• Thursday, November 17, 2005

    just got up from sleep a nap... feelin friggin weird today... im running a fever... courtesy of the malaysian weather..
    i think its a combination of a few things/situations that lead to this..
    1) washing my car at 12 in the afternoon.. albeit under a shade but still sweated like hell..
    2) driving my car with the aircond on right after that to buy some wiper blades..
    3) getting wet in the heavy evening rain
    4) not getting an evening nap

    my body was already crappin up.. was feelin friggin chilly in the evening.. thought it was just because of the rain and yeah a workout would warm me up.. so i headed to the gym.. looking forward to circuit class..

    but class wasnt starting yet so i decided to start with some cardio.. cycle.. or run.. cycle..or run.. cycle..or run.. i picked run.. but damn it.. even before the 1K mark i could feel my body really heating up.. not the normal warm feelin but it was starting to burn.. my head was starting to feel light.. had to give up and after some thinking decided to head home.. didnt wanna risk passing out or something.. the drive home was like a high.. my eyes were feeling heavy.. i gulped down a can of redbull and went to sleep.. i dont even know why i took redbull.. emmmmmm! the first hour i was just soo restless.. tossing and turning kept gettin up every now and then.. second hour was a bit of a blur except that i remember feelin really warm and i thought someone came into my room.. hallucinations perhaps? *weirdo* next thing i know its 10 pm..

    the warm bath just did some good though.. i just need some paracetamol.. alot of water and a good nights sleep.. some dormicum would be great now.. but unfortunately i dont have any.. :(

    Currently Listening To: Hit the road jack - Ray Charles
    Currently Feeling: Warm


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