• Sunday, April 09, 2006

    its 4 am... Tiesto is keeping me company.. i dont feel like sleeping...just yet anyway... work starts in 7 hours.. but what the hey..

    it was raining the whole night.. which was good.. work was alright.. the night started out slow.. i was kicking myself... should have just taken half the day off and attended Vanessa's party... missed all those german/swiss food.. wiener schnitzel! bratwurst and sauerkraut! rosti!... ok la im not sure if there were any german/swiss food.. im just presuming..
    most of the staff we're buggin me bout leaving early since it was quiet.. i was like "yall better zip it..im already missing a party as it is.." bloody hell im wasting my time here for you people.. cause i didnt wanna leave my team with insufficient people in case it gets busy.. so stop with the bullshit!
    true it did get busy around 10 pm.. but thanks to the rain it wasnt that bad... surprisingly time went by pretty fast as well...

    remember i was bitching bout the boss not liking my menu idea.. well, she told me to carry on with the menu's anyway.. she said it looks pretty nice.. and it'd be a waste not to use 'em.. ha! i explained the cost to her...which is dirt cheap.. and she's cool with it.. but im still gonna prepare the table place cards.. more exposure the better.. we'll be having a new set menu every week... on rotation basis.. so yea havta prepare more menus tomorrow..

    she liked the pressies... very sweet of me she says... hey! aren't i always sweet ? o_O

    A'ight cherio wankers... im gettin bored... think i'll go check out whats on the tele... or read something...

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