• Friday, March 31, 2006

    just took a friggin' HOT shower.... it's been 3 hours since i got back from the gym... the first thing most normal peepz do would be taking a bath... but no sir! no me.... i was bumming around in front of the tele... having dinner... one huge apple... Gabry orange juice... and 3 granola bars.. cookies and milk!.. granola bars rock!

    got to chit chat with dad a lil as well... which was good.. we hardly see or talk to each other.. which is kinda sad... got back the net connection today after 2 days... felt soo lost without the net... damn! that sounds nerdy.. but no i aint no neeerrdd!
    so bumb'd online... uploaded some photos.. sms's peepz.. while waiting for the laundry to be done... and finally had a shower..washed my hair as well... after eeerr... 1 week?... 2 weeks? i dont remember yo.. hair feels soo fluffy now.. wonder if its the fenugreek and rosemary shampoo i used.. and yeah! what the hell is fenugreek?

    circuit class was real awesome today... there was only like 6 of us.. which was good cause we had only 6 stations today... BUT... each station had a time limit of 8 minutes!... it was real fun.. plus the old skool techno music made it real cool.. :) my favourite today was the "skittle run" thingy.. where there were 4 skittles.. we had to run to each one and back.. then run to each one..do 5 push ups and run back.. run back to each one..do 5 sit ups and run back... real cool.. the funny thing was doing chest presses x 20 followed by 20 x push ups... ha! do you know how difficult it is to do push ups after chest presses? leg lifts.. looks bloody easy... but try doing it for 8 minutes real fast.. that was like capitol punishment.. i couldnt move my legs after that!... i was walking all weird... we always end with stretches..but i hadta bail half way thru.. i started feeling nausiated...felt like puking.. i didnt wanna hurl in the middle of class.. just hadta sit down and get some air... but all good though.. i didnt puke.. im good now.. i can feel my legs now..

    another good nights sleep tonight? i sure hope..

    blue on black..tears on a river..push on shove..dont mean much..joker on jack..match on a fire..cold on ice, a dead man's touch... forgot how much i liked this song...

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    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Music MeMe

    Ha...! Spanky... I finally did it... brought back a lot of memories... real pain just picking one song each.... but i did it and it was real fun as well.........

    One song... from your early childhood:
    "The Loco-Motion" by Kylie Minogue

    One song... you are associating with your first big love:
    "Used To Love You" by John Legend

    One song... which reminds you of one of your holidays:
    "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys

    One song... you like, but you have got problems confessing to:
    "Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred

    One song... which accompanied you, while you where lovesick:
    "I Get A Kick Out Of You" by Jamie Cullum

    One song... you listened to most often in your life:
    "Come As You Are" by Nirvana (during my teens)

    One song... which is your most favoured instrumental:
    "Soulfly" by Soulfly

    One song... which represents one of your most favoured bands:
    "Got The Life" by KoRn

    One song... in which you recognize yourself or through which you feel somehow understood: "Home" by Michael Buble

    One song... which reminds you to a certain occasion (and the occasion):
    "Song For You" by Michael Buble... Getting dumped by the person i loved the most.. and looking back at it.. the story of my life..

    One song... you like and which belongs to the Hip Hop / Rap genre:
    "Tequila Sunrise" by Cypress Hill

    One song... which is the best for you to relax:
    "Traffic" by Dj Tiesto

    One song... which symbolizes a great time in your life:
    "Stars" by Simply Red

    One song... which is your most favourite song at the moment:
    "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclair

    One song... which you would dedicate to your best friend/s:
    "1979" by The Smashing Pumpkins

    One song... where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it:
    "Crooked Teeth" by Death Cab For Cutie

    One song... you like because of its lyrics: "Prejudice" by Soulfly

    Shame of all nations

    What seeds do we plant in an infant's mind?
    Seeds of destruction
    And don't you trust their kind?
    This hate is deep-rooted, get rid of the weed
    Destroying the harvest
    Of peace that we need

    Shame of all nations

    We got to live in the same neighborhood
    When you take a man's life it don't mean that you're good
    Same blood runs through your veins
    Your hate proves you're insane
    See a man's face but you can't see his heart
    Don't even know him but you tear him apart
    Them kind of things, they're just killing off the Earth
    Madness, mayhem, we must desert...

    Shame of all nations
    Breeding hate, don't need no segregation

    If dirty people are all I can see
    Then in their eyes the same dirt covers me
    Take off the blindfold, it's time to enlighten
    Come out of the wickedness, step out of the night
    One man's agony is another man's joy
    For self satisfaction we're prepared to destroy
    One man, one earth and one destiny
    To kill Satan and give God the glory...

    Shame of a nation
    Breeding hate, dont cause annihilation

    For real...

    One song... you like very much and which is not in english:
    "Aaja Nachle" Bally Sagoo

    One song... which helps you to work off / work out:
    -Work off : "Eye For An Eye" by Soulfly

    -Work out : "Rollin'" (Urban Assault) by Limp Bizkit

    One song... which should be played on your funeral:
    "Time Of Your Life" by Greenday

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    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    im a friggin rainbow too....

    woah!... just had a shower... i feel super good.. just know that i'll be having a good nights sleep tonight.. i already feel like sleeping.. and its only bloody 10.30..!
    attended circuit class earlier.. and boy was it friggin good.. it was soo much fun.. reminded me of the centralised trainings i used to have during my tennis playing days.. i changed my off days just so i could attend circuit.. one decision im not regretting..
    circuit is fucking awesome.. its gonna be a routine...everyweek now..!

    i felt like the one hour went by pretty fast... Nessa said thats because i was cheating a lil... i dont think i was.. o_O first day after soo long.. i'd be better next week.. :)
    i wasnt at my optimum level today.. my calf was hurting.. i didnt warm up.. cause i didnt feel like it... cause my calf was hurting.. i just did some stretches.. then sat down and chatted with a few people.. next week havta get in earlier and warm up first.. my goal now is to increase my body mass and friggin put on 10 kg's.. as soon as possible.. im taking quite a lot of carbs now.. i hardly have rice.. so im trying to have more pasta.. 10 kg's... 10 kg's man.. thats my goal.. friggin high metabolism i have.. *sigh* well i'll also be complaining if i had too low metabolism.. *sigh* *sigh*

    i wont be going down to K.L for the F1 weekend after all... was soo looking forward to hearing Tiesto spinning live.. *sigh*... hopefully theres a next time.. even got a free ticket to the redzone event.. where ATB.. Brent Burns.. Montana and a few other dj's will be spinning.. *sigh* this is just too unfortunate.. Lain's aint going.. Is doesnt quite dig trance.. was hoping at lease Nessa would go.. but she's going on vacation with her family.. i still have the weekend off though... was thinking bout driving up to penang.. itching to do some shopping.. and today i read that British India is having a sale.. i wanna go..! i wanna go! havta call up Is.. and hopefully he is game..

    im gonna hit the sack in a lil while.. its been ages since i've slept this early.. wanna get up early tomorrow and head to the gym....
    we're having a blood pressure and urine test for everyone at work tomorrow.. so i'll havta get in early... it sure is gonna be interesting tomorrow...
    so yea..
    good night wankers..

    p/s : Spanky i'll get to doing your music meme thingy soon.. soo hard la that one..

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    no hot... no nice...

    was sooo sleepy a lil while ago... took a hot..hot shower.. and now i dont quite feel like sleeping..yet.. my legs are burning.. just massaged some tiger balm onto 'em.. its a cool burn.. all good though.. i havent ran in so many days.. just havent had the time.. every time i've gotta rush thru some quick cardio.. weights.. at lease a 100 sit ups.. and im out of the gym in slightly more than an hour.. tomorrow's circuit class.. i've promised Lea and Nessa that i'll get my arse there.. its been so long since i last did circuit.. i just hope its still as fun as it was the last time.. no torture pls..!

    work was a lil more hectic today.. that place is like real unpredictable man.. its been quiet the past couple of days.. and boom! everyone wants to come over for dinner today.. boss is going away for a few days next week.. so she got this guy.. someone she apparently knows...to be her eyes while she's away... so yea.. im treating him as a spy.. boss introduced the bloke to me.. he was like tellin me stuff bout why he's gonna be there.. how long..bla bla bla.. then he goes like "dont worry.. im not taking over your job".. i was like wtf? dude.. im not worried! the guy seems gay.. i've heard stuff like that bout him.. dont know how true it is.. but if he ever gets too close... im so gonna fucking kick his bloody gay balls in..!

    went out for breakfast with Nessa this morning.. or last morning rather.. i've been wanting to go for tim sum or dim sum?.. (Nessa pronounces it tim sum... i think its dim sum..) and finally we managed to go for tim sum today.. i hadta drag my ass out of bed at 7 something in the morning.. dude like set 3 alarms.. and made Nessa give me a wake up call.. i did manage to wake up though.. real weird for me waking up soo early..

    we went to yoke fook... apparently that place serves the best tim sum in ipoh..
    so i was like real excited la.. im not a big breakfast person.. but tim sum is always good.. it was my first time going to yoke fook.. i never knew that place even existed.. i was a lil dissappointed with the tim sum though.. it was good.. but they weren't hot.. tim sum should be served piping hot..! got my char siew pau/bao? (roasted sweet pork filled bun) and even that was cold.. real lame.. didnt finish that.. didnt finish a few other things cause it had seafood.. i dont take seafood.. ya see...
    it would have been great if only.. they were served HOT... Nessa got double servings of mua chee.. i dont know how to explain what it is.. the first was alright.. the second one was fresh and hot.. that was excellent.. so ya get what i mean bout tim sum served hot.. come to think of it.. i actually feel like having mua chee now..
    later we headed to this parking lot... I was gonna teach Nessa how to drive.... but she'd already knew the basics.. thank god..! so it was more like..in her own words..a practise session.. we didnt have much space cause half the parking lot was occupied.. so she didnt get to explore the whole gear range of the beetle.. which is 4.. if you didnt know already..

    Nessa......being herself......

    next time around though we're gonna check out ming court.. only when we can synchronise our schedules.. to see if their tim sum is any better or hotter at lease.. then maybe we'll find a bigger or emptier parking lot so she can practise even more.. heh.. it was fun seeing her drive.. and very hillarious!.. :)

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    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    just got back from work... im soo fucking pissy...
    its soo bloody warm.. im sweaty... im sticky... im soo fucking pissy..
    i've been sweating like an oversized hairy ape.. wait! thats just king kong innit?.. cant be that bad..
    work was a lil more hectic today... we didnt have enough staff... and the ones we had were sick.. so i had to get on the floor and run about... it's a bitch trying to control my cool.. and not just bitchslapping people..
    its still soo bloody warm.. im hungry now.. i need a shower.. i need food.. i need to chill.. but i dont feel like doing jack shit.. and yes! im still soo fucking pissy...

    ....gimme something to whack..and brake...

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    paradoxx.... got wasted....

    s'up wankers.. how y'all doin..?
    i know i've been a procrastinating bum and all.. there were soo many things to update on.. but everytime i plan to..or i try to.. im either too bumb'd out for anything or i feel the lost of inspiration to write.. excuses..excuses.. uh huh.. bite me!

    Just got back from hangin out with Is and a few more of our (ex) staff from coffee bean.. Sundays we like to hang out at Kamela/Camela..(?) damn i forgot the spelling.. anywho.. however ya spell that place is a cigar shop.. and they have this cigar room which is nice to hang out at.. we lucky bastards dudes get to hang out there cause the peepz incharge or the outlet are 2 of our former staffs.. very nice... and might i say exclusive place to hang out.. and watch the crowds at Kinta City... Did a lil shopping as well.. as usual nothin remotely great at JJ/Kinta City... but i managed to find a pretty cool shirt for 50% off at Padini Authentics...

    chillin out @ the cigar room...

    Is was telling me... that his mom was asking him whether we're having a support group or something.. since we're always meeting up... we're both single and available now remember.. also something bout his mom asking him why he's spending a lot of time with guys now and he doesnt wanna meet up with girls he's mom tries to intro.. hahaha! to make things a lil more edgier.. the dude bought the Brokeback Mountain dvd and watched it with his parents and sibling.. WITHOUT knowing the movie was bout 2 gay cowboys! I hope his mom doesnt start questioning me if bout gay issues nextime i go over or call the dude...!

    a'ight so y'all remember... a week ago was my boithday.. yeah its come and gone.. but boy oh boy was is a helluva weird one..

    well it all started on sunday the 5th of march.. we had a big..big lunch at work.. one of the kitchen staff made us soooo much pasta.... it was frightening to even look at..!
    so we all gathered.. well most of us anyway.. to have lunch.. and tried very hard to finish the pasta.. awi and i were the ones left mercilessly trying to clean the plates.. after all those carbs.. everyone was just looking for a bed.. if only..! since it was quiet since brunch.. i just took half the day off and headed back home.. for some shut eye.. but very much in anticipation for dinner later at night..

    Yummy!... carrbbbsss...

    i'd planned to have a lil get together at the Old Andersonian Club.. its a cozy lil clubhouse at my alma mater that serves kick ass north indian cuisine.. but after all those carbs and the nice evening nap... i didnt feel like having north indian food no more.. so i called up Indulgence and booked a table..
    called the dudes and dudets regarding the change of plans.. Shu Ee couldnt make it cause she was tied up with something.. ok nevermind.. she'd already told me beforehand that her schedule was lil tight.. Vanessa had just got back from work and unfortunately she wasnt feelin too well.. i could hear it in her voice.. so i didnt wanna force her.. so it looked like i was left with Is and Jai-boy..

    So to Indulgence we went.. it was a lil crowded.. ya know being a sunday night and all.. the tables were a lil too close to each other for comfort.. a lil closer and we'd all be like one big happy family.. I brought a long a couple bottles of wine.. an aussie cab sav and a chiliean sauvignon blanc.. we ended up opening the cab sav.. i was actually looking forward to opening the sauvignon blanc cause the bottle's been kept for soo long.. the cab sav was "ok"... it was too warm at first.. it tasted a lil off.. we should have decanted it.. but i think we're just too involved in conversation.. we chilled it after that.. it was better but still not quite right.. but by that time i'd already had a couple of glasses so it didnt matter anymore.. :)

    We ate... chit chatted.. the food was AWESOME..! thanks Julie for the awesome food.. Julie's the owner of Indulgence in case ya didnt know.. by dessert time i was already tipsy.. the cab sav had a real fucking kick.. normal cab sav's have bout 13% of alcohol.. this one had 15%.. pretty strong for a cab sav.. i was wobbly going to the washroom... i was like holy crap.. this shit is strong.. holy crap.. it's still early... hahaha..
    we left Indulgence about 11... wobble myself to the cashier to settle the bill... eye sight a lil blur..

    Discovery (chicken & ham) salad....

    I had the angus rib-eye.....

    Jai-boy had the lamb tenderloin...

    Is had the salmon....

    walking to the car.. im a lil less blur now.. we decided to hang out at the DNA Plaza next.. chillout with some Heineken and the live band.. The way there we're driving like insane clown's... Is started it.. he just came flying from the back and i started chasing him.. peepz must have been like wtf are these 2 beetles trying to do.. i know.. i know i was already tipsy.. but it was a spur of a moment thingy..

    so at DNA.. Jai-boy knows the vocalist from the life band.. the dude comes over..chats with us and stuff.. a while later.. he calls out my name.. i didnt hear him at first.. he calls a couple more times.. trying to get my attention.. Is is like dude he's callin you.. im like wtf..? so i just wave my hand.. then he announces to the crowd that its my birthday and starts to sing me a birthday song.. that was real cool of him.. eventhough my birthday was like 30 mins away..

    Our friend... Mr. Heineken....

    The live band dude...

    clock hits 12.. Mel calls to wish me and stuff.. thought i'd get more calls but nope.. soo we finished up our beer.. and decided to go for karaoke.. E-box karaoke just so happen'd to be at DNA plaza.... it was my first time going to E-box.. heck! it was my first time karaoke-ing..!!

    Karaoke room... lil dodgy lookin at it now...

    Is and jai-boy on "stone" mode...

    ok by this time i was already 70% tipsy.. we got a room.. got more beer... i only remember singing a couple of songs.. the rest is a real blur.. the song i remember the most is "pretty fly for a white guy"... going to the washroom i was wayyyy wobbly.. on my way out i walked into the ladies washroom.. and i was like woah! this aint the right way out.. dude! that stupid place had no doors.. i got lost trying to find our room which was room 27.. i remember cause Is made sure he pointed me the number on the door before i left for the washroom.. the place is like a fuckin maze.. dont blame a tipsy person.. karaoke ended soo fast cause they were closing up.. we couldnt extend.. lame ipoh... arrgghhh!

    still not in the mood to head back home.. i persuaded the guys to hit the mamak shop.. the place we always go to after gettin intoxicated.. for the customary 'limau ais".... Jai-boy left after a while.. Is and i decided to leave after a while.. i was fucking out by this time.. but i didnt feel like puking..surprisingly.. fumbled with the keys for a while.. dropped them a couple of times.. ya know.. i only remember driving to the end of the row of shops and turning right.. after that i do not remember how the hell i drove home.. i cant remember what way i took or how i reached home.. its been a week now.. and im still trying to recall how the hell i drove home.. but i cant! real freaky man.. i did manage to park my car straight though.. o_O i remember fumbling my way in.. remember seeing my mom.. she was waiting to wish me i guess.. remember tellin her "im ok"... aint that a common vocab with all drunks? entered my room and just fell on my bed..

    the next thing i know its 8 in the morning.. my head hurts and im still in yesterdays clothes.. jeans.. watch.. ear studs.. everything.. i change and go back to sleep.. wake up a few hours later.. had a cold shower.. a while later i started to puke.. it was just alot of clear liquid.. lay'd down somemore.. got up for lunch.. all my joints were aching.. my arms were hurting.. had a lil noodles in soup.. lay'd down somemore.. a while later i hurled lunch out as well.. i knew then i hadta skip work.. visited the doctor.. the dude said.. i had too much to drink and i hurt my tummy.. i have a history of tummy/gastro problems.. thus my tummy is very fragile..
    i felt like shit the whole day.. on my birthday.. all i could do was lay down.. my lil twin nieces came over.. and i didnt even see them.. it was their birthday too.. we share the same birthday..
    i know it was the wine.... it had real strong tannins.... and i guess it was just too acidy.... damn you wine...! i slept soo much i even missed the 2nd season premier of Lost.... damnit..!

    i spent a lot of money that night.. ended up sick the next day.. suffering from lost of memory... but it was all good though.. i had my friends with me.. and we had a good time.. guess my dad's pissed with me.. cause i got home real drunk and wobbly and shit... he didnt wish me.. maybe he was waiting up and i didnt notice him... that dissapointed me.. also discovered today that i scracthed the glass on the my new Nike watch... like how the fuck did that happen? i've only used the freakin watch twice!.. mom wants me to promise her that i'd stay away from alcohol... eeerrrmmmm though luck..! i told her.. but i'd be more caucious now..

    real sick..expensive..weirdo birthday dude.. oh! and thank you aunt serada for the motorola v600...real nice..! thank you jai-boy for the oversized whisky glass.. which i might turn into a lil a aquarium..

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    its 3 am.. a few hours back i had this thought... like way genius stuff.. thought to myself..why dont i wake up 6 something in the morning then head to the gym by 7 am.. then go in to work at 11 am... it seem'd like it'd actually work out (no pun intended).. in my mind anyway.. but cant you seriously hear me laughing at myself now..?

    It totally rained freakin' sharks and pigs this evening.. real scary stuff.. i hate gettin wet..! could harldy see the road on my drive back to work..

    Hadta sit down and talk with my boss for almost an hour.. she wants me to cut down manpower costs.. she was running thru some plans for lunch and stuff with me.. idea's i can work with.. its good.. i can look forward to implementing new stuff and procedures.. i like starting/setting up something new and ensuring it works..
    I dont know if im doing the right thing.. but i got my employment contract extended for another year.. i opted for a 4 month contract with the option of extending when i started.. im pretty comfortable there.. and i feel like i can do alot more for that place.. i've got some things planned and i foresee alot more changes to come.. positively i hope..
    so yea.. i'll be staying in ipoh for another year at lease..

    Mel's (the ex) dad called today.. i was surprised... ya know thinking something was wrong.. or something happened..
    but he called to find out how i was doing... good to know that they still care.. realy thoughtful of him... i havent seem them in soo many months.. they're good people.. they treated me as family.. i do miss them..

    so yea.. i better hit the sack.... it'd really be a miracle now if i can get my arse to the gym at 7 am...

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    im a lil intoxicated.. and no! it aint a bad thing.. im happy when im intoxicated.. happy = good.. or whatever crap way we like to justify our intoxication..
    ya see i was having a McD's chicken burger for lunch and i decided to pair it with a glass of sauvignon blanc.. sauvignon blanc being one of my favourites.. i ended up having 'bout half a bottle..
    the weather's not helping as well.. i just wanna sleeppp... i havta get back to work in less than 4 hours..

    ya know..one starts to realise weird things when one's intoxicated... like why does my lip balm taste like antibiotics? o_O

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    "Boithday" Wish List.....

    what up wankers...

    This dude's turning 23 in four days.. yeah its been one year already.. freakin' unbelievable..! one year.. has brought about many changes to my life.. soo many things happened.. good.. bad.. heartbreakin' stuff.. in just 365 days.. freakin' unbelievable..!

    a'ight i'll cut the lameness and get right to the point.. Since this dude's "boithday" is round the corner.. the dude's come out with a WISHLIST.. items below are in no particular order.. so yea feel free to pick one and fed-ex it to me.. :)

    Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential..
    I've always wanted to get it.. I think someone finally should get it for me..

    Motorola RAZR V3i..I held back buying the RAZR V3 Black because of this baby.. I dont need no walkman phone homie..
    dude's just gotta be in style..!

    Dude needs his toys..
    The Sony PSP is whats happenin' now.. ya herd homie..? I can spend my 'lone time burnin' some rubber on this baby..

    Some formal and casual shirts from Raoul.. why?.. cause Raoul is luxurious.. funky.. and VERY stylo.. Us baller's gotta be in style..

    Zilla t-shirt from GMTee.. cause it's just off da hook..homie..

    Dude needs to parrrrttyyy.... dude's got things planned.. but plans dont always work.. pls make yourself free people..!!! The Lord of TRANCE himself.. DJ TIESTO will be spinnin' in Malaysia.. this is something i dont wanna miss for the world..! ya homies dont wanna be trippin' with this one..!!

    Shanon Shah's debut album Dilanda Cinta... I've heard the dude perform live.. and i've been wanting to get his album ever since.. but i cant seem to find it over here..

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