was a gift or something... it was a '72 1302...and it was purple.. light purple..! exactly like the one used by Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) in New York Minute..!

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