• Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    Saturday 27th May.... Part 1 - VW club gathering..

    a'ight.. so last saturday Is and i were invited to join the VW club of ipoh's gathering... it was actually inconjunction with the '60's weekend organised by the city council.. we arrived fashionable late... a good 2 hours after they started.. but luckly we didnt drive up to the exhibition ground... cause the event itself was pretty lame.. ya see, being fashionable late has its advantages as well..
    i mean the car's were interesting and all.. nice even.. there were even other non VW vintage and classics on display..
    but they we're all just arranged in a straight line.. so if we'd happen to join them we'd be stuck and unable to bail when we'd have enough! and we were expected to hang round till evening! doing nothing..! there were no activities for club members... no beer! the weather was gettin hot... and they had this dude singing 60's retro songs with really bad music..!
    didnt seem like fun.. so we just checked out the cars and the happenings.. and bailed right after that..

    some photos from the VW gathering... admire...!

    This is something to drool about.. spotted this bug in greentown... its an "oval" from the '50's... this model is so bloody rare in this country..its just amazing seeing one on the road! it's restored to its original condition and it is just so friggin awesome.. you'd only understand its value if you were a VW junkie.. :D anywho.. the owner was good enough to let us check it out and take some photos..

    so yea.. being in the VW mood and all.. since we didnt take part in the gathering/show.. we decided to hold our own VW show.. here are some photos of May and Linda...

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    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    its been a good day... and im helluva tired now.. been out for almost 12 hours.. doing a shit load of stuff.. been driving helluva lot... we actually did quite a lot of stuff today.. went to quite a number of places... alot to write bout.. a whole shit load of photos to upload... from the 60's carnival... Barney.. yes! Barney was in ipoh... private VIP visit of sunway's the lost world of tambun..
    and other interesting stuff.. but neither's gonna happen now...cause Paradoxx needs to sleep!

    so yea.. till next time.. g'night wankers..

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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Meme.... emem.. meme..

    1) Alvin
    2) Al
    3) Paradoxx

    1) My eyes
    2) Skin tone.. It's great....im nice and brown
    3) My nose.. it's just nice.. not too sharp.. not too huge..

    1) Uncontrolable facial hair!
    2) My teeth
    3) My inability to put on the pounds.

    1) Punjabi chai... the best!
    2) Banger's & mash
    3) Garam masala

    1) Racists
    2) Bigots
    3) Hypocrites

    1) My inability to put on weight
    2) Me with a bat of some sort on a rage
    3) Having to work till i die

    1) The Simpsons
    2) The O.C
    3) Pimp My Ride

    Doraemon... but no seriously, i aint into Jap Anime..

    1) Devil in Disguise - Elvis Presley
    2) Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
    3) Afterglow - Inxs

    1) Man on Fire
    2) Bend it Like Beckham... and i did watch it a mill times..!
    3) Back to The Future trilogy

    1) Pirates of The Carribean II
    2) X-Men III
    3) The Da Vinci Code

    1) Cash & Cards
    2) Mobile
    3) H2O... i drink helluva lot of it..

    1) Ripped and faded grey Reebok t-shirt
    2) Starter basketball shorts
    3) eeemmm! yeah.. thats bout it mate..

    1) Trust Patience Understanding
    2) Having bout half of the same interest's would be good
    3) Sweet hot loving.. :)

    1) Eyes
    2) Smile
    3) Hair

    1) I procrastinate way too much
    2) I swear a lot
    3) eeer dont know.. im pretty much clean other wise..

    1) May... my beetle
    2) Driving... road trips..
    3) This thought of paradoxx thingy..

    1) Get out of this bloody place... Vacation.. vacation vacation...
    2) Get my arse to the gym..
    3) Quit my job.. travel and be a hippie..

    1) Hippie... carefree.. love and all that good stuff.. ;)
    2) Event planner
    3) Money lender

    1) any freakin' place man.. any freakin' place!
    2) Bali
    3) San Francisco - all those glorious american food!! heh! and they still proclaim M'sia as the food capital.. puhleezzz la!

    1) Alyssa
    2) Mae
    3) heh!..never bothered thinking bout a guy's name yet..

    1) Travel round the world..
    2) Sample all the beer' and burgers the world has to offer
    3) Make a will.. duh!

    1) Huge amount i spend on facial and hair products
    2) Amount i know bout cars
    3) i dont admire guys... noob!

    1) no
    2) time
    3) for crushes

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    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    I said... He Said.....

    I Said : dude i hate this shit... everyone's parking everywhere!

    He Said :....... check that out...

    I Said : woah! motherfucker! where are their brains man...? everyone's parking like no one's business man.. no ethics... no common sense... chibai's...

    He Said : .............hahaha damn this people!

    I Said : look man! real chibaikia's.... fucking chibaikia's.. should teach them a lesson man... look somemore can drive in the wrong direction... total chibai kia's wei..

    He Said : ................... hahahah

    I Said : fuck! im going in the wrong direction man... how the fuck did i end up here?

    He Said : looks like you're the chibaikia now...

    I Said : fucker....!

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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Ringgit McSavers - New Additions...

    McD's introduced their new line of Everyday Ringgit McSavers not too long ago.. a month or so ago?... so yea.. i had to go check it out.. Prices have gone up from RM 2.50+ before to RM 3.00+ now.... still pretty reasonable i reckon... but... a big BUT... the Double Cheese burger has been removed from the Ringgit McSavers menu...! i really dont know McD's reason for doing that... cause at Rm2.50+ the Double Cheese was a real steal...! im pretty sure it was giving the ramly burger stall operators a run for their money... come on! the same thing (2 beef patties + 2 slices of cheese at the ramly burger stall would easily cost you atlease 4 bucks! which would you rather have wanker?

    but yea anyway... i was interested cause of the additional two new beef burgers... totally new items for the local market... the Beef and Egg Burger and Cheeseburger Deluxe...
    look at the brochure properly man... dont they just look so fresh.. prime.. and proper.... kinda like a turn on right.. in a beef burger turn on kinda way... admire the brochure then scroll down....

    a'ight.. this is the new packaging for the new burgers... the Beef and Egg is packaged in green... where else the Cheese Burger Deluxe is in brown... or is that orange?

    The Beef Burger and Egg.... looks bloody plain... no vege what so ever..! yea you heard me right... no tomatoes, no lettuce, no onions... could have at lease added some gherkins..! but nope.. nothing.. nana! plain ol' burger...

    Beef and Egg burger.... it's a piece of crap...! remember the brochure...? yea look at this man...! the egg was almost over cooked... everything looks like it was just dumped together.. made without giving a fuck.... tomato ketchup on the bun with a huge motherfucking dollop of mayo... they're trying to kill people man... or at lease trying to make obese people happy i reckon.. seriously they should remove this pathetic excuse for a burger from the menu...! cause it looks like crap... and definitely taste's like crap... The Mc Crap!

    Cheese Burger Deluxe.... sounds better... looks better.... well slightly... its basically a cheese burger with added veggies..... the normal stuff tomatoes, lettuce... ha! wait... actually its just tomatoes and lettuce... no gherkins again... but its alright.. cant have gherkins in everything innit..?

    Look at that....! what a freakin' mess...! it tasted alright though... cheese burgers are good.. the added veggies just helped a lil bit more... but there's too much mayo in this one as well.... again it looks like everything's been dumped together... like someone just puked their guts outs all over your burger...! yea.. go have a look at that brochure again...

    McD's please fuckers... bring back the Double Cheese burger to the McSavers Menu.... being a very very very frequent McD's customer im a deeply disappointed.... like what the fuck man! y'all could do way better than this shit... i've bought both these burgers twice and both times they were the same... so yea that was the last time im ever buying any of these again... and it clearly looks like your S.O.P's (standard operating procedures) are not being followed....

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    Brassiere Sizes....

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    Monday, May 15, 2006

    im back... its real good to be back...

    bloody rain and thunder storms... bloody good for nothing...!!! arrgghhh!

    just got home with yet another BRAND NEW DSL MODEM....! bloody lightning fried my bloody stupidshitheadofadesign modem last thursday... bloody thing didnt even last for a month...
    real stupid chibai modem! whoever designed that stupid aztech dsl usb modem .. especially the genius prickhead who thought why not make life hard for everyone and connect the port splitter at the modem instead of the telephone wall port... may you go to hell and be satan's bitch..!

    thank you..!

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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Happy Bornday Dad....!!!

    looks like we're having one of those very rare family dinner's tonight... all good though.. all good :)

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Today In History....

    Paradoxx had a bad hair day... very bad hair day... disastrous.. the worst..!

    Mr John Pemberton invents Coca-Cola.

    Paradoxx was really pissed off with his hair... really pissed off..!

    Mahatma Gandhi begins a hunger strike to protest British oppression in India.

    My friend.. Lainie Yeoh turns 23 today...
    nerd... have a wicked one ya.. :)

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    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Topless Car Wash....

    oh yeah baby...something for you wankers.... my lil treat...
    ey, and dont forget to look out for that butt crack.... enjoy! :)

    ... did you notice the butt crack....? HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!
    .... oi! put your pants back on.....!! perv....!

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    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Monday 1st may....

    This is late I know… but what the hay...besides procrastinating I’ve been busy... work' s tight now.. really cutting down on cost..I have limited staff on a very tight schedule..it’s gonna be tough… I’ve got to get down and get dirty even more now.. a lot of compromises..shorter breaks.. no breaks at all.. no more Sunday evenings off.. hai! But well gotta make the best out of what I have...

    Anyhow..this is what went down on labour day.. actually type'd it out on monday.. so yea ya know the usual excuses..

    Pretty good day...Weather wise it was terrible...muthafriggin’ hot the whole afternoon..cooled down in the evening though..
    Had to keep reminding myself it was a Monday...really felt like a Sunday..being labour day and all..everyone was off, so yea you get the flow don’t you..? I was on leave as well.. hehe.. real happy! Consider ourselves very lucky when we get leave on public holidays..we decided to close the café today… im always thankful for extra holidays..

    So yea.. last night I popped the idea of a roadtrip to Is..was looking forward to it...some shopping in penang..but got home real late last night.. or rather early this morning.. ended up waking up bout 11 am.. by this time, Is was a lil reluctant... cause it was nearing lunchtime…and it’d kinda be a rush...and tiring
    But I didn’t really mind...cause it’d only take us bout 90 mins on the highway and I’d be doing most of the driving..so hey! I said.. You just gotta sit your ass down and enjoy the ride dude.. so yea.. I picked the dude up..but I was actually up to anything..even hangin out in ipoh.. as long as It wasn’t gonna kill me with boredom.. still undecided..we agreed on starting out with lunch..again, both dumbfounded as to where to eat..

    Me: where’d you wanna eat?
    Is: where ever dude..
    Me: eeerrr… Ehsan…? its nearby
    Is: cant we go to someplace that’s not in my area?
    Me: ha! Dude! I don’t know where to go.. you tell me..

    Is: I don’t know.
    . Ehsan… Ehsan lah..
    Me: how’s bout banana leaf? At Samy?

    Is: cool.. if you don’t mind driving..

    Me: me?..driving? No problem..

    So yea..we drove all the way to chemor.. to Samy.. for banana leaf rice lunch.. we reach’d there.. and the place is packed..! there’s like people lining up..waiting for tables.. it was pass my usual lunch time..I didn’t have breakfast.. was getting edgy.. we just walked in.. stood round for bout a minute.. lady luck was on our side I suppose.. we got a table right next to where we’re standing..
    ordering was a different story all together.. they were packed.. understandable.. but everything seemed extra long to arrive at our table..
    with us not being able to speak tamil and looking like complete tourists.. very obviously from out of their little town.. first this dude cleans the table.. very quickly takes our beverage order.. we don’t even have time to decide.. order the first thing that comes to mind.. drinks arrive very quickly.. wait..wait..wait.. tak kena layan..sial!

    call this dude..he brings over a couple banana leaves.. another dude comes along and serves us the side dishes.. different types of vegetables.. wait..wait..wait still no sign of rice.. call another dude..he sends someone over to serve us rice..ok cool.. but uncool no one’s around to take our accompanying meat order..call another dude again.. order two different types of chicken and mutton dish.. they fortunately arrive in due time..

    if the food is good.. and you've enjoyed yourself.. ya havta fold the leaf towards you..


    moure... real accquired taste..

    ordered "rasem” a kind of Indian spicy herby clear soup.. and Is got himself “moure” I only know its some type of fermented yoghurt drink.. with onions.. a lot of salt and what not..I didn’t like it.. “moure” arrived very quickly.. but the ‘rasem” only arrive after I’d finish my rice.. hai! So I only took a couple of sips..

    the dessert display looked very tantalising.. well not the display.. that just looks like a tall steel cupboard, looks like it belongs in a morgue.. the sweets inside looked good.. but we were too full for anything after that.. the best lunch I’d had in a very long time.. the most filling lunch as well.. Is had to agree..
    Indian food + hot weather.. makes you very drowsy..
    Indian food + hot weather + beer = knockout..!
    I know from experience.. but it wasn’t that bad.. the food wasn’t real heavy.. it was all good..

    Is: It’d be nice to sleep now..!
    Me: that’s why your tummy’s building up..! hahah

    Me: but It’d be wicked going for a swim n
    ow.. in cold water!
    Is: you crazy.. in this weather..

    Me: hey wanna go to the driving range?
    Is: you crazy.. its hot..!
    Me: hahaha! So what..

    So from chemor..we turned left..back to ipoh.. penang was out of the plan by now.. driving range out the window as well... we headed to ipoh parade instead.. just to check out whats happening and new over there.. packed as hell…. Hadta park on the rooftop and walk under the blazing sun..! no im not a puteri lilin.. candle princess.. but seriously it was burning hot!

    Is: you know it’d be hotter in hell…
    Me: oh! So you know? You’ve been to hell?

    Is: ha! The rate we’re going, im sure they already have a place for us there…!

    Me: excuse me! What do you mean us? Im a good boy…ok! Angel.. me angel!

    Is: you..? hha!

    Me: what? Ok la.. im actually heading to a place in between.. in between heaven and hell.. so it wont be too hot or cool.. :)

    So yea.. wasn’t surprised..nothing remotely interesting in parade..although that place is like a few times bigger than kinta city..its still lame.. did end up buying a singlet though..and Is.. dude you were right.. the size fits perfectly..looks like the In thing now is stripes...everywhere we look, there’s striped shirts..which is cool by me..I heart stripe shirts...but I never buy any now..cause I don’t wear formal wear anymore..so as much as I want to.. I always don’t see the point..Is on the other hand being another stripe shirt freako.. cant seem to get enough..in the past 4 days.. we’ve been out twice.. and dude’s bought 2 stripe shirts… but its cool for him… cause he needs to dress formally to work… what I cant seem to get enough of on the other hand, is chicks in striped pants! oh god! I heart chicks in striped pants... in the words of miss Hilton..that’s hot!

    We head to kinta city after that... Decided to catch a movie… I had no idea what so ever.. on all the movie’s that were playing..was wondering what the movie’s were bout..so we’re looking bout at the posters, trying to get an idea..then we saw this...

    The Sentinel...

    What...! you thought we watched The Wild? Ha! Wankers... I’d rather stab myself in the head than go to the movies to watch a kiddie movie.. let alone with another guy..! Dude if you’re looking for a brokeback kinda story.. you’re at the wrong place mate..!

    The Sentinel..staring Michael Douglas.. Kiefer Sutherland.. the 24 dude.. Eva Longoria.. Kim Basinger. Did I mention EVA LONGORIA...? she alone would have been good enough to watch it...but it had a good cast.. it seemed like a guy enough movie.. something like the 24 tele series.. so yea impulse said watch it.. and so we did..
    It was a good movie...really entertaining...Eva Longoria was mouth watering-ly hot as usual...just like how Duff Beer or free food makes Homer Simpson drool with joy.. I don’t know bout Is.. but I didn’t drool.. I swear... not im public la.. :P

    the story line was good… not trying to spoil it but.. its bout the US secret service...the presidents security detail..a mole in the secret service in cahoots to assassinate the president.. one of their top agents being blackmailed for having an affair with the first lady.. action was real 24 like... good though...if you haven’t watched it should give go watch it already…

    I nearly… oh so nearly… lost my cool in the cinema.. there was this Indonesian couple sitting right next to me… and they never stopped bickering..loudly! On the phone.. with each other.. I was getting really pissy.. wondering why did they pay 16 bucks for a movie.. when they most likely don’t understand a word that’s being said.. ok maybe they’ll just watch the action.. whatever then.. but why the fuck in hell would they wanna pay 16 bucks to sit there and bicker with each other.. omfg! I nearly got up.. picked up the dude’s coke.. threw it at his face and yelled pukimak..tolong diam… orang bayar nak tengok wayang bukan nak dengan ‘lu bising.. cibai! Those words were right at the tip of my tongue.. I swear...
    I also imagined everyone applauding after I did that...heheheh..

    After the movie… we walk bout a lil..pop’d into MPH...got my fresh copy of Men’s Health..and we always flip thru MotorTrader to check out what new classic VW’s are for sale..

    Ended the day with a latte al fresco style at the Bean... It’s like a love hate relationship with that place...very weird and ironic ya know...and I cant believe it.. it’s been 13 months.. well almost.. since I quit the Bean... I don’t know what was on my mind but all this while until I realised it...I thought it was gonna be a year this month..then I realised april has come and gone and its freakin may already.. heh! 10th april wasn’t a pleasant day... last day of work and I didn’t even get to go to work... spent most of the day being interrogated by stupid cops trying to scare the shit out of us... didn’t succeed with me though...really unbelievable how time flies mate...even with this job its been 5 months... and I cant believe it..

    Circuit class followed by M.I. 3 awaits me later...

    So yea.. happy days wankers…

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