• Saturday, February 25, 2006

    lookie what i got here...

    After 'bout 3 weeks the postman finally delivered the package i've been waiting for.. i actually gave up hope.. thinking that the order request didnt go thru... it did go thru but unfortunately someone wasnt taking their job too seriously!... or maybe they just hadta wait for stock.. o_O anywho..

    I used 8000 of my credit card reward points to redeem a watch... yes! a watch.. you head it right the first time!... a Nike Triax Fly.. well i also had to top up RM 100... but a 100 bucks aint much for a Nike watch.. pretty sweet deal i reckon.. yes?.. no? ... eeerrr whatever!... moving on...

    I was actually eyeing a dress watch.. something more suave and formal.. there was one from Guess? and another from Nautica that i really liked... but since my Adidas watch is kinda in not-too-good-shape..what with the strap fucked up and all.. i thought what the heck.. I'll have this Nike for daily use.. work.. gym and stuff.. then i'll be able to send the Adidas watch for servicing which will take 3 weeks.. can you believe it.. 3 bloody weeks to service a watch, cause they havta send it back to kay-el and shit like that.. i never could understand the logic behind that...

    Soooo...The Triax Fly aint all that fancy... they only had it in obsidian (blue).. i would have totally prefered the one in black.. the black is just soo sweet..! one thing for sure, Nike's watch strap is way better than the Adidas.. but the Adidas has cooler buttons.. function wise they're both the same..with 2 alarms.. chrono..training/lap timer thingy.. stuff like that ya know.. oh..and the Triax has a way cooler backlight..

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