• Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Jazz and everything feel good....

    The 2nd Kuala Lumpur Music Festival is opening tomorrow... For this second edition of the festival, a different genre of music will be featured each night... The festival promises a magnificent mix of everything from traditional to jazz, classic to contemporary to world music... With a wide range of music genres all gathered on one stage, the K.L Music Fest aims at celebrating the rich and diverse rhythms of local and international music...

    What's interesting is the first night's performance... a tremendous showcase of World Fusion Music featuring Malaysia's own Aseana Precussion Unit and Bali's awesome SAHARADJA...! among others... Woot! Saharadja's down in K.L...!!
    I first experienced the energy and feel good vibes of Saharadja at last year's Penang Island Jazz Festival.. They totally made waves in Penang then.. and i am freakin' sure they're gonna blow the crowd away in K.L this time...!

    Saharadja will be performing a series of gigs live in K.L... starting from tomorrow the 2nd 'till the 8th of july... Premiering at the K.L Music Festival then at the Cotton Club..

    Saharadja's K.L Tour Schedule :-

    Sunday 2nd July - Gala Opening of K.L Music Festival at Istana Budaya

    Monday 3rd July - Night performance at Istana Budaya

    Tuesday 4th July - Publicity event at Tower Records KLCC

    Thursday & Friday 6th & 7th July - Night performances at Cotton Club, Maju Junction Mall K.L

    Saturday 8th July - Music Workshop followed by night performance at Cotton Club, Maju Junction Mall K.L

    Ticket Prices :-
    K.L Music Festival - RM60/ RM30/ RM20/ RM10(students)
    Cotton Club - RM78++ (inc 1 glass Hennessy XO)
    Music Workshop - 3pm-5pm RM58/ RM 28(students)
    *K.L Music Festival Gala Opening Night is by invitation only*

    Not many locals are aware of Saharadja and how awesome they are.. if you've already experienced Saharadja.. good! you must go for the show! for the rest of you dweeps who are going like "what? saha who?" ok.. chill.. slap yourself silly then go check out Saharadja.net for more info.. then go for the show!

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