• Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Bloody hungry
    Im thin, dont rub it in...

    oh damn.. im so fucking hungry... my mom's trying to whoop up something in the kitchen.. another hour or so till she's done i presume.. i feel like having a Fillet-o-Fish.. yea i know i dont take seafood.. but i used to enjoy seafood when i was younger.. now stuff like Fillet-o-fish and fish & chips are alright.. but seriously i want a Fillet-o-Fish with an apple pie now..
    ever since i had one last sunday..after a very long time.. im kinda like craving it now.. actually the Fillet-o-Fish was accompanied by a Big Mac and an apple pie.. *tummy growls* thinking bout it now is making me go crazy with hunger..

    safe to say my appetite is back.. and hopefully i'll be putting on weight now.. *fingers crossed*.... most people who see my after sometime are surprised at how much weight i've lost... bumped into a friend from primary & high school, while having dinner with my dad at Bonda.. the dude was like.. what happened, you're so thin.. i wanted to say i was a druggie.. but then i didnt wanna shock him too much...
    the other day at the Adidas shop.. the lady boss, who hadn't seen me for ages.. and she still reconised me.. caught me by surprise.. she was like wah! you've gone so thin now.. i didnt realise she was talking to me.. she kept repeating herself a couple of times.. then i looked at her and pointed at myself.. she was like yea you.. gone so thin now.. its not that i wanna be thin la.. i cant put on weight.. i drop weight very quickly.. especially after i got sick recently.. i dropped even more pounds and i've been having a lame ass appetite.. its very difficult to put on the pounds.. people always remark that im the smallest Punjabi around.. fuckers..!

    Continued with Kitchen Confidential before bed the other night.. im reading it slowly but not steadily.. its like i dont want it to end.. Tony is a genius and its everything i can totally relate to being in the hotel and service industry, albeit not directly in the kitchen.. his experiences are so true some and it just cracks you up thinking oh fuck! i had a perverted joker just like that at the hotel before.. some stuff why i love this book so much...

    The expediter, a just-off-the-boat Italian with an indecipherably thick accent drooned away constantly in an uninflected monotone through a microphone, calling out presumable orders and pick-ups. I can still hear him: 'Pickinguppa, one-ah vealuh orloffah...and three sole Balmoralla. Orderingah, twenty-three beef Wellingtonna and seventeena chicka for the Belvedera Suite...orderinga three crespelle toscana seg way...two a steaka one a mediuma rare one-a mediuma.'

    The athmosphere was very jailhouse, with lots of grab-ass, heated argument, hypermacho posturing and drunken ranting. Two burly men who'd just as soon kill you as look at you, when talking to each other, would often nestle a hand tenderly next to the testicles of the other, as if to say, 'I am so not gay - I can even do this!'

    The common language was a mix of Nueva Yorkeno Spanish, Italian and pidgin English. When speaking English, one had to conform to the style book: one didn't say, 'Thats my knife.' One said instead, 'Is for me, the knife.'

    Juan, the sixtyish day broiler man, a fierce, trash talking Basque who, i swear,
    i saw one time sewing up a very bad knife wound on his hand - right on the line - with a sewing needle and thread, muttering all the while, as he pushed through the flaps of skin with the point, 'I am a tough (skronk!)... mother fucker (skronk!). I am a tough son of beetch! (skronk!). I am a tough... mother (skronk!)... fucker'

    An aged ex-Wehrmacht corporal with a dyed red hair and moustache who loved to regale me with stories of Weimar era perversions: 'Zey vould feed ze girls bananas,' he said once, leering and winking as he described a purported club for coprophiles. 'Hitler and Goering... yah, Goering, zey would go these places.'

    Gianni the pastry chef was a skilled raconteur. Though married he was relentless in his pursuit of every woman in the restaurant - most of them looked like whichever was the uglier of Cagney and Lacey. He was always befuddled when one of them would resist his affections: 'So i saya to thees girl, "I bring you out to nice dinner which i pay... and I drive you in nice car - a Buick... and you no wanna fuck me?" I don't unnerstan!'


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