• Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    just got back from work... im soo fucking pissy...
    its soo bloody warm.. im sweaty... im sticky... im soo fucking pissy..
    i've been sweating like an oversized hairy ape.. wait! thats just king kong innit?.. cant be that bad..
    work was a lil more hectic today... we didnt have enough staff... and the ones we had were sick.. so i had to get on the floor and run about... it's a bitch trying to control my cool.. and not just bitchslapping people..
    its still soo bloody warm.. im hungry now.. i need a shower.. i need food.. i need to chill.. but i dont feel like doing jack shit.. and yes! im still soo fucking pissy...

    ....gimme something to whack..and brake...


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