• Friday, January 06, 2006

    im havin it like that..

    its 12 pm.. just woke up a lil while ago.. darnit! i cant seem to wake up early anymore.. i used to be able to wake up bout 9 am.. now i always get up bout 8+am snooze the alarm..close my eyes.. and boom! its 11+ am..
    im sitting here waiting for my neem mask to dry up.. im masking my face cause i piggiely didnt take a bath last night.. just laid down in bed and fell a sleep.. was going to shower but i thought i'll lay down for 5 mins first.. fully aware that if i laid down 5 minutes will never happen and it'll be the next morning when i wake up.. the bed took the best of me.. 12.30 am i feel my bed vibrating.. open my eyes in amazement.. message from Lains.. replying to a comment i left on her blog.. by the way woman, whats "spen"?... so luckly the vibration woke me up.. changed into shorts..back to sleep.. got up in the morning..
    Got the i.dont.feel.working.today vibes.. so im not going to work today...thehehehhe.. well in my defence besides i.dont.feel.like.working.today... the crowd's been slow..they'll be able to handle.. save cost on one person(me).. i got a public holiday to claim (might as well use it today).. and *jengjengjeng* my responsibilities only start next week.. so yea its pretty justified.. :) besides i could do other things with my free time today..

    plan i want to give the dogs a bath.. change my bedsheet.. a have a couple here but i dont know which is fresh and which is not.. wanted to take my mom and aunt out for nasi kandar.. but apparently my aunt wants to cook.. she's a good cook so it's alright.. she said i could take her out for high tea though.. i'll havta decide where to take them.. and then i'll be able to spend a few hours at the gym..
    oh.. maybe we'll go check out ARCO..the new furniture/homestyle store.. Ikea wanna be?

    anywho.. i gotta go wash this mask off.. scrub my face..take a hot shower..shave.. no wait! i think i'd better wash the mask off first..have lunch.. bath the dogs.. then do the rest..

    cheerio wankers...

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    Anonymous sarah said...

    oh you ipoh-ian? i heard arco ain't so good. never been there myself though. apparently kinta city's it centre moved there. less rent.

    7:56 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    yea i am..
    is it..? didnt get a chance to visit arco yet though.. kinta city's i.t. centre is shit.. makes no diff if they moved or not..!

    1:54 AM  
    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    what is arco?

    (dont know what i meant by spen lah, probably one of my sms typos :P)

    6:09 AM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    arco.. furniture store.. ikea wanna be kinda..

    11:25 AM  

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