• Thursday, February 23, 2006

    What do you call 'em Bai's...?

    its time for some Bai jokes..
    why wankers?...cause we cant get enough of 'em...

    • 0. Who is the only Singh?
    Jaswant Singh
    • 1. A SINGH who is sailor?
    Karpal Singh
    • 2. A SINGH who attends a chinese wedding party?
    Yam Singh
    • 3. A SINGH who is digging a hole?
    Menggali Singh
    • 4. A SINGH who likes to slap people?
    Tau Ba Singh
    • 5. A SINGH who is a gangster?
    • 6. A SINGH who is lost?
    • 7. A SINGH who is noisy?
    • 8. A SINGH who likes herbs?
    Gin Singh
    • 9. A SINGH who kills people?
    • 10. A SINGH with one ball?
    Balwant Singh
    • 11. A SINGH with two balls?
    Balan Singh(as in balancing)
    • 12. A SINGH with three balls?
    AMAZING !!!!!!
    • 13. A SINGH who is swimming in an iced pool?
    Kuldip Singh
    • 14. A SINGH who likes to drink soya bean milk?
    Yeoh Hup Singh
    • 15. What do you call a Singh who owns a ship that sank?
    No lah, not Titanic Singh. He's Karam Singh
    • 16. What do you call a Singh who was sacked from the national hockey team?
    Relax Singh
    • 17. What do you call a Singh who is a lousy Singh?
    Owtar Singh
    • 18. What do you call a Singh who likes roundabouts?
    Pu Singh
    • 19. What do you call a Singh who is a three-star general?
    Sam Lap Singh (cantonese)
    • 20. What do you call a Singh who is flying around on a broom?
    Sow pah Singh (cantonese)
    • 21. If the Sikhs were to succeed in forming their own country, what will they call their currency?
    Mata Wang Ah Singh

    *Chillax people.. No harm or disrespect meant to the Sikhs/Punjabis/Bai's*

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    can't you be more original??? and using words such as wankers n chillax? urghh.... wannabes

    9:37 AM  
    Blogger Shan said...

    Hi Paradoxx - ignore the Anon. Using a word like Wannabe? Please that's so mid-1990s. Sounds like a Spice Girl fan to me.
    I like words like Wanker.
    And Bai jokes are always funny no matter how many times I hear em!

    10:23 AM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    wooo!...anonymous real "original" mate..! *two tumbs up*

    Hi Shan.. yeah mate bai jokes are ALWAYS funny no mattter how many times we've heard 'em..! :)

    3:50 PM  

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