• Friday, March 31, 2006

    just took a friggin' HOT shower.... it's been 3 hours since i got back from the gym... the first thing most normal peepz do would be taking a bath... but no sir! no me.... i was bumming around in front of the tele... having dinner... one huge apple... Gabry orange juice... and 3 granola bars.. cookies and milk!.. granola bars rock!

    got to chit chat with dad a lil as well... which was good.. we hardly see or talk to each other.. which is kinda sad... got back the net connection today after 2 days... felt soo lost without the net... damn! that sounds nerdy.. but no i aint no neeerrdd!
    so bumb'd online... uploaded some photos.. sms's peepz.. while waiting for the laundry to be done... and finally had a shower..washed my hair as well... after eeerr... 1 week?... 2 weeks? i dont remember yo.. hair feels soo fluffy now.. wonder if its the fenugreek and rosemary shampoo i used.. and yeah! what the hell is fenugreek?

    circuit class was real awesome today... there was only like 6 of us.. which was good cause we had only 6 stations today... BUT... each station had a time limit of 8 minutes!... it was real fun.. plus the old skool techno music made it real cool.. :) my favourite today was the "skittle run" thingy.. where there were 4 skittles.. we had to run to each one and back.. then run to each one..do 5 push ups and run back.. run back to each one..do 5 sit ups and run back... real cool.. the funny thing was doing chest presses x 20 followed by 20 x push ups... ha! do you know how difficult it is to do push ups after chest presses? leg lifts.. looks bloody easy... but try doing it for 8 minutes real fast.. that was like capitol punishment.. i couldnt move my legs after that!... i was walking all weird... we always end with stretches..but i hadta bail half way thru.. i started feeling nausiated...felt like puking.. i didnt wanna hurl in the middle of class.. just hadta sit down and get some air... but all good though.. i didnt puke.. im good now.. i can feel my legs now..

    another good nights sleep tonight? i sure hope..

    blue on black..tears on a river..push on shove..dont mean much..joker on jack..match on a fire..cold on ice, a dead man's touch... forgot how much i liked this song...

    Currently Listening To : Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue on Black


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