• Friday, June 09, 2006

    Happy Days... sunday monday happy days.. tuesday wednesday la lala....

    If there were a Sitcom Hall of Fame, Happy Days would surely have a cherished spot there... Happy Days being one of the most popular programs of the late 1970s.. surviving until mid 1984... an astonishing ten and a half years!

    Happy Days was set in the 1950's Milwaukee...the heart of middle-class America and told the story of the Cunningham family.. Mr Cunningham (Tom Bosley) ran the local hardware store and Mrs Cunningham (Marion Ross) spent her time in the kitchen...
    Richie (Ron Howard) their son, hung out at Arnold's Drive-In (later changed to Al's Diner) with his pals Ralph Malph (Donny Most) and Potsie (Anson Williams)... trying to be as cool as the coolest greaser in town..THE Fonz (Henry Winkler)...
    Richie's sister, Joanie (Erin Moran) tagged along whenever she wasn't at her friend Jenny Piccolo's (who had never been seen onscreen before 1980) house...

    Happy Days has always been cool.. i mean we cant deny, it had its fair share of goofs.. like everyone knew someone as cool as the Fonz would never be caught dead hangin' out with nerds like Richie, Potsie and Ralph... but it didnt matter.. that's what made the show interesting.. Everyone looked up to The Fonz.. im sure many wanted to be like him as well.. I mean he was a rebel but he was always sticking up for the nerds.. remember when he had to apologise or wear spectacles no matter how un-cool they were?.. it was a show about life.. The rebel mellowing down over time.. the nerds learning about adulthood from the rebel.. it was a feel good fuzzy show.. watchin it made me feel like the world was a better place.. 30 mins in a feel good 50's world! :-)
    and who can forget.."Sit on it!" and "Ayyyi!"? which became national catchphrases in the 70's...!

    This is one iconic show... with over 250 episodes! i used to watch Happy Days almost religiously every weekday evening after the Simpsons... i really miss it so much.. it's something i can never get bored of.. forget the Brady Bunch.. forget Knight Rider (watching it now, that show is goofier than ever!) please bring back Happy Days...!! if only... StarWorld would re-run all eleven seasons of Happy Days! that make me a happy person.. a very happy person..

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