• Friday, January 27, 2006

    Island Chillout....

    I am soo muthafriggin deprived of sleep.. my body's telling me to just hit the sack but my mind is saying.. whats the use.. you're just gonna toss and turn.. it's gonna take you an hour before you fall asleep.. bla bla tra bla lala..

    Yesterday i met with Is.. we met up at 9 for dinner at Movenpeak... all of a sudden it decided to rain last night.. i totally hated it.. getting wet and all.. so we were having dinner.. and the question of what we're gonna do next popped up..
    Me: Jo.. lets do something crazy.. i wanna do something crazy!.....lets go to K.L!
    Is: a'ights.. but what you wanna do there?
    Me: what ever just take a drive.. Bangsar.. Sri Hartamas.. what ever..
    Is: ok.. *looks at time* do you think they'll still be open when we arrive?
    Me: gimme a sec.. *calls Lains*... i wanted to know if it was raining in K.L .. and what time stuff normally closes on a wednesday.. *BUT lains who was supposed to be in K.L was in ipoh.. o_O
    Me: ok think Is.. Genting? Johor *Eden duty free*? *starts estimating time*
    Is: you crazy man.. what you wanna do in genting? lets go for the taiping zoo night safari..
    Me: LOL! whatever if they're open.. whatever we go..
    Is: Lets just go to penang..
    Me: Penang.. too common la.. i wanna go to the Asian Heritage Row.. what you wanna do in Penang?
    Is: hang out at the beach.. whatever..

    so yeah.. we finally just got into my car.. and started driving.. tried callin Lains.. maybe if she'd like to follow us.. the more the merrier aint it? .. but she never answered.. she was busy with Nessa's new house warming thingy..

    We took May (my beetle).. have never driven her that far before.. so it was kinda cool and scary at the same time.. cause if she broke down.. it'd be really frustrating and EXPENSIVE!! but it was all good though.. May held up.. she was excellent.. im happy.. she proved herself :)

    anywho.. we reached Penang at midnight.. got lost a lil in town.. eventually found our way to Gurney Drive.. yeah! and you'd expect me to know exactly where im going in Penang after all these years.. the thing with Penang is one wrong turn and boom! ya havta go another round.. turn here turn there.. blaaahh! i thought of hanging out at SoHo.. or Shamrock.. or S.S.. those places were happening.. but Is didnt wanna drink.. smart.. cause ya know we hadta drive back..

    we parked right next to Gurney Hotel.. hadta give this bugger 3 bucks.. as if his mother owns the parking lot.. hate those muthafuckers..they're everywhere in Penang.. but rather pay 3 bucks then get May vandalised.. so yeah.. we walked a bit beside Gurney Hotel (Gurney walk?).. checking out where to hang out..

    May parked at Gurney (walk?)

    Is didnt wanna drink.. we're wearing shorts.. me with my indian flip flops.. :) so obviously we couldnt get in Mambo and Chillout.. starbucks was closing..

    Chillout right next to CBTL

    god! it just had to happen to us.. we ended up at CBTL.. friggin Coffee Bean..! asked the cashier if we could still seat outside.. they were closing but he said "yes".. after bout 10 mins this guy comes and says they're closing up.. muthafucka! we drove all the way.. ended up at Coffee Bean.. how lame.. and now we're chased away.. so we took our drinks..crossed the road and sat along the sea.. it was cool.. quiet..breezy.. talk talk talk..
    walked up and down Gurney Drive.. decided to leave Gurney at 3am.. went back to check out Shamrock..SoHo..S.S... it was still happening!. you can never get that in ipoh wei..

    we get on the highway bout 3.30am.. me being tired.. sleepy.. wishing ipoh was nearer.. Is is sleeping.. music keeping me company.. Nirvana Unplugged in New York..
    road is soo quiet.. lonely.. chilly.. misty.. terrible smells at certain places!
    Is is like let me know when you need me to drive.. *snore snoooorree snooorree* tch! wanted to let him take over half way but thought to myself if he takes over im gonna sleep.. and what if he falls back a sleep while driving o_O...

    5am we finally reach home.. sent Is to Movenpeak to collect his car.. its been 19 hours since i got up.. 5.30am i finally get to sleep.. it didnt last long though.. woke up at 10.30 am all of a sudden.. miracle i tell you.. cause i didnt hear the alarm.. work stars at 11! rush.. soo tired.. soo sleepy.. get into work.. boss calls.. complaining that the staff didnt switch off the aircond when closing last night.. this and that.. damn woman! seriously i didnt need that.. then this punjabi guy with turban and all.. soo from India.. comes looking for the person in-charge.. apparently he's some fortune teller.. showed me his card thingy.. before i could say anything he starts telling me stuff.. all the while looking into my eyes.. some stuff kinda relates to me.. like you have many plans but you're not doing anything towards them.. you have a very open heart... then he goes like i see your face.. i have a good feeling.. i see triple happiness coming to you this year.. then he aske's for my name.. thats when i tell him im sorry i have work to do..and so he leaves... which leaves me freaked out... up till now..

    followed 3 of our cooks for a food handling course in the afternoon.. hadta drag myself there.. felt weird.. felt like college.. havent been in a classroom environment in soo long.. eyes feeling soo heavy... eyes watering.. gaaahh! must stay awake.. after 3 hours we had a test... stupidest test ever.. if anyone failed that..they should just.. ahhh! nevermind its just too much effort for nothing..

    went back to work place.. hangout for a lil.. came home.. got my gym bag.. headed to the gym.. driving there.. one part of me just kept telling me to turn around..turn around.. go home.. sleepppp.. i would have ... but missed my workout yesterday didnt wanna miss it again today..
    was supposed to meet up with Is later for Jet Li's Fearless.. think he got held up at work.. thought i could just go back and sleep.. but then Jai calls.. inviting me for a drink.. met up with him.. was forced to have a beer.. talk talk talk.. now im back home..waiting to get some shut eye..

    aight.. noticed in the washroom at the highway rest area.. why do they need to number the urinals? like wtf? "i pee'd at urinal 1.. which urinal did you pee at?" seriously wtf ?


    Blogger Vanessa said...

    GOD i wish i had more spontaneous people like you around...my life revolves around BORING people that never wanna do anything crazy...anyways, cool post =)

    2:33 AM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    haha.. my life's pretty boring and routine as well..
    i like being spontaneous though, its way fun than planning in advance :)

    11:45 PM  

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