• Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    indian sandals + balinese pants = stylo..!

    Hey wankers..
    how was everyone's christmas..? did y'all get lotsa gifts from santiklass? you did.. you didnt.. yea what ever..! boo hoo!

    christmas sucked monsters balls for me.. it rained both christmas eve and christmas day... weather was soo sucky.. couldnt go out.. supposed to have a barbeque at home.. relatives couldnt turn up.. ya know shit like that... so just sat home.. watched the tele..had lotsa pizza and Mc D's.. :(

    anyhows.. i got 'em indian buffalo sandals just in time.. Nessa bought 'em for me from India.. its as authentic as can be! my god...! she did an excellent job picking 'em out.. they are just soo perfect.. im just soo lovin' 'em.. :) the color's right.. the fit's right..the design's right.. they're stylo yo.. can't thank Nessa enough for 'em.. Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You..

    They're a lil uncomfortable if you intend to wear 'em for a long time... slippery.. i nearly fell yesterday.. maybe they just need to be seasoned.. but heck! i'll manage sacrificing a lil comfort for style..

    Now i got the right footwear for my balinese pants..! Is and I bought 'em balinese pants in Penang.. after seeing Saharadja's Rio Sidik wearing 'em.. we just had to get 'em.. managed to find some at a balinese kinda shop at Gurney Plaza for 70 bucks each.. but yeah..its all good though..

    The pants are like a sarong.. except that they're cut like pants.. super huge.. so ya havta fold it around ya waist and tie 'em up... very very very comfy!.. unfortunately no pockets though.. I bet it'd be awesome going commando with this balinese pants...
    Oh yeah! dang...hahahahha.. that reminds me.. we spotted an ang moh (white guy) in Gurney Plaza wearing something similar to this balinese pants (except not as cool as ours).. the dude was going commando.. wonder what the hell he was thinking..?! it was white and we could clearly see his balls hangin.. lol.. he kept his hands infront of his nuts all the while..trying to cover i suppose..


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