• Saturday, March 04, 2006

    its 3 am.. a few hours back i had this thought... like way genius stuff.. thought to myself..why dont i wake up 6 something in the morning then head to the gym by 7 am.. then go in to work at 11 am... it seem'd like it'd actually work out (no pun intended).. in my mind anyway.. but cant you seriously hear me laughing at myself now..?

    It totally rained freakin' sharks and pigs this evening.. real scary stuff.. i hate gettin wet..! could harldy see the road on my drive back to work..

    Hadta sit down and talk with my boss for almost an hour.. she wants me to cut down manpower costs.. she was running thru some plans for lunch and stuff with me.. idea's i can work with.. its good.. i can look forward to implementing new stuff and procedures.. i like starting/setting up something new and ensuring it works..
    I dont know if im doing the right thing.. but i got my employment contract extended for another year.. i opted for a 4 month contract with the option of extending when i started.. im pretty comfortable there.. and i feel like i can do alot more for that place.. i've got some things planned and i foresee alot more changes to come.. positively i hope..
    so yea.. i'll be staying in ipoh for another year at lease..

    Mel's (the ex) dad called today.. i was surprised... ya know thinking something was wrong.. or something happened..
    but he called to find out how i was doing... good to know that they still care.. realy thoughtful of him... i havent seem them in soo many months.. they're good people.. they treated me as family.. i do miss them..

    so yea.. i better hit the sack.... it'd really be a miracle now if i can get my arse to the gym at 7 am...


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