• Friday, January 27, 2006

    Island Chillout....

    I am soo muthafriggin deprived of sleep.. my body's telling me to just hit the sack but my mind is saying.. whats the use.. you're just gonna toss and turn.. it's gonna take you an hour before you fall asleep.. bla bla tra bla lala..

    Yesterday i met with Is.. we met up at 9 for dinner at Movenpeak... all of a sudden it decided to rain last night.. i totally hated it.. getting wet and all.. so we were having dinner.. and the question of what we're gonna do next popped up..
    Me: Jo.. lets do something crazy.. i wanna do something crazy!.....lets go to K.L!
    Is: a'ights.. but what you wanna do there?
    Me: what ever just take a drive.. Bangsar.. Sri Hartamas.. what ever..
    Is: ok.. *looks at time* do you think they'll still be open when we arrive?
    Me: gimme a sec.. *calls Lains*... i wanted to know if it was raining in K.L .. and what time stuff normally closes on a wednesday.. *BUT lains who was supposed to be in K.L was in ipoh.. o_O
    Me: ok think Is.. Genting? Johor *Eden duty free*? *starts estimating time*
    Is: you crazy man.. what you wanna do in genting? lets go for the taiping zoo night safari..
    Me: LOL! whatever if they're open.. whatever we go..
    Is: Lets just go to penang..
    Me: Penang.. too common la.. i wanna go to the Asian Heritage Row.. what you wanna do in Penang?
    Is: hang out at the beach.. whatever..

    so yeah.. we finally just got into my car.. and started driving.. tried callin Lains.. maybe if she'd like to follow us.. the more the merrier aint it? .. but she never answered.. she was busy with Nessa's new house warming thingy..

    We took May (my beetle).. have never driven her that far before.. so it was kinda cool and scary at the same time.. cause if she broke down.. it'd be really frustrating and EXPENSIVE!! but it was all good though.. May held up.. she was excellent.. im happy.. she proved herself :)

    anywho.. we reached Penang at midnight.. got lost a lil in town.. eventually found our way to Gurney Drive.. yeah! and you'd expect me to know exactly where im going in Penang after all these years.. the thing with Penang is one wrong turn and boom! ya havta go another round.. turn here turn there.. blaaahh! i thought of hanging out at SoHo.. or Shamrock.. or S.S.. those places were happening.. but Is didnt wanna drink.. smart.. cause ya know we hadta drive back..

    we parked right next to Gurney Hotel.. hadta give this bugger 3 bucks.. as if his mother owns the parking lot.. hate those muthafuckers..they're everywhere in Penang.. but rather pay 3 bucks then get May vandalised.. so yeah.. we walked a bit beside Gurney Hotel (Gurney walk?).. checking out where to hang out..

    May parked at Gurney (walk?)

    Is didnt wanna drink.. we're wearing shorts.. me with my indian flip flops.. :) so obviously we couldnt get in Mambo and Chillout.. starbucks was closing..

    Chillout right next to CBTL

    god! it just had to happen to us.. we ended up at CBTL.. friggin Coffee Bean..! asked the cashier if we could still seat outside.. they were closing but he said "yes".. after bout 10 mins this guy comes and says they're closing up.. muthafucka! we drove all the way.. ended up at Coffee Bean.. how lame.. and now we're chased away.. so we took our drinks..crossed the road and sat along the sea.. it was cool.. quiet..breezy.. talk talk talk..
    walked up and down Gurney Drive.. decided to leave Gurney at 3am.. went back to check out Shamrock..SoHo..S.S... it was still happening!. you can never get that in ipoh wei..

    we get on the highway bout 3.30am.. me being tired.. sleepy.. wishing ipoh was nearer.. Is is sleeping.. music keeping me company.. Nirvana Unplugged in New York..
    road is soo quiet.. lonely.. chilly.. misty.. terrible smells at certain places!
    Is is like let me know when you need me to drive.. *snore snoooorree snooorree* tch! wanted to let him take over half way but thought to myself if he takes over im gonna sleep.. and what if he falls back a sleep while driving o_O...

    5am we finally reach home.. sent Is to Movenpeak to collect his car.. its been 19 hours since i got up.. 5.30am i finally get to sleep.. it didnt last long though.. woke up at 10.30 am all of a sudden.. miracle i tell you.. cause i didnt hear the alarm.. work stars at 11! rush.. soo tired.. soo sleepy.. get into work.. boss calls.. complaining that the staff didnt switch off the aircond when closing last night.. this and that.. damn woman! seriously i didnt need that.. then this punjabi guy with turban and all.. soo from India.. comes looking for the person in-charge.. apparently he's some fortune teller.. showed me his card thingy.. before i could say anything he starts telling me stuff.. all the while looking into my eyes.. some stuff kinda relates to me.. like you have many plans but you're not doing anything towards them.. you have a very open heart... then he goes like i see your face.. i have a good feeling.. i see triple happiness coming to you this year.. then he aske's for my name.. thats when i tell him im sorry i have work to do..and so he leaves... which leaves me freaked out... up till now..

    followed 3 of our cooks for a food handling course in the afternoon.. hadta drag myself there.. felt weird.. felt like college.. havent been in a classroom environment in soo long.. eyes feeling soo heavy... eyes watering.. gaaahh! must stay awake.. after 3 hours we had a test... stupidest test ever.. if anyone failed that..they should just.. ahhh! nevermind its just too much effort for nothing..

    went back to work place.. hangout for a lil.. came home.. got my gym bag.. headed to the gym.. driving there.. one part of me just kept telling me to turn around..turn around.. go home.. sleepppp.. i would have ... but missed my workout yesterday didnt wanna miss it again today..
    was supposed to meet up with Is later for Jet Li's Fearless.. think he got held up at work.. thought i could just go back and sleep.. but then Jai calls.. inviting me for a drink.. met up with him.. was forced to have a beer.. talk talk talk.. now im back home..waiting to get some shut eye..

    aight.. noticed in the washroom at the highway rest area.. why do they need to number the urinals? like wtf? "i pee'd at urinal 1.. which urinal did you pee at?" seriously wtf ?

    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Kitty the kat..

    I never expected my aunt to stay over for over a couple of days.. but who knew.. she's been here for over two weeks.. no im not complaining.. it's cool having her around.. she keeps my mom occupied..she cooks good food.. she's nice company.. it be kinda weird once she leaves though, after having her here for soo long..
    The funniest thing happened last week..

    I actually spotted a lil cat (its bigger than kitten) on the wall surrounding our house.. i have no bloody idea how it got there in the first place...so i was trying to push it down the wall with a rake..trying to save it from DEATH!.. DEATH! being my two dogs... but the lil bugger refused to budge.. then i realised there's a drain surrounding the wall and the cat falling into the drain would be bad as well.. i was trying to get my dogs to scare the cat away..but those bloody dogs were just acting dumb and were ignoring me.. everytime they see a cat they go crazy.. on a few occasions we've found dead cats with holes in their throats in our garden... but this time they were like angels retards... spastic dogs!
    I eventually gave up and told the cat that if he/she is smart enough he/she wouldnt jump into the compound..

    Later in the evening when i got home.. i could hear cat noises.. and to my horror the bloody cat's in my house.. making himself/herself comfortable.. My aunt being the animal lover that she is brought in the lil bugger..! we had it for a few days.. it lived at the back of the house at the laundry area.. and eeeewww.. i didnt like the cat.. and DEATH! the dogs never paid any attention to it.. i am still dumbfucked as to why?
    Aunt's plan was to send it away...but everyone was procrastinating.. i had no intention of touching the cat at all.. On the day my aunt sent it off (i dont know where to though) she took it out to the garden....

    The cat looks bloody fake here...

    ....and when the cat saw the two dogs it ran up our rambutan tree...! it was just hilarious man cause the dogs weren't bothered with it.. but then it made itself comfortable on the tree.. now i wonder how they got it down... o_O

    The other day at work.. someone brought a snake.. a baby python... for real.. i shit you not..! it was my first time being around a snake.. the one's in zoo's and stuff well thats a diffrent story.. but yeah, the python was preety cool man.. you'd naturally expect a snake to be frightening and shit.. but this one was pretty timid... i got the chance to touch and stroke it as well.. its not scary at all.. it feels real rubbery..

    ...i dont know whats the best way to describe it.. but the only way i could think of.. its like holding an erect penis.. LOL (?) serious wei! the firmness and texture of it is almost similar.. just that its a lil rubbery :)..

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    Rest in peace my friend..

    Oh Mr. Pulltaps..
    I've only known you for 4 years, how unfortunate for you to leave soo soon..
    You've never let me down.. not in any situation..
    I'll cherish all the moments we had together.. you've been through it all.. Over a few thousand beer bootles and a couple hundred wine bottles..
    although someone else will be taking over your place now, you'll always have the top spot in my collection...
    Rest in peace my friend...Rest in peace...

    Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    Tea at Indulgence...

    a'ight.. remember i was supposed to take my mom and aunt out for high tea..
    yea..? so we went to Indulgence.. This was the first time we were dining at the new Indulgence since it opened a couple of months back..

    The place is alright...its interesting..looks big..something like an english cottage (?).. there are a few rooms.. for private functions.. i noticed one was like a little wine lounge.. the dining room itsels isnt very big.. maybe 50 to 60 pax at the current set up.. the deco though has mixed elements.. something like a modern contemporary meeting some classical styles.. its kinda weird.. you look at the bar for instance and it strikes you as very modern and when you look at certain tables you get the classical elements.. does that make sense..? ok what ever.. the food's the most important thing innit..

    Indulgence dining room.. shaky pic cause i had to snap it discreetly..

    Since it was tea time.. we decided to have some sandwiches.. mom and aunt got a chicken on ciabatta sandwich... i on the other hand opted for the bagel beef pepperoni.. we've never tried the sandwiches at Indulgence.. and what a surprise we got.. the sandwiches were HUGE.. except for the bagel..

    The bagel with beef pepperoni was good.. i could tell all the ingredients were very fresh.. the bagel had a very awesome texture.. all the ingredients complimented each other.. nothing overpowered the other..

    Ciabatta chicken sandwich...

    The chicken on ciabatta was equally good as well.. once again all the ingredients were very fresh.. the ciabatta was well spiced and very soft.. im accustomed to ciabatta's being a lil firmer.. but its good though.. fresh bread is always good! the chicken was good.. fat free.. but with some skin though.. cause it looked like it was a chinese style roast.. i could be wrong though.. the fresh vege's (the lettuce look exactly like the ones used at CBTL), mustard, chicken, and ciabatta complimented each other.. nothing seemed out of place.. My mom and aunt couldnt finish theirs, so we had them pack it up.. for my dinner.. :)

    Mom and aunt enjoyed their Teh Tarik.. it was RM 6 per serving.. which i think is totally ridiculous.. but they enjoyed it soo much..they couldnt stop talking bout it.. My complaint was the iced lemon tea.. totally not worth it cause its the ready made lipton/nestle type.. Im soo used to homemade iced lemon tea ya see..

    i didnt take much photos.. cause the girl who served us.. recognised me from where i work at.. we're direct competitors with Indulgence.. so i didnt wanna look like i was spying or something..

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    I've been soo many places in my life and time
    I've sung a lot of songs and I've made some bad climbs
    I've acted out my life in stages with ten thousand people watching
    Oh, but we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you

    I know your image of me is what I hope to be, I've treated you unkindly
    Oh, but girl can't you see that, there's no one more important to me
    so darling, can't you see through me, 'cause we're alone now
    And I'm singing this song to you,

    you taught me precious secrets
    Of a true love withholding nothing, you came out in front
    When I was hiding, but now its so much better
    If my words don't quite come together, please listen to the melody
    'Cause my love is in there somewhere hiding

    I love you in a place where there is no space or time, I love you for my life, cause
    You are a friend of mine, and when my life is over
    Remember when we were together
    And we are alone now, and I was singing this song to you

    And when my life is over, remember when we were together
    We were alone, and I was singing, yeah singing
    We were alone, and I was singing this song for you
    Singing my song, I'm singing my song for you
    i feel so hollow... :(

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    im havin it like that..

    its 12 pm.. just woke up a lil while ago.. darnit! i cant seem to wake up early anymore.. i used to be able to wake up bout 9 am.. now i always get up bout 8+am snooze the alarm..close my eyes.. and boom! its 11+ am..
    im sitting here waiting for my neem mask to dry up.. im masking my face cause i piggiely didnt take a bath last night.. just laid down in bed and fell a sleep.. was going to shower but i thought i'll lay down for 5 mins first.. fully aware that if i laid down 5 minutes will never happen and it'll be the next morning when i wake up.. the bed took the best of me.. 12.30 am i feel my bed vibrating.. open my eyes in amazement.. message from Lains.. replying to a comment i left on her blog.. by the way woman, whats "spen"?... so luckly the vibration woke me up.. changed into shorts..back to sleep.. got up in the morning..
    Got the i.dont.feel.working.today vibes.. so im not going to work today...thehehehhe.. well in my defence besides i.dont.feel.like.working.today... the crowd's been slow..they'll be able to handle.. save cost on one person(me).. i got a public holiday to claim (might as well use it today).. and *jengjengjeng* my responsibilities only start next week.. so yea its pretty justified.. :) besides i could do other things with my free time today..

    plan i want to give the dogs a bath.. change my bedsheet.. a have a couple here but i dont know which is fresh and which is not.. wanted to take my mom and aunt out for nasi kandar.. but apparently my aunt wants to cook.. she's a good cook so it's alright.. she said i could take her out for high tea though.. i'll havta decide where to take them.. and then i'll be able to spend a few hours at the gym..
    oh.. maybe we'll go check out ARCO..the new furniture/homestyle store.. Ikea wanna be?

    anywho.. i gotta go wash this mask off.. scrub my face..take a hot shower..shave.. no wait! i think i'd better wash the mask off first..have lunch.. bath the dogs.. then do the rest..

    cheerio wankers...

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    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    and the sign said...

    long hair'd freaky people need not apply..

    so yea.. 06 is here.. i seriously cant believe how friggin fast 05 went by... i still remember very much most of the shit that went down in 05... very undesirable year i must say.. but maybe there were some good out of it anyways... maybe we've learned to become stronger and better from all the shit that went down... well hopefully.. hopefully we learned not to repeat those same mistakes..or even if we did,we learned how to counter react successfully..?

    everyone's hoping 06 will be a better year.. hoping it'd be nothing like a knife in the back kinda situation with 05... yeah well.. maybe everyone needed those misfortunes to bring them back to reality and stuff? whatever it is.. i've learned not to have too high expectations.. some people say im being "negative".. boo hoo! now seriously im being realistic .. im living life a day at a time.. i'll think 'bout it as it comes.. no more pondering and planning for what may come or may not come.. not that i dont have ANY worries anymore.. that be bullocks.. but ya know worries or obstacles come as they come and i'll take care of 'em there... let it happen spontaneously.. im happy this way.. im not tied down to anything.. i can do what ever i'd like to do.. but no..hopes arent a bad thing.. it's just that when you expect too much and it doesnt turn out the way you expected it to... *jengjengjeng* you mentally and physically screw your self up innit? my mantra now.. just go with the flow.. what ever comes your way..you can either take it or let it go..! i dont know what this doggy year holds for me.. wealth? love? health? wisdom? welllll... if anything wealth would be good.. wouldnt mind getting myself a classic porsche 911..! some lovin would be good too.. im sooooo lonely :(

    dad's been hinting...that i should go back to school.. obtain my degree.. i know i know.. sounds tempting.. like duh! of course i'd like to graduate with a degree.. buuuutttt i dont know.. ME = PROCRASTINATION...
    for now i'll be back to managing an upscale restaurant.. yes in ipoh.. i used to manage that place before i moved to CBTL... very very very weird.. like something from a sci-fi movie.. i never ever expected i'd return to that place to re-manage it.. but ya see how life has its ways.. ya see.. The boss of the place unfortunately passed away a month ago..and some staff are quitting.. so i was asked by his wife to help her run the show.. it took alot of thinking.. but she offered a pretty good pay package.. what do i got to loose anyway ?? the boss was a real pain in the ass.. he wont think twice to fuck you up if he doesnt like what you're doing.. make you feel unappreciated at times .. real hard ass outside but i knew deep down he was a good guy... ya know.. but seriously.. i fuckin learned tones from him.. money cant buy kinda training... and he did give me an opportunity to first start out with management..and that i'll never forget.. so the least i could do would be to help his wife out as appreciation.. but yea like i said.. the pay's pretty darn good as well.. lots more responsibility..gotta change alot of stuff..the system..the costing..preparing for chinese new year.. that time of the year is ALWAYS a huge headache! but yea we'll see how it goes i dont know how long im gonna be there and what's up after that..

    Felt like driving down to Penang today.. but changed my mind cause it was already lunch time.. went shopping at kinta city instead.. well actually went to kinta city for lunch but ended up shopping.. was browsing through MPH and i nearly bought The DaVinci Code but changed my mind.. maybe i'll get Angels & Demons the next time im there.. ended up buying a pair of boxers.. which are way cool might i add.. *must buy more*.. Nike weight training gloves.. which i thought looked wicked and was priced very attractively.. and a water bottle that looks like it belongs to Dart Vader.. ya see totally random stuff.. i never planned to buy in the first place..

    I feel like a total idiot now.. ya see my mom's sister is staying over for a couple of days.. my mom was taking her out earlier.. so my aunt wanted to borrow my indian sandals.. me hesitating alot.. but i said ok.. then like a moron i said "but pls be very careful with them..they're from india".. doh! and then she refused to wear them.. i feel soo rude now.. unintentionally of course.. aiyoo.. stupid la.. and my mom had to go like "he just got them..and he's soo attached to them!"
    i think i sounded rude..but yeah cant blame me for being frank innit? well i hope she's not offended.. i know i know..they're just sandals.. but i really like them.. really appreciate Vanessa buying them for me.. didnt know how to return the favour..since she's busy in the morning and im busy at night.. so today i got here some brownies from Indulgence.. i didnt try them though.. hope they're good

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