• Monday, November 21, 2005

    hot choc beetles and jazz

    meet up with Is at the coffee bean earlier.. (Is = buddy, college mate, beetle fanatic, fellow ex manager at CBTL..) of all days that stupid bitch of a manager was on duty.. i totally dislike her.. i cant find proper words.. using the word hate seems too subtle.. you get the idea, dontcha? but anyhows i thought what the fuck.. im a customer now.. as much as i hate her and want nothing to do with her.. ill just be myself and face her.. the bitch totally looked stunned...seeing Is and me.. well maybe more towards me.. but still i was surprised.. cause i was acting as if nothing..even said "hi" to her.. and she was like just brain dead stunned.. felt like slapping her..like dumb bitch i could say "hi" and you cant even smile or acknowledge my gesture.. stupid mofo.. caught her by surprise i suppose that i was being cool like nothing happened before..
    I asked "whats new?" and she just kept quiet like a dumb prick.. pissed me off man.. i always end up taking the hot choc... i never know why...
    eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!! it still pisses me off everytime i see her.. dumb bitch.. right 'nough of that.. if you're wondering why Is and i left CBTL..? its because of this..

    I always miss CBTL though.. barista'ng..the joker staffs... hai.. life is full of memories.. kinda sad innit? i still remember my last christmas at CBTL.. the same cakes and pastries are back on sale now.. time has gone by super fast..its so unbeliveble.. but unlike starbucks.. CBTL havent introduced their christmas drinks.. i'll bet it'll have something to do with chocolate and peppermint.. and the ever popular winter dream tea..

    its always good to hangout with Is..we have lots in common.. talk talk talk talk talk... sooo many things we wanna do to our cars.. im just waiting for the day when i can get the car painted BLACK.... Is managed to find someone who will do it dirt cheap.. really within budget.. but then there's soo many decisions/options.. use the money to paint the car?... buy a digicam?... planning a holiday to Hatyai (wont cost much..but still)... plan to go to Brisbane and/or Chennai next year... soo which one is more worthwile..... at the moment atlease im like driving with a death ticket in hand.. just waiting to pass it to the gate keeper of the afterlife (if theres one)..
    you see.. the beetle's brakes have gone kaput.. there's virtually no pressure in the brakes.. the car doesnt stop in an instant..i cant drive like a insane clown anymore.. ive been driving really slowly lately.. last night i was heading towards a corner super fast and there were no brakes..even the bloody handbrake didnt do a thing.. was lucky though there werent any cars around..! so this week havta send the car to the garage to get it fixed.. i dont wanna imagine the possibilities cause i dont wear seatbelts in the beetle.. besides i kinda have a phobia when the car fails to stop in time and gets too close to the car infront.. cause thats what happened with my last car.. driving fast..wet road.. wrong lane.. brakes locked!....boooommm! smack into the rear of another car.. luckly i was wearing seatbelts then..

    Suggested to Is that we should drive down to penang for the Penang Island Jazz Festival on the 3rd/4th of December.. we dig jazz and the festival's promises to be good..besides tickets are only RM35 per night inclusive of 6 performances..pretty good value i reckon cause the programme comprises international acts as well as the Penang Jazz Ensemble featuring some of penang's well known Eurasian jazz singers..but you gotta bring your own chairs..mats..butt rests..whatever you fancy to sit on... soo any of y'all interested in attending the Jazz Festival?

    been a lil sceptical bout going down to Penang... cause of Mel (the ex).. i dont know how to face her.. she wants to be "friends" after 5 years and everything else.. but i was firm in saying no to "friends".. its not fair on my behalf.. i cant accept being "friends".... she decided to let me go.. so she cant have things two ways innit?.. thats what i feel anyway.. im not mad (anymore) its just that its over.. gotta let it go.. no point hangin on to it.. living a lie as friends or whatever.. i cant keep avoiding Penang.. cause i like Penang... its a cool place.. its just that i wouldnt know how to react if/when i see her.. she ended it over the phone.. we havent met since.. so its really weird/awkward for me.. but i guess whatever la.. i'd like to attend to Jazz Festival.. if i bump into her let it be... see what the spontanious reaction would be.... do i miss her? do i miss the good times we had? i suppose.... can i accept being friends?... can i act like everythings cool between us?... do i wish for a second chance?... not at all...

    just discovered that my brother mixes his dirty socks with his dirty clothes in the washing machine....! what is wrong with that bugger?

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