• Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Rockstar Supernova

    has anyone been watching Rockstar... anyone?...anyone? Season one of Rockstar was awesome... and its good to see that season two of Rockstar is awesome and getting better as well... Dave Navarro, dude still hasn't changed his hairstyle.. dude come on.. do something bout it already.. its too "skema" (nerdy)..

    anywho.. there were 12 rockers left yesterday... 11 rockers left as of this morning.. my favourite rockers are still in the game... i hope.. in no particular order.. my fav rockers.. Zayra pronounced Za-eh-ra.. Lukas.. Storm.. and Dilana.. but yesterday's show was awesome and there were other noteworthy acts as well..

    Lukas kicked off yesterday's show with The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony... ya know Bittersweet Symphony being a slow mellow song and all.. but this dude totally rocked it man... it was flawlessly excellent..! the beats were great.. it still had that bittersweet symphony vibe but it was just heavier.. the lighting and showmanship were great... totally awesome... the only apparent problem with Lukas is.. the dude constricts his voice.. i mean yeah, we can see its totally his style.. and its totally cool.. to an extent.. he really needs to open up and show how much further he can go...

    Zayra was next... oh baby zayra! she had on a super hot kill bill kinda holy wow skin tight blue catsuit... she did a classic.. Blondie's Call Me... she was good and all.. not awesome.. just good.. average today... as much as i like her.. i can foresee her going home very soon.. she has her own style..which is good.. but clearly.. its not what i imagine Supernova to be... True to what Dave said... she should get together her own band and do something of her own... with her glam punk kinda rock thingy going on...i think she'll do pretty well...

    Dana did a superb job with an acoustic version of Nirvana's About A Girl.... it was spine chilling..dark.. heavy.. awesome..! totally un-Dana.. i mean i never fancied her before this... but yesterdays performance deserved two horns up man.. we'll just have to see if she can keep it up next week..

    Ryan..this dude's been having problems since day one.. he did I Alone by Live... i personally feel I Alone is a pretty difficult song to sing.. i mean listen to the original version and ya know its hard to beat Live.. but who would have thought.. dude really stepped it up and rocked the house... his version was spot on.. and pretty close to the real thing..

    Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper on a rock show? hahaaa.. ya i know.. but thats exactly what Dilana did.. an acoustic version of Time After Time and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...! words cant seem to describe man... wow Dilana..! no matter what she does she just rocks it man..

    Storm was last to perform... oh baby! i am totally loving Storm... can you believe the chick's 37 years old! she looks nothing like it man... she's one hot chicka..! :D
    Storm did Dramarama's Anything Anything.. she totally brought it and brought the house down!

    she ended it with a head first dive into the crowd... two horns up, baby..! 'nuff said man.. 'nuff said..

    Theres one dude that i totally hate... i sincerely feel the looser shouldn't be on the show.. Josh man.. you bloody John Mayor wanna be... go fuck yourself you cunt..
    i hate seeing you man.. every time you perform i feel like puking blood.. you cant be a rockstar... please go fucking sit in a starbucks and fucking sing your mellow fucking soul crap.. i didnt catch the Live result show this morning.. so i dont know who got kicked out.. but i so hope this loser got booted out.. *cross fingers*

    *Images were ripped off from rockstar.msn.com*

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I haven't been following the show but I did see the one with Dilana singing Time After Time...yeah thought that was somewhat different haha...She is something tho'. I like her.

    1:39 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Yanti - Hi.. Dilana is Hardcore, baby..!
    once she did Johnny Cash' Ring of Fire.. that was so subtle yet VERY spine chilling-ly hardcore man..

    1:08 AM  

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