• Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Kitty the kat..

    I never expected my aunt to stay over for over a couple of days.. but who knew.. she's been here for over two weeks.. no im not complaining.. it's cool having her around.. she keeps my mom occupied..she cooks good food.. she's nice company.. it be kinda weird once she leaves though, after having her here for soo long..
    The funniest thing happened last week..

    I actually spotted a lil cat (its bigger than kitten) on the wall surrounding our house.. i have no bloody idea how it got there in the first place...so i was trying to push it down the wall with a rake..trying to save it from DEATH!.. DEATH! being my two dogs... but the lil bugger refused to budge.. then i realised there's a drain surrounding the wall and the cat falling into the drain would be bad as well.. i was trying to get my dogs to scare the cat away..but those bloody dogs were just acting dumb and were ignoring me.. everytime they see a cat they go crazy.. on a few occasions we've found dead cats with holes in their throats in our garden... but this time they were like angels retards... spastic dogs!
    I eventually gave up and told the cat that if he/she is smart enough he/she wouldnt jump into the compound..

    Later in the evening when i got home.. i could hear cat noises.. and to my horror the bloody cat's in my house.. making himself/herself comfortable.. My aunt being the animal lover that she is brought in the lil bugger..! we had it for a few days.. it lived at the back of the house at the laundry area.. and eeeewww.. i didnt like the cat.. and DEATH! the dogs never paid any attention to it.. i am still dumbfucked as to why?
    Aunt's plan was to send it away...but everyone was procrastinating.. i had no intention of touching the cat at all.. On the day my aunt sent it off (i dont know where to though) she took it out to the garden....

    The cat looks bloody fake here...

    ....and when the cat saw the two dogs it ran up our rambutan tree...! it was just hilarious man cause the dogs weren't bothered with it.. but then it made itself comfortable on the tree.. now i wonder how they got it down... o_O

    The other day at work.. someone brought a snake.. a baby python... for real.. i shit you not..! it was my first time being around a snake.. the one's in zoo's and stuff well thats a diffrent story.. but yeah, the python was preety cool man.. you'd naturally expect a snake to be frightening and shit.. but this one was pretty timid... i got the chance to touch and stroke it as well.. its not scary at all.. it feels real rubbery..

    ...i dont know whats the best way to describe it.. but the only way i could think of.. its like holding an erect penis.. LOL (?) serious wei! the firmness and texture of it is almost similar.. just that its a lil rubbery :)..

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    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    oooh! that python looks cool


    12:58 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    haha i know..
    was surprised as well at how cool it was..
    made me wanna go get one myself.. but then i imagined my dear mom freakin out..! lol..

    2:59 AM  

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