• Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    "Boithday" Wish List.....

    what up wankers...

    This dude's turning 23 in four days.. yeah its been one year already.. freakin' unbelievable..! one year.. has brought about many changes to my life.. soo many things happened.. good.. bad.. heartbreakin' stuff.. in just 365 days.. freakin' unbelievable..!

    a'ight i'll cut the lameness and get right to the point.. Since this dude's "boithday" is round the corner.. the dude's come out with a WISHLIST.. items below are in no particular order.. so yea feel free to pick one and fed-ex it to me.. :)

    Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential..
    I've always wanted to get it.. I think someone finally should get it for me..

    Motorola RAZR V3i..I held back buying the RAZR V3 Black because of this baby.. I dont need no walkman phone homie..
    dude's just gotta be in style..!

    Dude needs his toys..
    The Sony PSP is whats happenin' now.. ya herd homie..? I can spend my 'lone time burnin' some rubber on this baby..

    Some formal and casual shirts from Raoul.. why?.. cause Raoul is luxurious.. funky.. and VERY stylo.. Us baller's gotta be in style..

    Zilla t-shirt from GMTee.. cause it's just off da hook..homie..

    Dude needs to parrrrttyyy.... dude's got things planned.. but plans dont always work.. pls make yourself free people..!!! The Lord of TRANCE himself.. DJ TIESTO will be spinnin' in Malaysia.. this is something i dont wanna miss for the world..! ya homies dont wanna be trippin' with this one..!!

    Shanon Shah's debut album Dilanda Cinta... I've heard the dude perform live.. and i've been wanting to get his album ever since.. but i cant seem to find it over here..

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