• Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    and the sign said...

    long hair'd freaky people need not apply..

    so yea.. 06 is here.. i seriously cant believe how friggin fast 05 went by... i still remember very much most of the shit that went down in 05... very undesirable year i must say.. but maybe there were some good out of it anyways... maybe we've learned to become stronger and better from all the shit that went down... well hopefully.. hopefully we learned not to repeat those same mistakes..or even if we did,we learned how to counter react successfully..?

    everyone's hoping 06 will be a better year.. hoping it'd be nothing like a knife in the back kinda situation with 05... yeah well.. maybe everyone needed those misfortunes to bring them back to reality and stuff? whatever it is.. i've learned not to have too high expectations.. some people say im being "negative".. boo hoo! now seriously im being realistic .. im living life a day at a time.. i'll think 'bout it as it comes.. no more pondering and planning for what may come or may not come.. not that i dont have ANY worries anymore.. that be bullocks.. but ya know worries or obstacles come as they come and i'll take care of 'em there... let it happen spontaneously.. im happy this way.. im not tied down to anything.. i can do what ever i'd like to do.. but no..hopes arent a bad thing.. it's just that when you expect too much and it doesnt turn out the way you expected it to... *jengjengjeng* you mentally and physically screw your self up innit? my mantra now.. just go with the flow.. what ever comes your way..you can either take it or let it go..! i dont know what this doggy year holds for me.. wealth? love? health? wisdom? welllll... if anything wealth would be good.. wouldnt mind getting myself a classic porsche 911..! some lovin would be good too.. im sooooo lonely :(

    dad's been hinting...that i should go back to school.. obtain my degree.. i know i know.. sounds tempting.. like duh! of course i'd like to graduate with a degree.. buuuutttt i dont know.. ME = PROCRASTINATION...
    for now i'll be back to managing an upscale restaurant.. yes in ipoh.. i used to manage that place before i moved to CBTL... very very very weird.. like something from a sci-fi movie.. i never ever expected i'd return to that place to re-manage it.. but ya see how life has its ways.. ya see.. The boss of the place unfortunately passed away a month ago..and some staff are quitting.. so i was asked by his wife to help her run the show.. it took alot of thinking.. but she offered a pretty good pay package.. what do i got to loose anyway ?? the boss was a real pain in the ass.. he wont think twice to fuck you up if he doesnt like what you're doing.. make you feel unappreciated at times .. real hard ass outside but i knew deep down he was a good guy... ya know.. but seriously.. i fuckin learned tones from him.. money cant buy kinda training... and he did give me an opportunity to first start out with management..and that i'll never forget.. so the least i could do would be to help his wife out as appreciation.. but yea like i said.. the pay's pretty darn good as well.. lots more responsibility..gotta change alot of stuff..the system..the costing..preparing for chinese new year.. that time of the year is ALWAYS a huge headache! but yea we'll see how it goes i dont know how long im gonna be there and what's up after that..

    Felt like driving down to Penang today.. but changed my mind cause it was already lunch time.. went shopping at kinta city instead.. well actually went to kinta city for lunch but ended up shopping.. was browsing through MPH and i nearly bought The DaVinci Code but changed my mind.. maybe i'll get Angels & Demons the next time im there.. ended up buying a pair of boxers.. which are way cool might i add.. *must buy more*.. Nike weight training gloves.. which i thought looked wicked and was priced very attractively.. and a water bottle that looks like it belongs to Dart Vader.. ya see totally random stuff.. i never planned to buy in the first place..

    I feel like a total idiot now.. ya see my mom's sister is staying over for a couple of days.. my mom was taking her out earlier.. so my aunt wanted to borrow my indian sandals.. me hesitating alot.. but i said ok.. then like a moron i said "but pls be very careful with them..they're from india".. doh! and then she refused to wear them.. i feel soo rude now.. unintentionally of course.. aiyoo.. stupid la.. and my mom had to go like "he just got them..and he's soo attached to them!"
    i think i sounded rude..but yeah cant blame me for being frank innit? well i hope she's not offended.. i know i know..they're just sandals.. but i really like them.. really appreciate Vanessa buying them for me.. didnt know how to return the favour..since she's busy in the morning and im busy at night.. so today i got here some brownies from Indulgence.. i didnt try them though.. hope they're good

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    Anonymous sarah said...

    happy new year!


    7:20 PM  
    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    yeah...uncle philip :/

    oh well. now i know where to find ya when i get back.

    12:09 AM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Sarah: Happy New Year mate..

    Lains: eerr.. never expected that bugger to die soo fast.. always thought he'd die of liver failure someday but not too soon..

    yeah but dont tell everyone.. dowan ppl come lookin for paradoxx...ya know what i mean..

    12:49 PM  

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