• Thursday, December 01, 2005

    im doggie foodie..

    woah..! motherfucker...! i just had the freakiest damn dream ever..
    i was at the gym..running on the treadmill...the gym somehow looked very different today.. but anyhows..there were alot of people.. i was running..Nessa just popped up and went like "hi alviiinnn..".. i waved back..continue running..
    and then boom..motherfucker..! suddenly im lying down in the middle of a tiger/lion cage.. not in boxy metal cage per se..but rather big round space caged by walls.. like in zoo's yo..and this cage thingy happenes to be in the gym!.. so im just sleeping there.. i dont even know im there..just sleeping.. and apparently theres this crowd of students and teachers from some international school surrounding the cage to view the tiger/lions.. and much to their delight some buffoon *me* sleeping with the tiger/lion..

    not knowing whats going on.. im just sleeping.. the phone alarm keeps going off.. i keep hitting snooze.. and at one point the snooze didnt wanna work no more.. so with my eyes closed i hit the off button on the phone and went back to sleep.. could here some giggling..but ya know.. i just continued sleeping.. suddenly i was awaken by something walking on me..around me.. opened my eyes.. blurly saw some cute tiger/lion cubs around me.. i could here the giggling get louder.. blurness fading away.. coming to senses.. opened my eyes.. looked up.. i saw the group of people.. enjoying the "show".. looked in front of me.. there was this creature looking fiercely coming towards me.. but it looked nothing like a tiger/lion.. albeit brown and bigger than a dog.. it looked like a friggin dog!.. maybe its some hybrid..
    the dog *or whatever* started checking me out.. and then proceeded collecting its cubs while still starring fiercely towards me.. i started calling out for Jeff.. in a lil girls voice.. no reply what so ever.. group of people starts to laugh hysterically.. this is soo embarrassing..! the dog comes back to me.. real close.. starts breathing down my face.. going real near my crotch.. im terrified... i see visions of me being mauled and dying.. oh soo young.. oh soo many people enjoying the show.. and then i woke up.. knowing this is a muthafucking freaky dream...!

    i think maybe Nessa's dog psyched me up.. that bugger is huge...! think like 3 times the size of anyone of my dogs.. kept barking..and barking..and barking at moi.. like what ar.. do i look soo much like a bad guy ar..? i dont think sooo...!

    freaky dream aside...

    Im soo excited.. cant wait for saturday.. Penang Island Jazz Festival... here i come..! booked the room.. managed to get one by the beach.. Is and I are driving down.. we're taking Linda (Is's beetle).. ordered some San Miguel beer.. must collect tomorrow.. called Niki..gonna meet up with that joker.. just gotta plan the itinerary and collect the tickets.. wooo hooo! i wanna get stoned on the beach...


    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    which one of her dogs? That falco? He's bitten me twice already.

    10:58 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    i dont know which one.. its the german shepherd looking one..

    11:45 PM  
    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    yeah that's the bastard alright. He bit megan once, near his balls.

    1:57 AM  

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