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    Saturday 27th May.... Part 1 - VW club gathering..

    a'ight.. so last saturday Is and i were invited to join the VW club of ipoh's gathering... it was actually inconjunction with the '60's weekend organised by the city council.. we arrived fashionable late... a good 2 hours after they started.. but luckly we didnt drive up to the exhibition ground... cause the event itself was pretty lame.. ya see, being fashionable late has its advantages as well..
    i mean the car's were interesting and all.. nice even.. there were even other non VW vintage and classics on display..
    but they we're all just arranged in a straight line.. so if we'd happen to join them we'd be stuck and unable to bail when we'd have enough! and we were expected to hang round till evening! doing nothing..! there were no activities for club members... no beer! the weather was gettin hot... and they had this dude singing 60's retro songs with really bad music..!
    didnt seem like fun.. so we just checked out the cars and the happenings.. and bailed right after that..

    some photos from the VW gathering... admire...!

    This is something to drool about.. spotted this bug in greentown... its an "oval" from the '50's... this model is so bloody rare in this country..its just amazing seeing one on the road! it's restored to its original condition and it is just so friggin awesome.. you'd only understand its value if you were a VW junkie.. :D anywho.. the owner was good enough to let us check it out and take some photos..

    so yea.. being in the VW mood and all.. since we didnt take part in the gathering/show.. we decided to hold our own VW show.. here are some photos of May and Linda...

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey dude... i was just surfin the net in search of a bug. and i bumped into your site and the oval is simply truly awesome.

    the thing is, i am goin back to studies and worked for a bit and through a lot of sacrifises saved up some cash to buy a bug!

    alas, everyone is advising me againts it yet i am determined. been looking for a long time now and its a lil harsh but i probably would get conned..hence im being very wary in buying one..heck its pratically my life savings.

    anyway.. i thought u would be able to help me out. im not internet person.. so im not sure if this message will only be seen by u or by many... so intsead of a number here is my email : adrian.thomas@lycos.com

    my main problem is i know nothing about the engine and the few people who thinks they know cars are never available to see one when i get to see one.. lucky enough the rust on most of the bugs i see put me off as i am working for a tight budget and well.. have no more income at the moment... and please do not tell me to buy a satria instead.. i am set on the beetle being my first car i ever buy.

    look forward to hear from ya..


    2:27 AM  

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