• Thursday, April 06, 2006

    off day....

    what off day...?

    oh! man... im muthafriggin' tired... since yesterday i've been doing this and that... meeting friends.. appointment after appointment.. its 12am now.. and i still need to pick up the pile of clothes on the floor and do the laundry... before i can go to sleep..

    it all started with lunch yesterday... met up with Shaki over lunch at Indulgence.. it's always a pleasure meeting up with Shaki... havent really sat down and spoken with each other in soo long... so yea.. it was good.. we spent a few good hours there.. she made a big deal bout me paying.. i dont know but im old skool like that.. if im out with the opposite sex its custom for the guy to pay.. shoot me! but yea im like that.. gentle-the-man mah.. is that wrong? can someone please fill me in...?
    was gonna post up a candid pic of her.. dont wanna get butcher'd though.. we both hate being in photos..

    got back home.. had a nap.. then hadta drag myself to work.. yesterday was the first day of our "new value for money set lunch"... so before lunch i went in.. briefed the staff.. put up the menu board.. printed out the new menu.. so at night i spoke to my boss, told her what i prepared.. and she was all like.. we dont need the menu.. it's waste of money.. bla bla bla.. im like wtf? its only RM1.00.. and even if we change menu's 4 times in a month.. thats only gonna cost us RM4.00 per friggin month!
    she wants place cards on the table, so customers will know we have set lunch's.. not printed.. just written out.. which i said is "Ok" but since we already have a big menu board outside.. easily visible to who ever who's passing by... it shouldnt be a prob bout customers knowing.. she's like no! no one looks at the board.. wtf? you mean to tell me no one... not a single soul would notice the board walking pass/into the cafe? i'll still get the friggin' place cards done.. cause you the boss and all..
    that old bat... really needs to chillll.... or get out from the state of mind that she is..

    back to today... got up in the morning.. went out for lunch Bablu.. childhood buddy.. quite sometime since we last met up as well.. simple chinese hawker food.. cause i had a facial appointment nearby... went for the facial..which was way good.. really relaxing and calming.. the manager of that place.. a friend.. it was her off day but she came back in just to do my face.. special sia'... she said my skin condition is kinda terrible.. removed alot of black heads.. soo many stuff applied to the face.. this crystalite thingy really burned.. but i can seriously feel the difference.. really firm...and supple.. cleaner and stuff.. i've been using the wrong products *sigh*.... i use moisteriser eveytime.. cause i had dry skin.. she said my skin is very oily from within.. but dry outside.. so how? O_o .. i'll stop with the moisteriser for a while.. use the samples she gave me.. see the effects.. i actually really wanna get rid of the scar on my left cheek.. which is gonna take some time..

    after lunch.. Bablu and i headed to jusco.. where else to go? walked about.. got my maxis line registered.. was looking for a pair of shorts.. couldnt find any cool ones.. surprisingly didnt buy anything this time.. Bablu got some face masks.... real metro.. we people.. actually really hillarious..

    got back home in the evening... had a short nap.. hadta drag myself to the gym..
    felt really tired.. still ran a couple of Km's.. did circuit class... and no i didnt feel like crap today.. we had the likes of.. Kylie's Locomotion and James Brown's I Feel Good accompanying us... so yea was in good spirits.. :D
    after circuit.. hadta rush home.. cause i had a dinner appointment with 3 college mates.. Meet up with them at Chatterbox.. this place at Greentown.. it was kinda dead.. boring place.. but quiet for chit chats.. food was ok.. portions were big.. real dirt cheap prices.. headed to Mikes Place after that.. wanted some vodka lime... but they were having some private function there.. i wasnt keen on beers.. so we took a raincheck... got home... realised i'd left this bottle of piils Shu Ee gave me.. sample of some food supliments... damn! havta go back there tomorrow..hopefully they didnt "throw" it away...

    Im listening to ABBA.. its almost 1 am... blogger's image uploader is fuckin up.... seriously i should be doing my laundry.. and going to bed now.. so yea.. cherio wankers..

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