• Thursday, March 16, 2006

    im a friggin rainbow too....

    woah!... just had a shower... i feel super good.. just know that i'll be having a good nights sleep tonight.. i already feel like sleeping.. and its only bloody 10.30..!
    attended circuit class earlier.. and boy was it friggin good.. it was soo much fun.. reminded me of the centralised trainings i used to have during my tennis playing days.. i changed my off days just so i could attend circuit.. one decision im not regretting..
    circuit is fucking awesome.. its gonna be a routine...everyweek now..!

    i felt like the one hour went by pretty fast... Nessa said thats because i was cheating a lil... i dont think i was.. o_O first day after soo long.. i'd be better next week.. :)
    i wasnt at my optimum level today.. my calf was hurting.. i didnt warm up.. cause i didnt feel like it... cause my calf was hurting.. i just did some stretches.. then sat down and chatted with a few people.. next week havta get in earlier and warm up first.. my goal now is to increase my body mass and friggin put on 10 kg's.. as soon as possible.. im taking quite a lot of carbs now.. i hardly have rice.. so im trying to have more pasta.. 10 kg's... 10 kg's man.. thats my goal.. friggin high metabolism i have.. *sigh* well i'll also be complaining if i had too low metabolism.. *sigh* *sigh*

    i wont be going down to K.L for the F1 weekend after all... was soo looking forward to hearing Tiesto spinning live.. *sigh*... hopefully theres a next time.. even got a free ticket to the redzone event.. where ATB.. Brent Burns.. Montana and a few other dj's will be spinning.. *sigh* this is just too unfortunate.. Lain's aint going.. Is doesnt quite dig trance.. was hoping at lease Nessa would go.. but she's going on vacation with her family.. i still have the weekend off though... was thinking bout driving up to penang.. itching to do some shopping.. and today i read that British India is having a sale.. i wanna go..! i wanna go! havta call up Is.. and hopefully he is game..

    im gonna hit the sack in a lil while.. its been ages since i've slept this early.. wanna get up early tomorrow and head to the gym....
    we're having a blood pressure and urine test for everyone at work tomorrow.. so i'll havta get in early... it sure is gonna be interesting tomorrow...
    so yea..
    good night wankers..

    p/s : Spanky i'll get to doing your music meme thingy soon.. soo hard la that one..

    Currently Listening To : Every You Every Me - Placebo
    Currently Feeling : Good


    Blogger Shan said...

    Can be done la bro. Am sure you've got some good tunes to unleash onto the rest of us.

    Cheers! :D

    2:38 PM  
    Anonymous sarah said...

    dim sum with nessa and nothing funny happened while ordering? she speaking canto better now? ask her to come back for twd. and check her email. and reply with an update of what she's been up to.

    she's practically my neighbour and we're so out of touch.

    10:12 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    hi shan...
    sure it can be done.. but let me procrastinate... will get it done one day.. :)

    sarah hi..
    dim sum was funny.. hehe she still used a canto-malay fusion... i dont know where you live.. but nessa shifted places couple months back.. i think she just got a phone line.. she'll get to your mails im sure.. dont worry..

    9:16 PM  
    Anonymous sarah said...

    she just moved to my area and now lives two mins away from a cyber cafe. but she did contact me yest, so all's good =)

    6:52 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    hey sarah... oh so you live in ipg.. ya see didnt i tell ya.. :)

    2:52 PM  

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