• Saturday, April 08, 2006

    chop..stab...kill... and a happy boithday..

    day started out real pissy yesterday... rushed to the companies registra's office thinking that they'd open at 2pm... turns out it was only gonna open at 2.45pm..! there was already a group of people waiting.. i was gettin fucking pissed.. i didnt even have breakfast or lunch.. and now i've gotta wait a good 45 mins... fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck... as i was standing about..leaning againt the giant window.. this muthafucking dont know from which village chinaman passes by and spits on the staircase... im already made to wait.. the aircond is shit.. and this muthafucking moron just did what... rage level was hittin the redline... i gave the pigfucker a real "fuck you cibai oh my god you just didnt do that!" look for a real long time.. obviously the bastard's used to it.. i just kept looking at him.. he had this "i enjoy being whacked" look.. i just held myself back from running over and kicking him in his bloody face...
    so the place finally opens... by this time theres a bigger crowd.. everyone's rushing to go in first.. like what the fuck? everyone's like real cibais.. have the courtesy to atlease let those who were there earlier go in first.. oh wait! i forgot.. its malaysia.. heh.. so i go in after the herd of cibai's have gone in.. took my number.. i had like 13 numbers infront of me.. but amazingly.. amazingly.. the staff at the counters were fast.. it just took 10 mins for my number to be called and i was out of there.. did i mention it was amazing..?!

    didnt feel like working one bit at all yesterday... i dont know why.. but work was alright.. crowd was just nice.. sales was good.. got home.. real tired.. from doing nothin at all..

    had supper..watched the tele.. just fell on bed..wanting to get a shower.. bed overpowered me.. bloody hell..! when i got up it was 6am.. im still in my work clothes... change.. go back to sleep.. next thing i know its 10.30 am.. i have bloody overslept.. rush...take a shower.. amazingly my hair is still alright.. not perfect.. but good enough... i save a good 10 mins not doing my hair.. whoever invented hair wax.. i heart you man..! wax is the best.. the bloody best thing to have ever touched my hair..

    im back home.. it was soo bloody hot.. then it looked like it was gonna rain.. its dark now..the wind was wicked earlier.. we just love the malaysian weather dont we..? nooottt! im gonna take a nap before i go back to work... it's a saturday night.. do i want it to rain the whole night or not... eeerrrmmm?

    i've been listening to ABBA's Gold - the greatest hits album... and damn! i am seriously hooked.. everytime i listen to it..especially "S.O.S." and "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" i just feel like putting on a floral print shirt with bellbottoms and running around.. its like real happyhappyjoyjoy stuff man.. if you havent checked it out yet.. by all means.. please go check it out.. you'll be dancing in joy as well.. if you dont you're a right wanker..!


    It's Vanessa's bornday in bout 7 hours...
    FRIGGIN' HUGE HAPPY BORNDAY to her... happy 17th mate...
    real sorry i cant make it tonight.. :(

    Currently Listening To: Pink - Aerosmith


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