• Thursday, March 16, 2006

    no hot... no nice...

    was sooo sleepy a lil while ago... took a hot..hot shower.. and now i dont quite feel like sleeping..yet.. my legs are burning.. just massaged some tiger balm onto 'em.. its a cool burn.. all good though.. i havent ran in so many days.. just havent had the time.. every time i've gotta rush thru some quick cardio.. weights.. at lease a 100 sit ups.. and im out of the gym in slightly more than an hour.. tomorrow's circuit class.. i've promised Lea and Nessa that i'll get my arse there.. its been so long since i last did circuit.. i just hope its still as fun as it was the last time.. no torture pls..!

    work was a lil more hectic today.. that place is like real unpredictable man.. its been quiet the past couple of days.. and boom! everyone wants to come over for dinner today.. boss is going away for a few days next week.. so she got this guy.. someone she apparently knows...to be her eyes while she's away... so yea.. im treating him as a spy.. boss introduced the bloke to me.. he was like tellin me stuff bout why he's gonna be there.. how long..bla bla bla.. then he goes like "dont worry.. im not taking over your job".. i was like wtf? dude.. im not worried! the guy seems gay.. i've heard stuff like that bout him.. dont know how true it is.. but if he ever gets too close... im so gonna fucking kick his bloody gay balls in..!

    went out for breakfast with Nessa this morning.. or last morning rather.. i've been wanting to go for tim sum or dim sum?.. (Nessa pronounces it tim sum... i think its dim sum..) and finally we managed to go for tim sum today.. i hadta drag my ass out of bed at 7 something in the morning.. dude like set 3 alarms.. and made Nessa give me a wake up call.. i did manage to wake up though.. real weird for me waking up soo early..

    we went to yoke fook... apparently that place serves the best tim sum in ipoh..
    so i was like real excited la.. im not a big breakfast person.. but tim sum is always good.. it was my first time going to yoke fook.. i never knew that place even existed.. i was a lil dissappointed with the tim sum though.. it was good.. but they weren't hot.. tim sum should be served piping hot..! got my char siew pau/bao? (roasted sweet pork filled bun) and even that was cold.. real lame.. didnt finish that.. didnt finish a few other things cause it had seafood.. i dont take seafood.. ya see...
    it would have been great if only.. they were served HOT... Nessa got double servings of mua chee.. i dont know how to explain what it is.. the first was alright.. the second one was fresh and hot.. that was excellent.. so ya get what i mean bout tim sum served hot.. come to think of it.. i actually feel like having mua chee now..
    later we headed to this parking lot... I was gonna teach Nessa how to drive.... but she'd already knew the basics.. thank god..! so it was more like..in her own words..a practise session.. we didnt have much space cause half the parking lot was occupied.. so she didnt get to explore the whole gear range of the beetle.. which is 4.. if you didnt know already..

    Nessa......being herself......

    next time around though we're gonna check out ming court.. only when we can synchronise our schedules.. to see if their tim sum is any better or hotter at lease.. then maybe we'll find a bigger or emptier parking lot so she can practise even more.. heh.. it was fun seeing her drive.. and very hillarious!.. :)

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