• Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    Tea at Indulgence...

    a'ight.. remember i was supposed to take my mom and aunt out for high tea..
    yea..? so we went to Indulgence.. This was the first time we were dining at the new Indulgence since it opened a couple of months back..

    The place is alright...its interesting..looks big..something like an english cottage (?).. there are a few rooms.. for private functions.. i noticed one was like a little wine lounge.. the dining room itsels isnt very big.. maybe 50 to 60 pax at the current set up.. the deco though has mixed elements.. something like a modern contemporary meeting some classical styles.. its kinda weird.. you look at the bar for instance and it strikes you as very modern and when you look at certain tables you get the classical elements.. does that make sense..? ok what ever.. the food's the most important thing innit..

    Indulgence dining room.. shaky pic cause i had to snap it discreetly..

    Since it was tea time.. we decided to have some sandwiches.. mom and aunt got a chicken on ciabatta sandwich... i on the other hand opted for the bagel beef pepperoni.. we've never tried the sandwiches at Indulgence.. and what a surprise we got.. the sandwiches were HUGE.. except for the bagel..

    The bagel with beef pepperoni was good.. i could tell all the ingredients were very fresh.. the bagel had a very awesome texture.. all the ingredients complimented each other.. nothing overpowered the other..

    Ciabatta chicken sandwich...

    The chicken on ciabatta was equally good as well.. once again all the ingredients were very fresh.. the ciabatta was well spiced and very soft.. im accustomed to ciabatta's being a lil firmer.. but its good though.. fresh bread is always good! the chicken was good.. fat free.. but with some skin though.. cause it looked like it was a chinese style roast.. i could be wrong though.. the fresh vege's (the lettuce look exactly like the ones used at CBTL), mustard, chicken, and ciabatta complimented each other.. nothing seemed out of place.. My mom and aunt couldnt finish theirs, so we had them pack it up.. for my dinner.. :)

    Mom and aunt enjoyed their Teh Tarik.. it was RM 6 per serving.. which i think is totally ridiculous.. but they enjoyed it soo much..they couldnt stop talking bout it.. My complaint was the iced lemon tea.. totally not worth it cause its the ready made lipton/nestle type.. Im soo used to homemade iced lemon tea ya see..

    i didnt take much photos.. cause the girl who served us.. recognised me from where i work at.. we're direct competitors with Indulgence.. so i didnt wanna look like i was spying or something..


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