• Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Rockstar Supernova

    has anyone been watching Rockstar... anyone?...anyone? Season one of Rockstar was awesome... and its good to see that season two of Rockstar is awesome and getting better as well... Dave Navarro, dude still hasn't changed his hairstyle.. dude come on.. do something bout it already.. its too "skema" (nerdy)..

    anywho.. there were 12 rockers left yesterday... 11 rockers left as of this morning.. my favourite rockers are still in the game... i hope.. in no particular order.. my fav rockers.. Zayra pronounced Za-eh-ra.. Lukas.. Storm.. and Dilana.. but yesterday's show was awesome and there were other noteworthy acts as well..

    Lukas kicked off yesterday's show with The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony... ya know Bittersweet Symphony being a slow mellow song and all.. but this dude totally rocked it man... it was flawlessly excellent..! the beats were great.. it still had that bittersweet symphony vibe but it was just heavier.. the lighting and showmanship were great... totally awesome... the only apparent problem with Lukas is.. the dude constricts his voice.. i mean yeah, we can see its totally his style.. and its totally cool.. to an extent.. he really needs to open up and show how much further he can go...

    Zayra was next... oh baby zayra! she had on a super hot kill bill kinda holy wow skin tight blue catsuit... she did a classic.. Blondie's Call Me... she was good and all.. not awesome.. just good.. average today... as much as i like her.. i can foresee her going home very soon.. she has her own style..which is good.. but clearly.. its not what i imagine Supernova to be... True to what Dave said... she should get together her own band and do something of her own... with her glam punk kinda rock thingy going on...i think she'll do pretty well...

    Dana did a superb job with an acoustic version of Nirvana's About A Girl.... it was spine chilling..dark.. heavy.. awesome..! totally un-Dana.. i mean i never fancied her before this... but yesterdays performance deserved two horns up man.. we'll just have to see if she can keep it up next week..

    Ryan..this dude's been having problems since day one.. he did I Alone by Live... i personally feel I Alone is a pretty difficult song to sing.. i mean listen to the original version and ya know its hard to beat Live.. but who would have thought.. dude really stepped it up and rocked the house... his version was spot on.. and pretty close to the real thing..

    Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper on a rock show? hahaaa.. ya i know.. but thats exactly what Dilana did.. an acoustic version of Time After Time and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...! words cant seem to describe man... wow Dilana..! no matter what she does she just rocks it man..

    Storm was last to perform... oh baby! i am totally loving Storm... can you believe the chick's 37 years old! she looks nothing like it man... she's one hot chicka..! :D
    Storm did Dramarama's Anything Anything.. she totally brought it and brought the house down!

    she ended it with a head first dive into the crowd... two horns up, baby..! 'nuff said man.. 'nuff said..

    Theres one dude that i totally hate... i sincerely feel the looser shouldn't be on the show.. Josh man.. you bloody John Mayor wanna be... go fuck yourself you cunt..
    i hate seeing you man.. every time you perform i feel like puking blood.. you cant be a rockstar... please go fucking sit in a starbucks and fucking sing your mellow fucking soul crap.. i didnt catch the Live result show this morning.. so i dont know who got kicked out.. but i so hope this loser got booted out.. *cross fingers*

    *Images were ripped off from rockstar.msn.com*

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    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Awesomely bad no. 1's

    was watching VH1's 40 most awesomely bad number 1's earlier... and man..! it just brought me back to my childhood.. the eighties and nineties.. represent, yo!
    hahahhaa.. mother'.... it was freakin' hilarious listening to all those songs we loved so much THEN... all the video clips that had the same theme and colors which were LAME... and all that clothing'..the ones we used to have... come on! no point being shy now.. just admit it you wankers..! i admit i had baggy Mc Hammer pants and EMF styled denim jackets with huge peace signs at the back.... aaahhh! those were the days..

    the video clips are one thing... they were horrible and are still horrible... but the songs on the other hand... they were COOL back then... and even now when you listen to them... its like wow its been like 10...15 years since i last heard that song.. and ya know it still sounds interesting... childhood memories come back... geezz! its corny man.. but hehe! i used to boogy to this and yeah i can still feel it now.. but what the fuck were they thinking man! the lyrics.. the bloody lyrics! its like ear bleed... you cannot comprehend whats being said...

    these are stuff that i really used to listen to most when i was younger... in VH1 chart order..

    40 - The Macarena - Los Del Rio .... it was a phenomenon but did anyone actually know what they were singin' bout?

    39 - Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice .... a'ight stop collaborate and listen.. 'nuff said!

    36 - Eye of the Tiger - Survivor .... i dont know man.. i still remember the tiger in the video clip..

    32 - The Sign - Ace of Bass .... I saw the sign.. it opened up my eyes, i saw the sign.. What The Fuck?

    28 - Im Too Sexy - Right Said Fred .... eeeerrrmmmm! What The Fuck?

    17 - Owner of a Lonely Heart .... owner of a lonely heart (is much better) a than owner of a broken heart... wow, imagine that?

    16 - The Look - Roxette .... a non english speaking band shouldn't have written an english song...
    walking like a man,
    hitting like a hammer,
    she's a juvenile scam.
    Never was a quitter,
    tasty like a raindrop,
    she's got the look. .... na na na nana oh! What The Fuck!

    12 - All For Love - Color Me Badd .... i want you to know i do it all for love bla bla bla..

    6 - Unbelievable - EMF .... white guys shouldn't rap.. "what the fuck was that, it's unbelievable" hey! they said it 'emselves..!

    4 - Informer - Snow .... man! this really proves white guys shouldn't rap! period!

    i bet Snow had no idea himself what the fuck he was singin' bout... dude must have serious been on pot.. wrote down some gibberish.. and when he sobered up.. dude had a number one..! i really thought Snow was a Jamaican until today..! turns out the boy was just a wannabe.. the poor canadian white boy so wanted to be Jamaican and claimed to be from the ghetto of Toronto.. the ghetto of toronto! for real yo! 50 cents must be wettin his pants, nigga.. a white canadian boy with a jamaican accent.. Snow you're a joke man!

    cant say we're morons for loving Informer.. dude we're kids and not like we understood what was being said.. all that mattered was that it went a boom boom down!
    i downloaded Informer while watching the show...listening to it after more than 10 years... i was dumbfucked to discover what the fuck Snow was singin about... still nothing.. but being wiser now i know its just craptastic!

    Sample Informer for yourself..

    You know say daddy me snow me-a (gonna) blame
    A licky boom-boom down
    'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane
    A licky boom-boom down

    Police-a them-a they come and-a they blow down me door
    One him come crawl through through my window
    So they put me in the back the car at the station
    From that point on I reach my destination
    Well the destination reached in down-a East detention
    Where they whip down me pants look up me bottom

    Bigger they are they think they have more power
    There on the phone me say that on hour
    Me for want to use it once and-a me call me lover
    Lover who me callin'-a the one Tammy
    And me love her in my heart down to my belly-a
    Yes say Daddy Me Snow me I feel cool and deadly
    Yes the one MC Shan and the one Daddy Snow
    Together we-a love 'em as a tornado

    Listen to me ya better listen for me now
    Listen to me ya better listen for me now
    When-a me rock-a the microphone, me rock on steady-a
    Yes-a Daddy Me Snow me are the article don
    But the in an a-out a dance an they say, Where ya come from?
    People them say I come from Jamaica
    But me born and raised (in the ghetto) I want ya to know-a
    Pure black people man thats all I man know
    Yeah me shoes are-a tear up an-a my toes used to show-a
    Where me-a born in-a the one Toronto

    Come with a nice young lady
    Intelligent, yes she gentle and irie
    Everywhere me go me never lef' her at all-ie
    Yes-a Daddy Snow me are the roam dance man-a
    Roam between-a dancin' in-a in-a nation-a
    You never know say Daddy Me Snow me are the boom shakata
    Me never lay-a down flat in-a one cardboard box-a
    Yes-a Daddy Me Snow me-a go reachin' out da top

    Why would he? [repeat]

    Me sittin round cool with my jiggy jiggy girl
    Police knock my door, lick up my pal
    Rough me up and I cant do a thing
    Pick up my line when my telephone ring
    Take me to the station, black up my hands
    Trail me down 'cause I'm hangin with the Snowman
    What an I gonna do, I'm backed and I'm trapped
    Smack me in my face, took all of my gap
    They have no clues and they wanna get warmer
    But Shan won't turn informer

    "a licky boom boom down"... that actually made the song... but a licky boom boom down?
    "they whip down me pants look up me bottom"... he's singin' bout an anal cavity search?
    haisayman! should have made that the anthem for the nude squat video!

    what was you favourite tune from the 80's and 90's... and what do you think about it now... ? feel free to tell me...

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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Kick Off @ Genting....

    was half way thru this post a week plus back..then i got and sick and stuff... im much better now..thank you..! i was able to run again... so its gettin good... a'ight punks... lets get things rollin' shall we...
    a couple of tuesday's back... a couple of friends from my old work place and i went up to Genting... for no apparent reason... i was hoping we'd leave in the morning and by lunch time we'd be freezing our asses of at Genting... but as faith would have it... those joker's only picked me up about 6 pm... but what the hell right... a road trip is still a road trip ya..?

    half way thru... we're getting hungry... stopped over at tanjung malim.... if im not mistaken.. for some reason we got a box of Dunkin Donuts... as Homer J Simpson would go... *drool* eeemmmmmm dooonuuttss!! *drool* creamy...sugary... chocolaty...dunkin donuts...
    a while after our sugar fueled snack... i was feeling the effects of a sugar rush... i was a lil hyper.. i could feel the sugar going thru my veins.. a lil uncomfortable i tell you...

    but it was alright... considering not too long later.. about an hour or so... 8.30pm we're at the peak of Genting.... The City of Entertainment... parked the car at the First World Hotel... and after about a minute out of the car i promptly decided to put on my jeans... i was wearing shorts ya see... and the family jewels weren't accustomed to the coldness... it was roughly about 20 D.C then...

    i inquired about vacant rooms.. standard rooms were sold out.. yea right! superior rooms were available at 90 bucks... ya'll have a couple thousand rooms..half of which are made out of standard rooms..its a week day and you're sold out... call me stupid if that aint classic up selling? it was only after 9pm so i said i'll be back... we're more interested in getting something to eat....

    after "painstakingly" pondering which fast food joint to crash..... we ended up at Burger King....
    i really like the carousel... the one opposite BK... everytime im there i admire the carousel... its so fairytale-y... bright.. with those white ponies... but i never get to ride it... cause its only for kids... real unfair... maybe they should make a bigger carousel for the bigger kids..? after dinner we strolled about the indoor theme park at the first world plaza.. got ourselves indoor theme park tickets at RM20 each.. it was already 10pm by then and we only had 2 hours to get our 20 bucks worth of rides before they closed up.... we did manage to go on 5 different lame ass rides which equalled to 20 bucks... the 4D motion master was good.. better than when i last went.. it was only 3D then... and the bumper cars were fun...

    after midnight i took they guys for a walk around Genting... thru all the hotels.. pointing out the different casino's... im still waiting to get into the casino since i turned 21 a few years back... this time around the jokers i were with were malay... its haram for 'em to gamble and i didnt wanna go in alone... so yea... leisurely walk around genting...trying to figure out what to do... we didnt wanna sit in starbucks or the bean with hot drinks that would turn cold in a matter in minutes...
    we walked to the outdoor theme park and boom....! there was a fiesta going on... literally.... so many people... samba music... dancing... costumes... chicks in costumes... it was the Kick Off @ Genting and it was free...!

    football head dude... greated us

    chicks in costumes....

    more chicks in costumes...

    and somemore chicks in costumes...

    chicks in short super tight pants..doing to samba....!

    Kick Off @ Genting was in conjunction with the 06 World Cup... they turned the Arena of Stars into a "Stadion" stadium in German... there were like 5 giant screens... with one mother of all giant screens in the middle... mind blowing sound system... and a replica football pitch... it was as good as sitting in a stadium watching a live football match... no shit.. the guys at Genting did good..!

    Before the football match started... we're treated to performances by the dancers from The Mysteria Show... and a Chinese acrobatic troop... real nice.. real nice... the chicks from the Mysteria Show are HUGE... big built... like guys...!

    they even had their own show hosts and pundits whatever.... this chinese chick and a british bloke.. it was an awesome...awesome experience... i would have paid money for something like that... and the fact that it was free made it even sweeter... it was the Germany vs Argentina match that morning... it was freaking cold... i was only wearing a long sleeved shirt... hadta button up to the max... the match was awesome... felt like the first 90 mins went by fast... maybe cause i was falling asleep and waking up every now and then.... during the second half of extra time.. awi caught me dozing off... he woke me up and suggested we leave... his eyes literally red... i was like dude.. lets just hang on for a lil... and in the final 2 minutes Argentina scored 2 superb goals... awi and i were like the first ones to jump up and go crazy... what sleep? it all just went away... the atmosphere... the quiet chill and then sudden jumps and shouts of joy... were amazing... real amazing...

    by this time it was 6am and 16 DC.... we wouldn't be able to get a room now... not until 12pm anyway... we headed back to the car... and roughed it out... i got the back seat all to myself.. which was awesome.. cause the Myvi had pull down seats and i had myself a bed right there albeit with limited leg room... i made do though by bending my legs a this way and a that way...

    we got up at about 10 am... i actually hadta wake the jokers up... cause we're going down to KL... and i didnt wanna get stuck in a jam....
    managed to find a day use room at a budget hotel in Bukit Bintang... i was really unconfident with the hotel... it was filled with people in front of the lobby hogging you for a massage... like what the fuck man? but we had no choice... i really wanted a shower and a change of clothes... it had a hot shower and the bathroom was relatively clean... all that mattered at that time....

    THE view from our hotel room... so you can only imagine the rest....

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    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    splish splash... ouch!

    ya know that feeling ya get... that feeling after a night of hard drinking... ass like behaviour and all that alcohol induced good vibes.. minus the loss of memory of course.. ya know the morning after feeling.. puking up all over.. ya feel like dying... living at that moment seems like hell... ya tell ya self, please make it stop.. fuck you alcohol! no more after this or at lease i'll try to control next time... all that bollocks!

    well thats exactly how i've been feeling for almost a week now... the sad part is i was never on an alcohol fuelled night of fun or anything else in that nature... mattter of fact just a week ago i was enjoying kick ass white water rafting... last monday i ran a few k's on the road.. i was feeling good.. oh the irony..the bloody irony...
    early tuesday like a black cloud of doom fell on me... i've been feeling ill and shitty all week..i've been a zombie really.. just rotting at home... uncomfortably...
    monday night i had this craving for cheesebaked rice... i dont know why the fuck i had it.. but it just happened.. it was either pasta, which would have been a goddamn better choice or cheesebaked rice..but noo! i went to movenpeak to tapau cheesebaked rice...
    i was hungry..it was quite a big portion... i cleaned it up in no time.. i normally dont eat as much.. furthermore at night.. but ya know things just happen...
    2 hours after that im off to bed.. 3 am.. i feel so bloody uncomfortable... i know my tummy's acting weird.. im fighting back the urge to wake up.. its 3 am afterall... and boom! i just jumped out of bed... i didnt need a second to think.. or procrastinate.. ran to the bathroom.. everything i had for dinner came right out.. nothing was digested! the food looked the same as when it went it... i must have hurled bout 7 or 8 times.. every 30 minutes to an hour till 6 am running to the bathroom... half a sleep... sitting on the floor.. watching stuff and a whole lot of liquid splat about.. ya know being half asleep made it a lil more easier..cause all i could concentrate on was getting back to bed.. amazing i didnt pass out..

    next day...tummy was completely empty... i was shivering.. fever..! was dehydrated for a few days.. dried lips and all.. mouth tasted weird.. H2O became an acquired taste...the weirdest ever, which i didnt wanna acquire.. i couldnt take much liquids cause even that didnt wanna digest... medications ended on friday... i've been drinking a lot more liquids since then.. but i still dont have the appetite for food... i can only eat very small amounts.. tummy still feels undigested.. its like theres this huge spoon steering around in my tummy.. i dont know whats happening.... im blaming the goddamn cheesebaked rice... the doc seemed a lil perplexed.. said it wasnt food poisoning.. something went wrong somewhere clearly...

    im giving it a couple more days.. if i keep feeling like a zombie i think i'll havta get myself admitted again... and have them scope my tummy again... great man... i hate hospitals.. i cant take general hospitals.. but atlease they're livelier... but i just cant take em.. never stayed in one and dont intend to.. the pantai hospital where i got myself admitted last is just too sterile.. too quiet.. i was going crazy.. had a whole room to myself and i used to stand near the window like a psycho watching the cars go by! so i really hope i dont need hospitalisation and i can go back to being myself again... running and working out and eating properly again... lets just start with a worry free tummy first.. digestion please!
    cheesebaked rice puke is still etched in my head... having a super huge cheesebaked rice phobia now.. i cringe thinking about it... fuck! im having a headache... i wont be sleeping well tonight..

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    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    i said... he said... someone's gay today...

    holy mother of god.. someone's being extremely gay today... daymmnnn..! scary man.. i still have goosebumps on my arms... eeeeeewwwww...!

    He said: what time you wanna date me?

    I said: abang dah balik ke? HAHAH! wanker! now? kinta city..

    He said: ok give me 30 mins.. i need to put on my make up...!

    I said: a'ight and dont forget that red thong.. see ya in 30..

    He said: with my low rise levi's ya... see ya dear...

    Muuaahahahhaa.... mother...... goosebumps still there...

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    daymnnnn.... i cant seem to go to sleep.... im really craving for some a whole load of super cold crisp BEER...! someone give me a couple pints of super cold BEER puhleeezzz...!
    man.. malas to drive out to 7-11 for beer... besides beer at 7-11 is so not worth it.. the litre of St Miguel(send-me-a girl) in my room aint cold... hai!

    throatdryingupmouthwatering... heeelllppp..!! :(

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    KFC Meltz...

    Our beloved Colonel or if you rather unkle Sanders... introduced a new item for summer... Called the Cheesy BBQ Meltz... i only discovered it when i walked into KFC to get some fried chicken.. original of course! there were no promo's what so ever for the Meltz, then... no adverts... no jingles.. no banners... zit.. nothing at all... so i was kinda surprised... i suppose it may be a market test/study to determine how the product does before mass marketing... like what McD's did with the Spicy Beef Foldover in KL before releasing it nationwide... correct me if im wrong... but i did finally see a television commercial on the Meltz today though...

    so anyway... The Meltz is actually a "cheesy barbequed toasted tortilla"... same tortilla wrap as the bandito i suppose... The Meltz is basically a tortilla filled with "barbequed chicken", diced tomatoes, some nacho flakes and parmesan cheese before being toasted.... It's tangy with a little zing (spice)... all the ingredients compliment each other which is always good... the whole thing was a little on the dry side but i suppose thats the norm with most tortillas besides it was toasted... the chicken slices which are claimed to be barbequed dont taste anything like barbequed chicken! they tasted more like deep fried chicken instead.. very obvious difference.. if you've tried the Meltz.. barbequed or not?.. tell me..

    Taste wise... it was pretty good.. on a scale of 1 to 10 i'd give the Meltz a firm 6... The portion size is good and for RM 5.50 its a pretty good snack... i wouldnt call it lunch or dinner otherwise... trust me cause i know i got the best available Meltz... why? cause while i was waiting for my order to be done.. i noticed the outlet manager and another senior manager (area/district/training/etc) keeping an eye and instructing the staff the right way to prepare the Meltz... you know you're getting it a 100% right that way cause all the s.o.p's are being adhered to...
    how does the Meltz compare to McD's Chicken and Spicy Beef Foldovers.... the Meltz goes no where close to both of them... given the choice.. need i say more... Foldover anytime yo...! not just because im a loyal McD-rian but simply because 'em Foldover's are way better and healthier!

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    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Jazz and everything feel good....

    The 2nd Kuala Lumpur Music Festival is opening tomorrow... For this second edition of the festival, a different genre of music will be featured each night... The festival promises a magnificent mix of everything from traditional to jazz, classic to contemporary to world music... With a wide range of music genres all gathered on one stage, the K.L Music Fest aims at celebrating the rich and diverse rhythms of local and international music...

    What's interesting is the first night's performance... a tremendous showcase of World Fusion Music featuring Malaysia's own Aseana Precussion Unit and Bali's awesome SAHARADJA...! among others... Woot! Saharadja's down in K.L...!!
    I first experienced the energy and feel good vibes of Saharadja at last year's Penang Island Jazz Festival.. They totally made waves in Penang then.. and i am freakin' sure they're gonna blow the crowd away in K.L this time...!

    Saharadja will be performing a series of gigs live in K.L... starting from tomorrow the 2nd 'till the 8th of july... Premiering at the K.L Music Festival then at the Cotton Club..

    Saharadja's K.L Tour Schedule :-

    Sunday 2nd July - Gala Opening of K.L Music Festival at Istana Budaya

    Monday 3rd July - Night performance at Istana Budaya

    Tuesday 4th July - Publicity event at Tower Records KLCC

    Thursday & Friday 6th & 7th July - Night performances at Cotton Club, Maju Junction Mall K.L

    Saturday 8th July - Music Workshop followed by night performance at Cotton Club, Maju Junction Mall K.L

    Ticket Prices :-
    K.L Music Festival - RM60/ RM30/ RM20/ RM10(students)
    Cotton Club - RM78++ (inc 1 glass Hennessy XO)
    Music Workshop - 3pm-5pm RM58/ RM 28(students)
    *K.L Music Festival Gala Opening Night is by invitation only*

    Not many locals are aware of Saharadja and how awesome they are.. if you've already experienced Saharadja.. good! you must go for the show! for the rest of you dweeps who are going like "what? saha who?" ok.. chill.. slap yourself silly then go check out Saharadja.net for more info.. then go for the show!

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