• Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    sup wankers..

    im back.. moi.. paradoxx.. is back..

    im so freakin tired... quite alot of turbulence on the flight back.. couldn't even read in peace.. but it was cool.. i was like "sweet!".. this makes things a lil more interesting now.. wanted to ask the guy beside me if we're gonna crash? then i played this scenario in my head.. me jumping out of my seat kneeling down.. yelling "omg! omg! we're all gonna die! gonna die!" then start running about... hillarious i tell you..
    the cabin pressure was terrible as hell... my ear's still hurt up to now... :(
    the stewardess' were hot.. if any consolation at all...

    i wanna go sleep.. i dont know why im so fatigued...

    there's a few hundred photos.. updates lates..

    cherio wankers...


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